7 Secrets For Advertising Success On Snapchat

Snapchat is a great tool that you can use to advertise your business and bring attention to your brand. Snapchat is free to download and use, so it’s a cost-effective way to market any business.

Millions of people use Snapchat everyday, so the number of people who can potentially explore your Snapchat stories is immense. You do not have to be an expert at marketing to be able to get the most out of Snapchat’s capabilities. Instead, you just need a few quick tips to help you on your way.

This article will detail 7 tips for snapchat advertising success.

Utilize Snapchat’s Free Creative Tools to Make Your Snaps Stand Out

Snapchat allows users to create custom filters and lenses. Filters are frames and artworks that surround your snaps and add decoration to them. When you create a custom filter, you can add colorful text and upload custom elements and designs.

Utilize Snapchats Free Creative Tools to Make Your Snaps Stand Out

Snapchat filters grab the attention of anyone viewing your snaps, so if your goal is to get as many people as possible to engage with your advertisements then making and using custom filters is the way to go.

Lenses are decorative designs that border the faces of any people in a Snapchat photo or story. Text can be added to them for further affect. Snapchat lenses are goofy and entertaining, and they are very popular amongst Snapchat users.

Remember Who Your Audience Is

Snapchat is most popular amongst the younger generations. Teens and young adults are used to consuming a lot of content at once. This means that not only are teen and young adults’ attention spans shorter, they are also impatient and less likely to remember things they’ve seen.

This means that in order to stand out amongst the sea of content these generations are viewing, your content needs to be well thought out and entertaining. As a company or business owner, you may be tempted to want to put forward professional snaps that strive for perfection. Don’t.

Remember Who Your Audience Is

That’s not to say that your snaps should be disorganized or unprofessional, but rather that they should not appear to be just another commercial or ad. Your snaps need to tell a story and serve a purpose other than making you money. Your audience should receive something of value too: entertainment.

Allow Your Audience Behind Your Scenes

At its core, Snapchat is a way to connect. Many consumers love to get a glimpse at how their favorite products are made. This is evidenced by the popularity of television shows that depict how everyday objects and foods are made.

Likewise, supporters of a brand or business enjoy being able to connect with the people involved. To maximize the success of your advertising campaign on Snapchat, provide your viewers with a behind-the-scenes look at how your company operates.

Allow Your Audience Behind Your Scenes

Showing a level of transparency with your audience will allow them to feel a greater connection to you or your company, strengthening the relationship between you. This strengthened relationship will mean that your customers may become more loyal to you and bring you and your brand greater financial success.

Engage With Your Audience

Another way to make your Snapchat advertising campaign more successful is to actively engage with your audience. Snapchat allows users to create and receive story replies. Story replies are separate messages that users can send to give feedback about the content theyview.

Engage With Your Audience

If you want to engage with your audience, you can use this feature to communicate with them and receive feedback from them about your brand or content. You can also use this feature to create contests or polls or hold Q&A conversions.

Post Content Regularly

To build up a loyal and dedicated following, you should post content regularly. It doesn’t have to be everyday or even every week, but it does need to be often enough that you are not forgotten.

Creating a regular posting schedule can help you become a part of your audiences’ habit loop. This habit loop encompasses many elements of human behavior and routine including social media use.

Post Content Regularly

When many people visit social media platforms, their engagement with the websites or apps are fairly unconscious. They operate almost by muscle memory. If you upload content consistently, your audience will come to expect your content so they’ll be more likely to look for it or drift to it more naturally.

Collaborate With Established Influencers

You can reach a wide range of Snapchat users if you collaborate with well-known social media influencers. Many of the influencers have a strong loyal following that will jump whenever they say so.

You can capitalize on this behavior by getting one of these influencers to make a Snapchat story calling out your brand or speaking about one of your services or products.

Another way you can collaborate with social media influencers is by having them take over you Snapchat account. Their loyal fanbase will follow them to your brand’s Snapchat page, and this can bring you a lot of new followers.

Collaborate With Established Influencers

You can also have a social media influencer do an unboxing. This is when someone opens, uses, and reviews a new product for their fans to see. These are very popular and generate a lot of money for brands whose products are reviewed well.

One way to get a social media influencer to unbox one of your products on Snapchat is by sending them free PR. Many social media influencers list a business email or their PO Box number in the about section of their social media pages.

Tell the World that You’re On Snapchat

Having an active Snapchat account won’t serve you much purpose if no one knows you’re on it. The best way to have advertising success on Snapchat is to direct people to your snaps from your other social media platforms.

Tell the World that Youre On Snapchat

You can also direct people to your Snapchat by linking to it from your business website. You can also cross-promote your Snapchat by uploading photos from your snaps to your Instagram or Twitter.

Final Verdict

Snapchat is a fun and fairly inexpensive way to market any brand or business. It allows you the potential to advertise yourself or your company to millions of people daily. You do not have to be an expert to advertise on Snapchat successfully, but you do need to be highly motivated.

Competition is stiff to be seen, heard, and remembered on Snapchat so you need to create and upload fun and innovative content consistently.

You do not need to do all of the marketing or advertising work on your own. You can incorporate social media influencers into your marketing campaign and make money from their connections to their loyal and dedicated fanbases.

Now that you know the top 7 tips for Snapchat advertising success, go create your own Snapchat marketing campaign today. And remember, consistency and engaging with your audience is the best way to keep them coming back for more.