ActiveCampaign Reviewed

The popularity of email marketing has skyrocketed in recent years, providing new opportunities to reach contacts and express your advertisement or message. One of the best platforms with high quality tools for email marketing is ActiveCampaign.

This particular platform presents clients with several unique tools and features with their in-depth marketing dashboard. Automated email marketing is also a significant portion of their platform. This is a feature that lets users configure and track their marketing techniques, so that they can ultimately optimize their advertising metrics.

Review of ActiveCampaign

Service Plans and Features

The majority of users will likely be interested in learning more about the email marketing features that are offered from Active Campaign. There are so many important features, including broadcast emails, triggered events, auto-responding, scheduled messages, and targeted advertising campaigns. We will break down each of these features and talk a little bit about the service plans.

ActiveCampaign Review - Services

Initially, you would probably want to select one of the affordable service plans that ActiveCampaign has to offer. You can start out by selecting how many contacts you are intending to manage within your dashboard. This number will effect the overall cost of each plan, so it is relatively important that you choose this attribute accurately.

Once you have selected your contacts, you can choose from up to four different service plans. The cheapest plan is dubbed the 'Lite' plan, clocking in at approximately $17 per 1000 contacts. This plan includes all of the email marketing features, newsletters, and several automated features as well.

ActiveCampaign Review - Main Image

The second plan is also the most popular. This is called the 'Plus' plan and it already includes all of the previous features from the previous plan. It also includes sales automation features, data integrations, and custom user permissions. You can also take advantage of a custom domain, custom branding, and SMS marketing tools.

The 'Professional' service plan is significantly higher in price than the previous two plans, but it does offer some premium features. Up to 50 users can manage the email marketing campaign with this particular plan.

Finally, we will discuss the most expensive monthly plan, known as the 'Enterprise' plan. This plan includes all previous features, as well as some new ones. Free social data is included, as well as on-boarding, design services, custom mail-server, and custom data reporting.

ActiveCampaign Review - Price

Regardless of your selection, you can be assured that Active Campaign will greatly enhance your marketing capabilities for a reasonable price. They are also willing to migrate you from other platforms for no cost. There are also no hidden setup fees or additional costs.

E-Mail Marketing

Users can completely customize their marketing experience by utilizing several of the high quality features that are included with their service. One of those features is the ability to globally broadcast an email to your entire contact list. You can easily send one-off emails to everyone for important updates or messages that everyone needs to see.

ActiveCampaign Review - Email Marketing

You can also customize and configure triggered emails that send to contacts after specific events. For example, you might want to congratulate someone for signing up on your website or after they purchase a product of yours. You can also send targeted emails to tagged portions of your contact list. This is particularly useful to separate genders, age groups, and other attributes that differentiate users.

Scheduled emails can be setup for holidays or weekends, if needed. You can also setup auto-respond emails that send messages to users that trigger an event. The ability to automate the marketing process is made easier than ever before with the ActiveCampaign platform.

Performance Metrics and Tracking

Active Campaign offers all of their users the ability to utilize site tracking. This is an extremely useful feature that can send emails to users that visit your website, but don't follow up with an intended action. For example, maybe one user visits your online store and adds a product to their cart, but forget to purchase it. You can setup an automated email message that reminds them to purchase the product from your store.

This kind of marketing strategy is proven to be successful and effective over long periods of time. There is also a high quality customer support team from ActiveCampaign that is happy to answer your technical questions regarding the platform.

ActiveCampaign Review - Automation

They might even be able to recommend the best service plan on their platform, specifically directed for your needs.


  • Four High Quality Service Plans.
  • SMS Marketing.
  • Automated Email Marketing.
  • Performance Tracking.
  • High Quality Customer Support.


  • Significant Learning Curve.
  • Premium Plans are Expensive.


It is quite clear that the Active Campaign platform is capable of elevating your marketing capabilities and enhancing your entire experience. There are specialized tools within the platform that can improve your workflow and efficiency. You can select your type of service, contingent on the size and type of marketing campaign that you are looking to run.

When compared to similar industry rivals, it appears that this platform is among the highest rated and one of the more popular options from the overall perspective. There is a significant learning curve, which is usually difficult for beginners. This is one of the only setbacks that we could find, especially when looking at the features and service plans.

This could be a significant way that you can kick-start your marketing campaign and take advantage of tools that are not readily available elsewhere. For a relatively affordable price, you get access to an in-depth user dashboard with a list of your tagged contacts.

Within minutes, you could have your entire marketing and advertising plans condensed into one simple dashboard. Head on over to the website and take a look for yourself. You could find yourself signing up and purchasing one of the four marketing plans that they have to offer!