Amazon Seller Mastery Review

You’ve heard about this course called Amazon Mastery that is supposed to teach you how to make lots of money selling products on Amazon. You do your research and discover that a guy named Tanner J. Fox who is about 20+ years old, has taken the online marketing business by storm and is a huge fortune in online marketing.

You are intrigued, and you want in, but you’re not going to be taken in that easily, so you keep searching. There is a lot of information to sift through to learn about online marketing.

Like you, I came across a couple of videos, a few blog posts, and articles that said I could make lots of money quickly and easily by purchasing Amazon Mastery and learning online marketing on Amazon. The course seemed like a legitimate way to create a profitable online business. I’m sure you were thinking the same things.


This course sounds like a terrific investment with an excellent ROI (return on investment).

My sales and service background convince me that this is a fantastic market ripe with opportunity. Are you a photographer, tech or electronics guru? Are you smart when it comes to electronics and the latest features? Are you a great cook or a decent writer?

If you have any skill set, you can translate it into earnings by selling niche products on the Amazon marketplace, and this course will show you how.

Tanner J. Fox is the owner and creator of Amazon Mastery. The course-ware uses videos and lecture-style instruction to teach you the fundamentals of online marketing with Amazon FBA.

Tanner J. Fox with Car

We keep reading and researching, and we discover that not everyone who has purchased this course has gotten good results and words like scam, scheme, Tanner Fox are being used frequently in the same sentences.

Red flags are going up and now may be the time to run, but the opportunity sounds too good to pass up because of a few hundred, thousand people are not successful. Let’s see what the program promises and let’s discuss the results for ourselves.

Amazon Mastery offers coursework that will teach you how to set up an Amazon FBA. It teaches you how to discover your niche and what products are in demand and would bring a high return to your business.

The course teaches you about tools like Jungle Scout and ASINpector to help increase your product knowledge. The course teaches you methods of getting daily sales and offers coaching to guide you towards success. You will learn how to create listings on Amazon, which tools to use for product research, how to sell internationally, and so much more.

Tanner J. Fox Training

Amazon Mastery is a complete course on Amazon marketing, so why are so many people not having success with it? After careful research, I came up with what is often referred to as, “It’s the other guy’s fault.” Many of the critics of this course blamed Tanner Fox for their lackluster performances.

They accused him of charging for information that they could find for free online. The information is free online if you know what to look for and how to use it once you find it. They also accused him of embellishing his lifestyle and inflating his numbers. I could not prove nor disprove those statements, and I didn’t try.

I wasn’t interested in the course to become Tanner J. Fox. Instead, I wanted to learn how to market products on Amazon, and the course did teach that. When people get hypnotized by someone else’s yacht, they forget that they only came to buy a boat. Amazon Mastery provides knowledge, not results. Successful results come when the correct amount of effort is continually applied.

Before the Amazon Mastery course, many students didn’t know how to set up a seller account, how to sell products internationally, or how to choose products that would yield profits. Once the student takes the course and gains the knowledge, that information can be used repeatedly to produce success in multiple areas. Online marketing business is highly competitive. You have to build a good reputation and a flourishing customer base.

Many people will leave five minutes before their ship comes in and blame their failures on rough seas. Rather than focus on Tanner’s foreign cars, people should spend that time promoting their products more and developing new strategies for success. The internet changes every minute of every day.

Staying focused on product trends is the key to success. The course-ware can only teach you the fundamentals; the skill will improve with consistent execution.

To be successful in the Amazon marketplace, you must put in time and effort just like you would on any job or career. You have your learning curve, and once you make your first sales, you repeat the process until you have success. Learning a new business takes time, and growing a business takes time, especially it's something you haven't done before. You learn through experience what it takes to make money at that business and what brings success and what lacks success.

I don't recommend Amazon mastery over any other course. The course-ware comes with everything you need to start a profitable Amazon FBA. Buy this course because it works. Amazon Mastery teaches you the foundation for learning selling on Amazon. It teaches you the more intrinsic details of online selling both domestically and internationally.

It teaches you how to choose products and how to market those products. It tells you a lot about the success that the creator of the course has had. All the ingredients necessary to make this cake is in this course-ware, but the only thing that is not included is the cook.