Amazon FBA Ninja Course Reviews

Amazon Marketplace is not only the largest online retailer in the world, but steadily remains in the top-5 of all retailers in the entire world. An estimated 64% of U.S households have an Amazon Prime account, and many of you probably made an important purchase on Amazon within the last month.

Fact is, Amazon is a global, dominating force in the retail market. However, the primary difference between Amazon's retail success and the traditional retail market is that the majority of products sold on Amazon are not facilitated by large, corporate entities.

Instead, the majority of Amazon's retail merchants are everyday, normal people just like you and I. Traditional retail often requires commercial entities to buy, store and ship products that they were selling. This meant that unless you could afford the space and storage for your products, you could not last as a retail entity.

Amazon FBA

However, through Amazon FBA, merchants no longer need to supply their own inventory, nor do they have to deal with all the costs of handling, shipping and storing inventory. Instead, you can have wholesale suppliers directly ship your products to Amazon's warehouses, and Amazon handles all the processing in these warehouses.

This facet of Amazon has allowed people from all walks of life to generate massively profitable and prosperous product launches as an Amazon Seller. However, generating this success requires the proper tools, knowledge and skills to fully optimize your Amazon-selling success.

Kevin Fiend has set out to provide people with said knowledge, tools, and skills with his ZON Ninja Masterclass. This course is designed to teach people how start from scratch and build 6, 7, and 8-figure incomes through Amazon FBA.

We'll discuss the course's key features, its strengths and weaknesses, and our advice on considering whether or not this course is for you. Before we do that, I want to start by giving you a brief look at how I got introduced to Kevin's work.

My First Exposure To Amazon: Part 1 – My Introduction

I was first exposed to the world of online business when I was 13, all the way back in 2001. Things like YouTube, Facebook and even Google were nowhere to be seen, and yet even those times were filled with dreams of creating financial freedom through the internet.

Fast-forward nearly 13 years into the future into the late fall of 2013. By that time, I had joined, marketed, and failed with a number of online and offline business ventures. Most were some form of MLM or network marketing ventures, and I just couldn't tear myself away from hoping that “this next one” would be it for me!

Kevin Fiend's

Well they weren't, and it wasn't because I didn't have the potential to be successful. In honesty, I just didn't like the MLM business model. I felt there were ways to be successful without the misleading marketing tactics, but old habits die hard in network marketing.

So I decided that I would find a way to work freelance, which helped to some degree with finances (thankfully, technological advances allowed me to be a full-time freelancer). But I was looking to find more profitable ways to make money, because I was frantic to change my finances.

I was 26 in Chicago, and even though I denied it, I felt like I was being left behind by my peers. I didn't want their careers; I never liked the idea of being confined to one singular career path. However, they were progressing with the things they wanted, and I was financially dependent on my mom for survival.

So on one rather warm November afternoon, my younger brother and I get a call from my older brother. For the sake of simplicity, we'll call the younger brother Hermann and the older brother Rhodey.

So Rhodey calls Hermann and starts to explain how he's been selling on Amazon. Now I had heard about this before, and really gave no mind to it. I had an instant reflex to disregard it; I figured with no startup money, it was no point bothering.

Amazon FBA Inventory

However, Rhodey was calling because he had been looking for partners to help him handle inventory. See, my brother was following a method that many aspiring sellers used to source their inventory (and still use): retail arbitrage.

Retail arbitrage is the process of shopping at local retailers and buying items to be sold in online marketplaces for profit. This could be places like local dollar stores, thrift stores and even certain clothing stores. However, the underlying goal was the same: get items at low prices in brick-and-mortar stores, and sell them for profit on storefronts like eBay and Amazon.

Rhodey didn't have a large budget, but he seemed to have a reasonable game plan. He mentioned key, high-ticket items that were very-low in cost, but were in high demand and sold for anywhere from 2.5 to 5x the purchase price.

He simply needed help processing the inventory, which he was shipping to Amazon FBA to handle all the complicated processing work. We readily agreed, as we felt we could create a firm foundation to upscale into more wholesale products.

Little did I know that I was in for a crash-course on Amazon no-nos.

My First Exposure To Amazon: Part 2 – Amazon No-Nos

It became apparent to Hermann and I that Rhodey was perhaps trying to do too many things without thinking things through. When he first came to our home with his inventory, we were shocked to see the variety of items.

They were all toys and children's games, but his variation of products was high. And despite his high variations, he still had a relatively low amount of items. Perhaps 30 variations with only 81 total items.

Amazon FBA Steps

The processing was a nightmare, and it was clear to Hermann and I that Rhodey clearly had a severe inventory problem. We mutually agreed: Rhodey's profits did not justify the work it took to process so many different types of items with so few, total inventory units.

Rhodey's profit margins were terribly low. We stressed to him that, with his budget, this way of stocking inventory was unwise. He should lower the variance, and goo for larger quantities of low-oost, high-ticket items on Amazon.

But Rhodey, for some wild reason did not want to listen. He claimed that he needed to do it this way, because he wanted to get out as much inventory as possible during the holiday season. He didn't want to wait for the restock of these items, and wanted to go for higher inventory regardless of variance.

Amazon FBA Profit Report

It was almost like talking to someone in a trance. But I could understand, because he had been and aspiring internet entrepreneur for even longer than me. He got me into it, and he had tried several times to mount profitable businesses, but had no luck.

For once, he was seeing consistent profits. Even though the margins failed to exceed 50% of his initial spending budget, he was seeing consistent profits that he could control… at least for a time.

However, Hermann and I could not continue, primarily because we were not being paid nearly anything, and we did not feel that this was a sustainable way to source inventory. So we parted ways with Rhodey's Amazon ventures, and proceeded to focus on other things.

My Introduction To Kevin's Work

Since parting with Rhodey, Hermann and I would spend the next 4 years working a series of employee positions before eventually upgrading to better work endeavors. He somehow landed a gig teaching at a college campus (without a degree), while I began buckling down and landing consistent, freelance-writing work.

I had worked long enough in those environments to know that there was nothing for me there. 4 years of working dead-end, minimum-wage jobs at various establishments, manifested the courage I needed to embark on a plan to take control of my financial future in 2018.

It took some adjusting, but I had already prepared myself by qualifying to write at as a freelancer in a content-distribution site. Now I wasn't rich from freelance writing, making about an average of $500 – $600 a week. But I made that money while saving TONS of money on work expenses.

Amazon FBA Training

Writing freelance gave me an advantage of actually learning about eCommerce training. Now, due to my experience with Amazon in the past, I wasn't even looking to try and start anything with them again.

However, I stumbled upon another one of Kevin Fiend's Ninja Masterclasses for Shopify. My YouTube commercials became overran with eCommerce courses because I wrote so many reviews for them.

Luckily for me, I had two advantages. First, due to the money I saved working at home, I had a substantial amount of money to invest in proper training that I did not have in the past. Second, I had experience from my review writing that could help me find a solid, well-formulated course.

Funny thing, I wanted to buy the Shopify Masterclass, but I wound up buying his Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass instead. I was primarily interested in cultivating my skills for the purpose advertising for other businesses.

I was able to apply my knowledge to affiliate products, and ran several campaigns that netted me a 5-figure monthly income. From there, I actually began running ad campaigns for 3 of my 5 former jobs who in turn referred me to 5 other clients.

BUT WHAT ABOUT AMAZON FBA?!! Why Aspiring Sellers Need Guided, Step-By-Step Training

I know, you've heard enough of my story. It's all fine and great that I had success with his Facebook Ads course, but you're hear to learn about his Zon Ninja Masterclass. You're wondering if his course is going to be the course you need to help you reach your financial success.

I'm going to be completely honest with you here. You can easily look up reviews of his Amazon FBA course, you will hear a very similar criticism: all of his information can be found, for free, in articles and on YouTube. And you know what, that is 100% true.

Amazon FBA Courses

However, let me ask you a simple question. If a person asked you to find diamonds in a jewelry store, but you had no idea how a diamond looked, felt or was spelled? How on Earth would you find the correct item?

You would have two options. You could choose Option A, and go from item to item, hoping that you picked the right item. Or, you could go to Option B, and get help from the people who actually work in the store and deal with the inventory on a daily basis.

Fact is, in the above scenario, you would go to a person with experience who knows how to find the diamonds you need. Even though you know that you want diamonds, you have no real idea what these items are and what they would look like.

This is the same as the information out there that is available on the web. Much of the information available on this course can indeed be found for free on public media outlets. However, very few of us have the enough knowledge on the subject to know how to use the information properly.

How would you know which step is first? How would you know that all important elements are covered? Not only do we need information on the proper techniques and protocols to run successful business, we need to have this information organized so that we not only know what to do, but when and how to do it.

This type of guidance is incredibly important with eCommerce, and this definitely applies with Amazon FBA. if you miss critical steps, you can run into complications that can GREATLY hinder your business.

Amazon has a number of strict guidelines that govern the type of products a seller is allowed to post. If you violate this, then you can put your Seller account into a suspended state that can halt your business before it starts.

Amazon FBA Mistake

Kevin provides that guidance so that you know what to do at the right time. The first section of his course is set up to help you avoid common beginner's mistakes that tank Sellers's accounts before they sell a single item.

Think about Rhodey. How much better could he have done if he had someone teaching him how to properly source his inventory? Kevin makes it a prime issue to emphasize how to source optimal inventory sources.

He could've taught Rhodey how to properly work within his budget for maximum profit, and how to scale properly so that he could profit maximally. Perhaps Rhodey could've learned to pace himself when he saw other students in the Private Facebook Group that were in similar situations.

But Rhodey was trying to do things by buying random coaching sessions, and trying techniques he heard on forums. He didn't really have a plan on how to progress from step-to-step, primarily because he was not planning with the help of someone who knew how to get there.

And if Rhodey had a course like this, he would've have received that help. His primary problems with inventory and lack of budget management would've been solved in the INTRODUCTORY LESSON. Just the first training section would've saved Rhodey all the trouble he was having.

He could've had access to where the best products were, and how to find the best and cheapest suppliers. He could've learned how to source his products so he didn't even need to manually process his inventory.

He said that finding wholesale suppliers was terrible because of international customs. fees and restrictions. He also had no idea on how to find American suppliers, which would've been far cheaper and probably ensured higher-quality items.

Fact is, if the Zon Ninja Masterclass was available when he started in 2013, he would've learned how to properly manage international import fees and he would've been given a vast resource of American wholesale suppliers. Again, all of these problems would be solved in the introduction to the course.

That's why I feel that, especially in today's age, people should invest in coaching when pursuing online entrepreneurship. Heck, maybe you were Rhodey at one point in time. Maybe you're feeling like Rhodey right now, and you're stuck with obstacles that you don't know how to navigate and conquer.

I'm not saying that you have to buy Kevin's course, but he helps people put together the necessary and even secret information bits you need to excel with Amazon.

Is ZON Ninja Masterclass Worth It?

To be completely fair, I can't say from 100%, direct experience whether it is worth it or not. I bought the course, but quickly found it better to perhaps give it to Rhodey as a gift. I didn't have a problem letting Rhodey take my place, but I was already content with my advertising endeavors.

As always, Fiend's Masterclass come with a Private Facebook Group dedicated to the students of the course. The course has direct live access to Kevin, and I can at least say that he's a pretty helpful guy. I hear some folks slander the groups because of alleged selling of products to students. However, that is not my experience in the groups.

Amazon FBA NINJA Masterclass

Rhodey did confirm the sentiment that a heavy amount of the course is available for free elsewhere. However, he also agreed with me: he didn't know how to put it together. He was doing too many things at the wrong time, and completely neglecting other critical factors because he was stretched too thin.

A big con for me was the price. I'm not a cheap guy, and I certainly don't mind investing properly in good content. However, his Amazon FBA Masterclass is over $1997 at the current moment.

This isn't necessarily an unfair price, but it does seem like a bizarre price when you consider that both the Shopify and Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclasses are both a grand cheaper. One could argue that due to Amazon's commercial appeal, a course on Amazon is worth more. But it just doesn't seem like a heavily justified price hike to me.

That being said, this course appears to offer the same high-quality, large-volume content that is always in his courses. He provides over 120+ video lessons across 8 training modules.

Moreover, as I stated earlier, this course really focuses on eliminating beginner's mistakes that are so often performed by aspiring sellers. As such, this course is heavily favorable to those with no experience, as well as seasoned veterans.

Rhodey solved nearly all of his problems with inventory with the first module. He wasn't hunting for lame, inconsistent inventory, but found items that had consistently high profit margins. He didn't bother with international suppliers, primarily because he at least learn to take things slow.

The result is that Rhodey has a comprehensive plan that projects he can retire from teaching by no later than the Winter of 2019.

Final Thoughts

I hoped this review helped you figure out if trying out the Masterclass is right for you. However, before you choose to do so, I want to leave you with some parting advice.

Even with the best coaching, in order to succeed in any independent financial endeavor, you have to have the ability to actually operate as an independent individual. If you buy the course, but do not apply the work, will it be able to make you rich?

The answer is no, and if you've made it this far, I feel that you are one step closer to taking the step toward financial freedom. If you're interested in profiting with the #1 online retailer in the world, then I suggest you give the ZON Ninja Masterclass a try!

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