5 Secrets For Instagram Marketing

Instagram has become the ultimate playground for sharing photos and hashtags galore, which means that your business can shine with the right marketing strategies! You already know that you can pay for ads on Instagram.

Paid ads may get your information out there more quickly and to a larger audience, but they are not your only option.

There are many other marketing ideas available to you. Some are even free! You just have to know how to navigate them.

I am going to share with you five of the top tips for Instagram marketing.

Read on and apply these tips to see your following grow!

Use Instagram Stories to Broaden Your Audience

As soon as you open Instagram, you will see the stories across the top of the page as a series of circles. When you click on the circle, you may see photos, videos or a combination of these.

Many people who are in a rush will simply swipe through the stories instead of taking time to scroll through their feed. Use this to your advantage by posting everyday so that your Instagram story is always showing in your followers’ stories.

Use Instagram Stories to Broaden Your Audience

These stories disappear after twenty-four hours, so daily posting will keep you visible. To be sure that you do not miss a post, you can schedule your stories to be posted at a later time.

One of the best marketing features of Instagram stories is that you can include a link to your website. All someone has to do is swipe up and they will be taken there.

Stories are also searchable by hashtags and location now as well, so be sure to add those too.

Hashtags and Location Tags Are Keys to Funneling Followers

Hashtags and location tags act as funnels to send the people to you who are interested in the hashtag or the location that you provided.

Using these will help your customers find your posts and stories quickly. If you are launching a new product or even if you just want to get more followers, launching a hashtag campaign can help you.

Hashtags and Location Tags Are Keys to Funneling Followers

Consider your new product or your brand and develop a hashtag that you will use every time that you post. On your website or on other social media platforms, encourage your followers to use the hashtag on Instagram to find more information.

Always include hashtags on your stories when you are running a hashtag campaign. Do not be afraid of overuse.

Instagram is the most hashtag-friendly social media platform, and people expect to see them and use them.

Your Followers Will be Happy to Help

You want to put your brand out there, but maybe you feel like you are being pushy or that you are posting too much. Let your followers do some of the work for you.

Face it; most of followers are also looking for more followers. Many of them would be more than happy to be featured on your page where they may end up gaining some more followers themselves!

Ask followers to post with a hashtag of either the name of your page or your hashtag campaign, if you are currently running one. You could even do a specific post for a specific day of the week.

Your Followers Will be Happy to Help

For example, a coffee shop may ask followers to post a pic of them with their favorite drink with the hashtag, #mochamonday.

You will get even more involvement if you offer a chance to be featured in your story the next day or a chance to win a small prize of some sort.

All Social Media Platforms Will Grow Your Instagram Following

Chances are pretty good that you already have other social media accounts. Be sure to invite all of those people to follow you on Instagram.

When you post on Instagram, sync with Facebook so it will post there as well.

Using these other platforms helps you reach people that may not already have Instagram or people who do not use it regularly. It is also a free way to get the word out about your page.

All Social Media Platforms Will Grow Your Instagram Following

Ask others in your business if they would cross promote your business account as well.

Yes, even go as far as asking your friends and family to promote your Instagram page on their other social media accounts.

Many may not, but it does not hurt to ask.

Those who want to see you succeed will give you a boost every so often, and each little boost counts!

Instagram Insights and Other Analytical Tools Propel You Toward Your Goals

If your Instagram is not currently a business profile, then be sure to change it to a business profile so that you can take advantage of the analytical features.

Access your Instagram insights, which is an analytical tool to provide you data about your posts and the people reading them. Here you can find out how many people are seeing your posts and your stories, how many are clicking on the links to your website and how many are visiting your page from your posts rather than scrolling on by.

There are many other uses as well and you can also use other apps to help you analyze your Instagram data. Set your goals, schedule your posts and check the insights to see how you are doing. Then adjust your goals accordingly.

Instagram Insights and Other Analytical Tools Propel You Toward Your Goals

There are many different angles that you can apply to marketing using Instagram.

Setting goals for your marketing before you begin will help you see the path that you need to take. Scheduling posts and stories, and using those hashtags and location tags when you know are going to be busy will help keep your momentum going.

Be sure to spread the word using your other social media accounts as well as your current Instagram followers.

Finally, use Instagram insights to analyze where you are and where you are going.

Final Verdict

I hope that you were able to find value in the information provided here and that you have some actionable items ready to go!