Alex Becker Review

Becoming an entrepreneur online isn't something that usually happens overnight. Possibly because there are so many other people just like you out there trying to do the same thing.

Don't let that cause you to hesitate, however. There are plenty of people that offer advice, courses, and more to help you become a successful entrepreneur. One of those people is Alex Becker.

Throughout the years, Alex Becker has become a well-known name in the online entrepreneur world. He runs a number of companies, has sold a good deal of books, and offers programs that people admittedly have good and bad things to say about it.

If you're unsure about whether or not he's worth listening to and following, my review below aims to teach you more about Becker from his history to his work. By the end, you will have a greater understanding and an easier time coming to your own decision about him.

Know that I personally know Alex, so I can give you the perfect insight to this guy. A lot of people have varying opinions on him. Genius. Jerk. Arrogant. Funny. Annoying.

Well, let me help give you the inside scoop to this larger than life personality when it comes to the online marketing world…

Who is Alex Becker?

A nutrition and tech expert who has founded several companies rated at seven and eight figures, Alex Becker is a well-known online marketing guru and a national best-selling author. Of course, he didn't start out an online marketer.

Alex Becker

Becker is an Air Force vet who left at the age of 23. At the time, he explained how he had no knowledge of where to go from there. It didn't take him long, a year in fact, to gain wealth. Now, Becker is a multimillionaire with multiple online businesses under his belt.

He doesn't want to keep all of that success to himself though. Instead, he uses his platform and work to assist others in gaining financial freedom and get on the path to wealth.

The Alex Becker Academy

Over the years, Becker has accumulated a number of projects from online courses to books. Here's a breakdown of just a few of them.

Market Hero

One of the top-selling products from Becker is his email marketing service. Market Hero is intended to serve as a revenue centric, email analytics system auto-responder.

By using this system, marketers can increase their earnings via their email marketing. This even has Facebook messenger integration to broaden how much aid it can give you.

Market Hero attempts to help your business in four ways:

  • ROI tracking system.
  • Engaging design.
  • Automation.
  • Optimization.

If you are not completely sold on investing in Becker's Market Hero email program, then you can always try out the free trial version.

The only difference between the trial and the full version is that the trial comes with a mailing limit. Otherwise, you can put the entire platform to good use before you decide whether it's a good program for you to use.

The 10 Pillars of Wealth

Becker's debut book takes a firm, yet supportive approach to building your wealth as an entrepreneur. It's aimed at the so-called “average Joe's” of the world, and Becker breaks the guide down to 10 separate pillars:

  • Rejecting Getting Rich Slow.
  • Separating Time From Money.
  • Accepting That You Must Be Better Than Everyone Else.
  • Knowing Every Little Thing is 100% Your Fault.
  • Adopting An Abundance Mindset.
  • Forgetting “What If” And Focusing On “What Is”.
  • Mapping Out Actions That Achieve Goals.
  • Focusing Solely On What Gets You Paid.
  • People Give Money To People That Get People.
  • Find Competitive Friends And Suitable Mentors.

Becker takes a very practical, straightforward view of things. There's no beating around the bush or sugar coating the advice, an approach that many of his followers seem to appreciate as a good amount of them have gained their financial freedom on the path to becoming wealthy.

Also, to help you get a better feel of the book as well as test run it a bit, you can download the entire first chapter 100% free.

Social Media Guru

Another talked about aspect of Becker and his work is that you can readily find him across various social media platforms.

For one thing, many people commonly find him because of his YouTube videos. Becker is naturally charismatic and has a no-nonsense approach to his work and building up your wealth and online entrepreneur profile.

You can also find Becker on Instagram and Facebook. His YouTube and Instagram, to date, have generated over 300,000 followers each. Meanwhile, his Facebook profile steadily climbs, having more than 60,000 likes.

Where Did Alex Becker Get His Start?

Alex actually started in SEO (also known as search engine optimization).

SEO Started It All…

He started a company called Source Wave back in the day which was one of the more popular go to's for SEO information.

SEO is a process of optimizing websites so that they show higher in the search engines.

Alex shared everything from basic to advanced tactics so that people could use SEO to start a business. He taught both local client related information and also affiliate marketing.

He later brought on Stephen Floyd and Gregory Ortiz to help with the program, but he was the founder and the driving force behind it.

He used the power of Youtube marketing to help drive massive amounts of leads to his business.

He still uses Youtube today, which his channel approaching 500,000 subscribers!

He first started using Youtube more as a draw for leads. Alex is a master at creating engaging Youtube videos. He understands the important process of giving people very valuable free information and then selling them on even more structured and advanced information.

This was really the whole idea behind how he started his business.

Alex slowly moved away from SEO and let Gregory Ortiz and Stephen Floyd take over his Source Wave University business.

He has moved much more towards payed ads, specifically on Youtube. Again, he is an absolute master at getting peoples attention and keeping it. From there, he uses retargeting to advertise to those people on the platform.

This is an extremely effective tactic considering the whole process.

​Alex draws people in with crafty videos that provide awesome information. He engages and keeps their attention. He provides personality and makes people laugh…people get to know him.

Then when they see his re-targeting ads, they already are well aware of who he is. This means that the chances of them buying from him go up 10 fold…possibly even a lot more.

Trying to sell to people who have no idea who you are can be pretty tough. But if you are trying to sell to people that know who you are and who you have already provided value to…this becomes much, much easier.

So most people don't understand that the career of Alex Becker (whether intentionally or unintentionally) was masterful.

It all started with the great and engaging content. He built of his reputation, entertained, and continually provided useful information.

This meant a trusting audience.

From there he started the process of ads and re-targeting to this trusting audience which has made him a ridiculous amount of money.

​My Experience With Alex Becker

I've actually worked pretty closely with Alex and have met him on numerous occasions.

We have attended events together and he has actually been a speaker at numerous of my own events.

Many people may think that Alex is just a cocky guy from watching his videos, but I can tell you that this is not the case. The guy is actually pretty brilliant.

Many people wonder if how he acts in his videos is an “act”. People, often out of jealousy, think “this guy is such a jerk”.

Oh Alex, You Big Jerk…

My response to that is that if you want to have success with video marketing, you HAVE to turn up the energy and the personality. It's known that the camera will steal your energy, which is why you need to turn it up when you are shooting videos.

So are his videos an act? No. But you are getting a more energetic version of Alex – he is actually very laid back if you meet him in person.

The wittiness is definitely not an act – he is very sharp minded and witty.

This boy is WITTY…

Considering that I have worked with Alex and met him on numerous occasions I can tell you that he is the real deal.

Not only is he the real deal, but he goes far beyond what most entrepreneurs do.

His goals seem to be much greater than your average entrepreneur.

BIG Ambitions…

He doesn't just want to make millions or tens of millions of dollars (which he already has, by the way).

He want to make hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars. And beyond that, he wants to build companies that make a difference.

A lot of entrepreneurs just want to make a lot of money…I can tell you that Alex is different. Of course this is a goal, in my opinion, but the reasoning goes far beyond that.

See you in my dust…

Even if you watch his latest Youtube videos you will be able to tell that he is passed the point of materialism.

He use to have all the fancy cars and houses, but he realized this is not the key to happiness.

Alex uses his experience to try and teach entrepreneurs to go after success for the right reasons. He even made a video recently that talks about how he sold EVERYTHING. All of the fancy cars and fancy houses, gone. He now lives a plain life and owns virtually nothing.

If you are accustomed to success, you will know that there is a lot of value and intelligence behind what Alex Becker talks about nowadays.

​So You Want To Learn Online Marketing…

If you want to start making money online, should you follow Alex or pay for one of his courses?

That really depends…

Alex is really now at a level where he is mentoring people that already have a lot of success. Much of the things he teaches are strategies for people that already have a business in place making a good amount of money.

So if you are a beginner, Alex Becker is likely not the right choice for you.

But at Traffic Tsunami we provide the best beginner to advanced marketing strategies for online marketing out there. OK…maybe that's a little bit bias, but I think that the testimonials we get from our students speak for themselves.

Whether you are looking to learn anything from SEO to paid advertising, make sure you sign up with us to start getting some of our best free strategies.

And if you are someone who already has a successful business and is looking to scale up, we can help you with that as well! But that is also something that Alex specializes in (particularly with paid ads and funnels) – so he is also a fantastic resource for anyone looking for that help.

Final Words

Even though it's apparent that Alex Becker has achieved an insane amount of success and has sought to help others do the same, there are those individuals out there that believe he may be somewhat of a scam artist.

It's safe to say that Becker is legit. His tools and books are valid ways to build up your online business to reach that financial freedom you're fighting to get.

The book alone is a good starting point for anyone who may be looking to get their feet wet with an online entrepreneur business. Meanwhile, tools like the Market Hero make keeping track of email revenue a far simpler task.

So, why do some people feel Alex Becker is a scam artist? I personally believe some misgivings crop up because of the price tag his tools have. Some can easily scale thousands of dollars, and that sort of investment is not something that everyone is capable of doing, especially if you're just starting out.

Also, there are just a lot of damn haters out there. People see a young and good looking guy like Alex, with his glowing personality, and they get jealous. People hate to see other people succeed sometimes, and that is just the fact of life.

However, many businesses such as Becker's tend to have a steep price tag attached, and Becker's offer a variety of tools and advice to help propel you forward in the online business world.

I can tell you that anything that Alex offers is likely going to be worth it. He has years of experience and has made tens of millions of dollars online.

In the end, Alex Becker ​is a legit businessman who, upon becoming wealthy and successful so quickly, wants to share his experience and advice with everyone. All of his tools may not be the most affordable things to use, but it is an investment that is worth the time and effort in the long haul.

And understand that when you make a large investment in a course like Alex offers, you are investing in yourself.

If you try and find the same information at a cheaper price, or even for free, you could be setting yourself back years and costing yourself more money in the end.

That's because going the free route will take years of time to learn the same information. And the mistakes that you make along the way will likely cost you more than the original course itself!

​This is a hard concept for people to grasp, especially when it's time to put the money on the table, so to speak.

But when you have someone like Alex Becker offering their experience to you, it is truly invaluable if you truly want to make a go at things.

Take the opportunity, invest in yourself, and get to work!

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