Useful Tips

My Best SEO Tips: 

I find that WAY too many people try to complicate things when it comes to SEO. You need to keep it simple.

Many experts will advise you to focus on hundreds of different things that are ranking signals for Google…but the truth is that 95% of it just comes down to a few key points.


#1: Get basic on page optimization right

This consists of just making sure that you have your most important keywords in your URL, your title, in an h1 or h2 tag…and then the one many people miss…do NOT overoptimized the rest of your on page content!

#2: Get quality links

The days of spamming with low quality links is virtually over. There are still some loopholes that people can take advantage, but much less than before and much less effective. And you're more likely to get penalized then have to use other tricks to keep your rankings (if you ever even got to that point).Focus on quality links. Less is more these days when you do it correctly.

#3: Get relevant links

Part of getting quality links is getting relevant links. I'm not going to go into super great detail here, but many people misunderstand “relevant links”. They think that it's as basic as having a health link pointing to a health site, but it goes beyond that.Remember Google is an algorithm that READS. So I'm going to leave you with that point on relevance, which will give you the keys to the kingdom!

Best Way To Start Making Money With Search Engine Optimization?

I ALWAYS teach my students to try and start with local marketing when trying to make money with search engine optimization. And I understand that you don't want to pick up the phone. I understand that you don't want to deal with clients. I understand that you just want to do affiliate marketing. BUT, local marketing (providing services for local businesses) is the easiest way to get your foot in the door with this business.

In my opinion there is no quicker and easier way to get started with this business. And when I first started, I didn't want to do it either. But I sucked it up and I took on some clients and made a lot of money. I then took that money and started investing it into things that I really wanted to do like affiliate marketing. So keep your mind open to the option of starting with local marketing. It's a great way to get your foot in the door with making money and SEO…and it's a whole lot easier to rank!

Quick tip for local marketing: ALWAYS start with citations for a site and try to get the main niche keyword in domain if starting a new site 🙂

Affiliate Marketing Tips:

This is what everyone wants to gravitate towards, and I totally get it. It's awesome. Nothing feels better than a site that is virtually printing money for you on auto pilot. The problem is that it is usually more competitive, takes longer to rank, and it involves more skill (which is another reason that local marketing is a good entrance to this business). So for those that are just starting with affiliate marketing…I want to give you some tips (from someone that has been doing this for a LONG time in many different niches).

When you are starting a new site…for gods sake…GET YOUR MAIN NICHE KEYWORD IN THE DOMAIN. This will make things 10x's easier on you and you will need to invest 10x's less into the site to get it to rank! I don't care what anyone tells you…keyword in domain is HUGE ranking factor (that multiplies as you get more and more links). It's not nearly as effective when you have no links, obviously.

But as you get more links, the power of keyword in domain just keeps multiplying (as long as you are getting the correct links). I also recommend that you start out in some smaller niches. Don't try to jump into a general health site covering all different areas of health…chop it down a little bit. Or enter a smaller more targeted niche. And get your darn niche keyword in the domain!

NOTE: That does NOT mean an EMD…I actually very rarely use EMDs in affiliate anymore. But I virtually always get the main niche keyword in the domain now. The last thing I want to stress is to focus on quality content and have your site looking good. This is actually something I use to not care about as much (as you don't need  it to rank – and I don't care what anyone says about this – I will show you some ugly ass sites ranking for hard terms I've done as tests).

But I've found that when I have quality content and my site looks good I care about the site more and I take it more seriously and I put more time into it. Sounds obvious, but for years I did not do this and lost a lot of money because of it (dummy).

be Aware Of The Opportunity Of The Internet & Digital Marketing

I don't think most people understand the opportunity we have at hand today. With a computer and the power of the internet, the possibilities are ENDLESS. There is no limits nowadays. Before you had to have a property, stock it with inventory, hire employees…and not to mention you were limited to the traffic that was in your area.


Now we have access to billions of people and we can get started with virtually no investment. I don't even understand how people can complain about equal opportunity these days.

The internet is the equalizer. The internet doesn't care if you are black, white, Christian, muslim, rich, poor, ex drug addict (like myself), convicted felon…it doesn't matter.

The internet just cares about hustle. What you put in is what you get out. Don't ever forget that, and get to grinding! Look for some serious training material over the next few months coming right here at Traffic Tsunami 🙂