5 Best Features Of Windows 10

Although Windows 10 has been out for a few years already, there are still many people who haven't taken the leap of faith towards Microsoft's newest operating system.

Others have recently gotten a new PC only to discover that it has Windows 10 installed by default and everything is no longer where they are used to seeing it.

Or maybe you happily upgraded but are still not taking full advantage of everything the current OS has to offer.

Windows 10

This handy guide is here to help you make the most of Windows 10 by highlighting the 5 best features that Microsoft has added to their latest software to improve the experience of each and every user on the PC platform.

Update Start Menu

When you first click the start button in the lower left corner of your screen, you are greeted to a host of new and exciting options that make navigating the computer much easier.

The leftmost column shows pinned, most used, and recently opened applications.

Pinning an app allows you to access your favorite things on the PC that much quicker since they will always show up in this column.

The right side column has a list of tiles that you can customize and resize to your liking. By making certain tiles bigger, you can receive updates or information without actually clicking on it.

Update Start Menu

For instance, you can expand the weather tile until it is large enough to see the temperature at a glance.

This is very similar to the apps screen on your phone that allows you to customize where all the software is on your computer.

Finally, the top of the start menu shows your power button, which allows you to turn off or restart your pc. You can even put it in hibernation mode to conserve power without fully turning it off.

Cortana Voice Assistant

Much like Siri has done for Apple devices, Cortana brings voice functionality to your windows PC. By simply saying her name, you can access a wide variety of features just by asking her for what you want.

You can search through the specific files simply by saying the types of things you are looking for. You can get specific photos from exact dates as well as opening up different programs.

Cortana can make just about anything you have to do much more easy and convenient.

Cortana Voice Assistant

Cortana is a great tool for anyone who has trouble typing or moving the mouse across the screen. There are no hands required and it is pretty good and recognizing your voice when you start to give commands.

If you think it's too creepy having your pc listen to you all the time, you can simply turn off the Cortana functionality in your settings menu.

The sheer versatility of Cortana makes it a great addition to the operating system.

A New Web Browser, Microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer has been the default web browser on Windows for quite some time now. Since it's inception, a majority of the competition has since surpassed it in quality and available features.

Luckily, Windows 10 introduces Microsoft Edge, a whole new browsing experience that revamps the way you search the web.

You can annotate web pages in order to find them on other devices when you log into the same Microsoft account.

There is also a handy new reading mode that strips all the nonsense like ads and pictures that can litter the sides of web based articles. This makes the text super easy to read since it is only the words that occupy the screen.

A New Web Browser, Microsoft Edge

Edge also loads much faster and supports the latest suite of add-ons that come standard on browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

This allows users to quickly surf the web and customize their experience with ease. It makes for a way smoother experience right out of the box.

Plus, Cortana can be used to make browsing that much more effortless.

A huge upgrade like this definitely makes the list for best new features of the Windows 10 operating system.

Virtual Desktop Screens

When trying to be productive and get a lot of work done on your pc, a multitude of tabs and windows are often required. This can create a clumsy experience of constantly looking for the desired program that is hidden among the mess of things on the screen at once.

In previous operating systems, you needed to hook up several monitors in order to make the mess bearable. With Windows 10, users can open up virtual screens that act like separate monitors.

Virtual Desktop Screens

By clicking the plus icon on the task view section of the taskbar, users can create a new virtual screen that helps you organize all the open programs and tab much easier. You can create more than enough virtual monitors to keep your experience clean.

To change which screen is currently being viewed, just move the mouse over the task view again and select your desired image. This makes working on large projects a snap and saves you big time since you won't need to purchase additional physical monitors and mess with setting them all up.

Universal App Integration

Microsoft has streamlined the way common applications such as photos, documents, and music work. These common apps use the exact same code on each device but just shrink or expand to fit on a variety of different screen sizes.

This means that if you know how to navigate an app on your pc, you already know how it works on a phone or tablet. For instance, when browsing photos on your computer, you see the exact same layout and have the exact same level of control when viewing those photos on a tablet.

This makes it way easier to switch devices and know exactly what you are looking at. Gone are the days of being confused by a completely different interface when going mobile or using another pc.

Universal App Integration

Plus, your library of downloads, videos, music, photos, and more are automatically synced across all devices that you log into your Microsoft account with. This helps keep everything in your life more organized and easy to access.

In conclusion, Windows 10 offers a variety of enhancements and upgrades over the previous incarnations of the operating system.

You can safely transition to the newest software and not worry about being unable to figure things out. The new interface is slick and makes it very easy to manage and organize your pc like a boss.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Windows 10 offers a variety of enhancements and upgrades over the previous incarnations of the operating system.

You can safely transition to the newest software and not worry about being unable to figure things out. The new interface is slick and makes it very easy to manage and organize your pc like a boss.

The new start menu, Cortana integration, Microsoft Edge, Virtual Desktops, and universal app functionality all work in tandem to make Windows 10 the smoothest operating system to date.

These are just five features that grabbed our attention the most.

By playing around with it a bit, you are guaranteed to find a few more things that are sure to impress.