Asigo System Review

If you’re here, that means you’ve probably heard of the Asigo System before, and you’re full of questions. What is the Asigo System? Is it a scam? Does it really work? Of course, if you haven’t heard of it, then don’t worry - I’ll explain everything here. This is my honest review of the Asigo System, which should hopefully answer any questions you might have about it. I’ll also be addressing some bonuses from the program. So, without further ado, let’s get straight to the point.

What is the Asigo System?

The Asigo System was created by Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz. Chris Munch is a self-made millionaire and one of the world’s experts in the field of digital marketing. He is the creator of PressCable, Ampifire, and Munchweb, all of which were massively successful programs. He also launched the 100k ShoutOut course in 2019, which has been hugely popular among students hoping to be the internet marketers of the future.

Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz invented the Asigo System as a way for entrepreneurs to make over $100,000 per year with none of the hassle involved in traditional eCommerce and digital marketing systems. You don’t need any experience or special skills, and the program doesn’t even require you to have a website or a product! It also eschews many of the headaches of traditional eCommerce like shipping, delivery, and paid traffic to websites. It truly couldn’t be any easier to pull in over $100,000 per year from home without any difficulty or struggle!

How Does the Asigo System Work?

The Asigo System is based on an innovative fusion of eCommerce and digital affiliate marketing. The system essentially works by setting up an online store that sells any number of high profit and in-demand eServices. What’s an eService, you ask? An eService is a product or service that is sold and fulfilled entirely through the internet. Something like getting paid every time somebody downloads a free software trial, fills out their taxes through a specific online service or applies online for a credit report.

It also functions somewhat similarly to drop shipping, which is a business model based on getting paid to connect a customer to a specific service. However, whereas dropshipping allows you to make $20 or $30 by sending customers along, the Asigo System can earn you thousands of dollars from the sales you make. That’s significantly more income for only a fraction of the effort! The idea of getting more money for less work is baked right into the philosophy of Chris Munch’s system.

One bonus for the Asigo System is that it requires very little technical know-how. You don’t have to build the website yourself, or even figure out how the store works. The Asigo System will provide you with a fully built and finished eStore, with no additional work necessary on your part. It even adds your own custom made brand and logo! Everything is pre-made and automated, including a proven eight-figure funnel to guide customers to your store.

The Asigo System also includes Ampifire, a powerful and proven content amplification engine that connects you to a customer base of over 40 million people. Ampifire takes a product, in this case, your eStore, and automatically advertises it all over the internet, including on high traffic blogs, video hosting sites, and all major news sites. It’s a simple and effective way to get your product out there in front of millions of people! Just another innovative product coming from Chris Munch.

Is the Asigo System a Scam?

Look, I know what you’re thinking. It all sounds too good to be true, right? I mean, we’ve all seen countless online scams that make huge promises only to not be worth the time and money. And the Asigo System certainly makes some promises - over $100,000 a year with no website, no product, no experience, or special skills required sounds crazy. So is the Asigo System really worth it?

The main thing putting me at ease here is the fact that the Asigo System comes from Chris Munch, an established and proven name in the digital marketing industry. As the founder of Ampifire, PressCable, and the 100k ShoutOut, Munch has really created a solid and trustworthy name for himself. His products have a proven track record of success, glowing reviews, and millions of satisfied customers. If there’s anyone out there that can really provide the returns that the Asigo System is promising, it would be Chris Munch, without a doubt. I wouldn’t be spending the time making this review for a product I didn’t genuinely believe in, so if you’re sitting there asking yourself “Is the Asigo System legit?” then I can answer you with an honest “Yes!”

Does the Asigo System work?

After answering the question of whether or not the Asigo System is real and legit, the next question you probably have is “Does it work?” The short answer here is “I don’t know.” Nobody does, it hasn’t been released yet! The Asigo System doesn’t go into prelaunch until July 23rd, 2020, and the regular launch doesn’t happen until July 28th. So obviously we’ll all just have to wait and see before we know how well it works. But that doesn’t mean we can’t look at the facts we have. The Asigo System is clearly well thought out, well funded, promising results form beta-testing and completely optimized to be used by anybody, with no experience required.

So perhaps the better question is “Do you think it’s going to work?” That question also has an easy short answer: Yes! Besides just the involvement of Chris Munch, the Asigo System has a number of promising factors that are plain to see even before the official launch of the product. For one, it’s based on Munch’s already proven 8-figure eService funnel, a system that’s already been released as a complete success. Dropshipping and eServices are also well established as a terrific angle for making money on the internet, and the Asigo System is directly based on those two concepts. We can also look at the success of the early tests run by Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz on the Asigo System. An early version of the system set up as a short webinar ended up providing a return of over $400 per live attendant, and the test runs made over $100,000 within the first hour of going live.

Should I Get the Asigo System?

Now that we’ve established what the Asigo System is and whether it will work, the next question on your mind might very well be “Is the Asigo System right for me?” Obviously, no product is going to be the perfect fit for everybody in the world, so who is the Asigo System meant for? The first point, of course, is that the system is designed for people who want to make money without leaving their home. Now is actually the perfect time to be getting into the Asigo System, with the Covid quarantine forcing people to stay at home on the internet. What better way to spend the lockdown than earning up to $100,000 a year from your couch? With no experience or special skills required, the Asigo System is the ultimate tool for somebody looking to get into the lucrative eCommerce and dropshipping markets.

The Asigo System is also great for anybody who likes to make their money independently. With a fully customized eStore and your very own brand and logo, the Asigo System puts you firmly in the driver’s seat of your business. If you consider yourself someone who values flexibility and freedom to earn the way you want, being the boss of your own Asigo System eStore is a practically tailor-made opportunity.

If you already have a job you like and are just searching for a way to make a little money on the side, the Asigo System is a terrific choice for you as well. Because it’s fully automated, following the Asigo System will provide you with an eStore that practically runs itself, leaving you all the free time in the world to work other jobs or even just catch up on your Netflix queue. Amplifire is completely automated as well, which means you won’t need to waste time finding Google ads, building an email list, or hiring content writers to provide marketing for you. Just sit back and let the system work for you!

One really nice thing about the automated system is that it lets you make full use of the Asigo System even if you’re not particularly tech-minded. When I talk about these products to people like my mom who aren’t so computer savvy, I tend to hear a lot of reluctance. But the Asigo System is essentially set up for you right out of the box, so you don’t need to build your own website or eStore.

What Do I Get from the Asigo System?

If the facts about the Asigo System seem exciting to you, you may be interested in some more specific details about the product. Once it launches on July 28th of this year, getting in on the Asigo System will cost you $2995. That’s not especially cheap, it’s true, but when it comes to business that old axiom really does ring true - you get what you pay for! Once you pay the fee, you’ll get access to eight weeks of live coaching to train you on the ins and outs of the Asigo System. You’ll also get your customized and fully automated storefront and access to the Amplifire digital marketing engine. For anyone who’s holding onto their purse strings a little tighter these days, don’t worry, the Asigo System offers installment plans to make sure you can pay the price of the course on your own schedule. There’s also a guaranteed 30-day refund, just in case you decide the system isn’t for you after all.

There’s also the possibility of getting discounts on the Asigo System, depending on Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz’s plans for the future. We don’t know yet but come back to this article in a few weeks and you may find some goodies, including Asigo System discounts. After all, who doesn’t like a good discount - that’s just smart shopping! Oftentimes service providers like Chris Munch will offer discounts and bonuses through articles like this one, so be sure to check back. I’ll also be updating the article with more information once the system is fully launched on July 28th.

Asigo System Bonuses

Finally, the fun stuff! As part of the launch of the Asigo System, Chris Munch is going to be offering bonuses to some lucky buyers! This is great news for anyone hoping to get every possible bit of value from the system, as all good entrepreneurs should. After all, why should you settle for $100,000 or more per year when you can add a few thousand dollars in prizes on top of that!

The first opportunity to win some bonuses is the Asigo System Affiliate Contest. The contest will be handing out over $75,000 of prizes in cash during launch week. The third-place prize is a cool $5,000 in cold hard cash, nothing at all to sneeze at. The second-place prize is $10,000, enough to build a nice addition to the house you’ll buy with your $100,000 a year from your automated eStore. The first-place prize is $35,000 in cash! Buy your wife or husband a new car or travel the world while the Asigo System keeps making you money online. That’s not all either, because there are more prizes of thousands of dollars for the top ten, plus some launch week surprises that Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz haven’t told us about yet!

The prelaunch prizes are nothing to turn your nose up at either! Third place will net you a nice little nest egg of $1,500 in cash, the prize for second place is $3,500, and first place in prelaunch will get you $5,000 right off the bat. In addition to the prizes, during prelaunch, you’ll also get $1 for every lead you provide. That may not sound like much, but trust me, those dollars add up quickly!

Another fun opportunity is the speed contest. Close to $20,000 in prizes will be awarded for being the first to hit FE sales milestones, starting with $250 for the very first sale. The first person to get five FE sales wins $500, the first to 10 gets $1,000, and the first to 25 earns $2,000. Finally, the first person to hit 50 sales wins $5,000 and the first to 100 gets $10,000. Personally, I’d build myself a pool with that money, but you’ll have plenty of time to decide what to do with your windfall.

There’s also another pretty cool way to win a little extra money from the Asigo System. Typically, affiliates of Chris Munch’s products offer their own personal bonuses on top of the ones the company provides. To encourage you to have some fun with it, the company offers a $1,000 prize to the affiliate who comes up with the most creative and unique bonus. Unlike the other bonuses, this one isn’t based on sales volume at all, so it can be won by anybody!

Final Thoughts

I’d like to end my review of the Asigo System by summing up the information in the rest of the article. The Asigo System was created by Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz as a way to combine eCommerce and dropshipping into a single business strategy. Your payment gives you access to an intensive eight-week course designed to coach you in the system, training that allows you to go from $0 to $100,000 or more in just a year of selling. The system requires no experience in digital marketing, no special technical skills, no product, and no website. You’ll also be provided with a fully automated eStore customized just for you, with your own brand and designed logo free of charge. Once launch week starts, the company will be offering a number of exciting Asigo System bonuses for motivated sellers, over $100,000 in all.

Ultimately, it’s not up to me to tell you whether or not you should buy into the Asigo System. This is just my own personal, honest review, based on my own conclusions from researching the system. I genuinely think it looks like an extremely promising product, and Chris Munch’s history in the digital marketing industry gives me a lot of faith that the Asigo System is going to be all that it claims and more. But don’t just take my word for it! As always, feel free to do your own research into the Asigo System and read some other reviews.

I’ll also be sure to update this article with any new information that is provided once the product launches, so be sure to check back later!