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Steve Clayton

Growing within a brand is one of the best ways to establish business fortunes. The people who start with a company and see the process all the way through are ten times more likely to reach top positions within their firms or companies. These self-driven individuals are inspired by the ranks of internet personalities and […]

Superstar Speaker Training Review

Quick Navigation A Little About MeHow I Came Across Tim and His Superstar Speaker TrainingWhat is Superstar Speaker Training?Strengths & WeaknessesConclusion As an entrepreneur, you may already be aware of the importance of public speaking skills. Your ability to present yourself in a convincing, trustworthy and inspiring manner can be the difference between your financial […]

Abraham Hicks Review

Quick Navigation Abraham Hicks: Who, or What Is/Are She/They???Abraham Hicks: The TeachingsThe Problem with Abraham Hicks and other LoA gurusWhy Leave Out Such Critical Information?The LoA is NOT As “Easy” As The Gurus SayThere Are Better Options to Beneficial Self-ImprovementConclusions The Law of Attraction is a topic that many entrepreneurs come across in at least […]

5 Best Features Of Windows 10

Quick Navigation Update Start MenuCortana Voice AssistantA New Web Browser, Microsoft EdgeVirtual Desktop ScreensUniversal App IntegrationFinal Verdict Although Windows 10 has been out for a few years already, there are still many people who haven’t taken the leap of faith towards Microsoft’s newest operating system.Others have recently gotten a new PC only to discover that […]

5 Reasons To Use A MAC Computer

Quick Navigation Why You Should Invest in a MAC?Macs Are a Part of the Apple EcosystemRegular Software UpdatesMAC Users Can Partition Their Operating Systems to WindowsMACs Have Advanced Security and Last a Long TimeMACs Have a Strong Brand Identity and Sophisticated AppealWhy a MAC Is a Smart Decision? Why You Should Invest in a MAC?A […]