7 Tricks For Email Marketing Success

In today's business world, email marketing continues to be an amazingly high lead generator. According to Forbes magazine, email marketing has an average return of investment (ROI) of 122%. This statistic has the ability to be true for any size business, and could be for yours as well.

However, in order for it to be effective, a marketing email needs to actually be opened by the potential consumer. But how can I increase my open email percentage?

We hear you loud and clear. It can be tough to create emails that beg to be opened by your potential clients. To help you out with this dilemma, here are seven tricks to use in your email marketing campaigns that are sure to make your campaign as well as your business a huge success.

Gift Giving Never Goes Out of Style

It suffices to say that we all love gifts, particularly when that gift saves us money on something we want. That is what you need to do within your email. Offer a freebie or percentage off just for clicking on a call to action button in your email.

Email Marketing Success - Email

This will entice those that are interested in your business to participate in your email marketing group. Additionally, this is introducing them to the plethora of products and services that you can offer them.

It's All About Mobility

Email Marketing Success - Mobile Friendly

Nowadays, most people are doing a large portion of their daily errands and chores on their phone. Think about how much you use your phone for your work....See?

With this in mind, you can understand the importance of your emails being mobile friendly. By making a few tweaks to your email templates, the messages you are sending out to your customers are automatically easier for them to read and understand.

Also, when it comes to mobile devices, it has to be quick and simple. People will give up easily, especially when it comes to reading emails. So be sure you text is concise and to the point.

Keep content to one column with many breaks between paragraphs. If you place a call to action within your email body, keep it to the top or middle of your message. This enables more people to see it and engages them right away.

Time Is Money...Literally

Email Marketing Success - TimeMoney

The days and times you send out your emails have a tremendous impact your open and click rate. If you have not analyzed these details yet, it is in your best interest to take the time and do so.

If you are lagging in openings at a certain time of day, consider changing it and see how that effects your numbers. Also, investigating the cadence of your competitor's emailing campaign may open your eyes to whether or not you are sending the right number of emails out throughout the day or week.

Unfortunately, some of this is determination is trial and error and can be a bit tedious. However, once you find that sweet spot, you will see that the work and effort was well worth it.

Keeping up with the Subscribers

Email Marketing Success - Subscribers

No matter how many subscribers you have, keep in touch with as many of them as you can on a regular basis. Email those that seem to be opening emails but not buying asking what can be done to improve their experience with your business. Or, you could send out a survey to all subscribers asking what they would like to see more of.

Again, offering some type of incentive or coupon will increase the chances of your survey being opened and completed by your subscribers. If you keep your customers engaged, they are more likely to buy and offer suggestions about your products to help you improve your business overall.

It's Time to Get Personal

Take the time to get to know your subscribers, within ethical reason of course. If you can tailor your email at all, you should. However, it is important that you do so in a way that does not offend or create a stand offish reaction from your client.

For new customers in particular, it is best to keep it somewhat general. The quicker you get to the nitty gritty of your campaign, the better.

Email Marketing Success - Services

If you have a more established customer base, it may be time to take a few liberties to make your emails a bit more direct and personalized. However, the personalization needs to be more about the specific content that is included in the email and how it relates to the individual rather than just adding their first name within the greeting.

Subject Matters

The first thing that people read from your email is the 'From' and 'Subject' lines. If you do not grab your reader's attention immediately from one of these two areas, your email is a goner.

Fortunately, all you have to do is come up with creative and catchy subject lines for each email you send. Easy right?

It actually is, if you keep a few things in mind.

  • Short and sweet works best. Keep the subject line concise and to the point. The fewer words you can use the better. Something quick and easy that grabs the customer's attention so that they want to open up the email.
  • Keep It Simple. Try not to be too wordy with your email content. Straightforward and to the point is always best.
  • Use numbers if you can. People remember numbers easier than words. This can be especially enticing if you are using your email to inform clients about a promotion or new product launch. Countdowns and numerical dates will stick in their mind.
  • Do not be afraid to get emotional on them. Branding is about connecting with your customer base and invoking an emotional response to your product or service. If you can do this in the subject line, you are way ahead of the game.

Looks Are Important

Although it is easy and cost effective to opt for a Gmail account to set up your emails, it stands to consider the amount of individuals that have Gmail as their primary email address.

Email Marketing Success - Important

While I wholeheartedly agree that your business's credibility should come from the quality of your products and services; the sad truth is it does not always. For some, seeing 'gmail.com' may look a bit amateurish and your customers may begin to question the legitimacy of your business and marketing intent.

Branding and market establishment are always the keys to success, and this relates to your email address also. Take time to ensure that your email account and email content are professional and easy to understand by your target market.


A successful email campaign can drastically improve your business. It is not complicated, but does take some time and effort. Do some research on your competitive market, and adopt best practices of what seems to be working for that marketplace. Take notice of specific user behavior and create content that delivers precisely what they are looking for.

Keeping things clear and to the point will keep customers engaged and intrigued about your business, as well as all that it has to offer them. By taking care to follow these simple steps, you can perfect your email marketing campaign and see your own business flourish right before your very eyes.