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Top 20 Content Curation Tools for Business Owners

Creating great content is important. The online environment is made for content creation. Having digital assets such as blog posts, videos, podcasts, and other components is important in order to grow your brand online.

The key to producing content that works is to create content that provides value to your customers. You can do this by hiring freelance writers who know their craft and can create your content for you based on your business goals. But there is a way you can get great content using the content curation tools that are available online.

Take a look at 20 of the best content curation tools and see which one might work for you.

1. Flipboard

Flipboard is a cool free tool that allows you to create your own magazine online by combining many different resources together to create articles and information that will interest your audience. Once you have created your automatic content, it will be kept on the Flipboard site for your readers to read and download.

This is a great way to encourage increased readership among your subscribers and provide valuable content that is focused on your niche area using information from feeds from social media and news outlets. Check out this service if you are a publisher or in the media industry. It would fit right in with your format.

2. Headslinger

Headslinger is a free tool that allows you to share all types of news hot off the press with your readers. Headslinger suggests publications that are related to your site’s content based on the topic you are focusing on. You just find a directory while in the program to see updates on your topics of choice. You can make some of your favorite stories as favorites and share them on social media within the site. This makes it easy to correlate all of your content in one place when you want to focus on news stories.

3. Instapaper

Instapaper is a unique curation tool that allows you to create content that is based on information within your niche area. Based on content found on the web, it will allow users to capture content and read it later on mobile devices offline. The app also allows readers to highlight and comment on content so you can add your own take on an article to share with your viewers.

Read your content offline by downloading it and accessing it later via your mobile device, smartphone, or tablet. This adds convenience to the app and allows you to control which content you put out to your audience by giving you time to analyze it first.

4. Klout

This app lives up to its name due to its connections to social media influence. You can use it to increase your social media audience by recommending specific content that users can share with others in your areas of expertise. This type of system sets you up as an expert in your niche area. This can help you to increase your credibility and reputation in your area of industry by linking your social network memberships to the site.

The way Klout works is that it creates the impression that you are recommending the content to your readers and associates the content with your brand.

5. Listly

Listly is a cool curation tool that lets you share lists with your readers and includes the list in your strategy. The way it works is that you create lists by taking content summaries from blogs, social media, and even popular shopping databases like Amazon to create the new content. It is a great application also because it allows your users to add their own content and it also has an embed and share feature so users can share your lists with others.

6. Medium

Medium has a platform that allows content creators to curate new content that surrounds a specific theme that goes with your branding. Medium lets other authors create articles and publish to your publications. They have an excellent platform that states that they have millions per month who are on their site looking for content. This means you will have access to millions of people who can read your content. This can go a long way toward helping your brand and credibility.

7. Nuzzel

This app allows you to connect to your Twitter account to keep up with what is going on with that application. But it does more than that. It lets you create your own content by creating a newsletter. You can then share this newsletter with your followers and readers. You can also add your own commentary to the news stories and share your newsletter with your social media, blogs, and other platforms.

8. Pinterest

Pinterest has been around for a few years now but it is becoming more important for business owners due to the ability to make regular pins featuring new products or services. Pinterest is a social media site that uses pictures and videos that appeal to people. It also allows users to pin new content on a board that can then be shared with your network or an even larger network of people. What brings them to the content is a common theme. So this is a great way to create visual interest in your brand and to get others to share your content across social media platforms.

9. Twitter

You already know about Twitter. But did you know that it can be a powerful tool to curation content? The list functionality in Twitter’s platform allows you to create new lists that focus on specific topics and to follow users who are tweeting on these topics. If you go back and look at the lists, you’ll be able to see what they are saying about specific topics that your business is associated with.

10. Vidinterest

This app allows you to focus on video as a content curation tool. It allows you to collect and combine YouTube videos, as well as DailyMotion, Vimeo, and others to streamline content then to categorize it according to topic and relevance. Once you get it working, you will be able to also categorize the videos out by the view totals and to see what is trending.

Vidinterest gives you a leg up on your competition by allowing you to upscale your content and video strategy based on the trending topics across all video platforms.

11. Your Version

This is a content-discovery and creation tool that allows you to pull all of the content that is relevant to your brand from the web. It uses a multitude of sources to do this and aggregates all of the relevant content that can help you build your brand through information sharing.

The shareability factor with this application is high and it allows people to bookmark the content so that you will always have something to share with readers.

12. Anders Pink

Anders Pink is a unique type of application that helps you curate content using Twitter as a side application. This content will let you create brief summaries or briefings of the new stories or topics that are being discussed.

It will allow you to tweak it by adding filters and including or excluding some sources during the process. You can save your information and it will always show you what is trending so you can keep up with the things that most interest your potential client and subscribers.

For anyone in either the content curation business or publication industry, this is an excellent tool to use to create content that will make people keep coming back for more. Anders Pink also lets you use Slack in conjunction so you can bring your Slack users and groups in as well.

13. Content Gems

Here’s a content creation tool that allows you to look up content that is available on social networks. It is considered one of the best content tool that allows you to discover and follow topics daily by getting an email daily digest of what is trending with your followers. You get a daily update with the free plan but you can pay $99 a month to get better tools like buffer and HootSuite that will be included with that plan.

ContentGems says it’s a content aggregation tool, allowing you to search for and follow topics that you want to curate new content.

14. Content Studio

Content Studio is the next one and it lets you create your own custom list of content themes, as well as to follow the trend in content that is happening within your own area of business or publishing. You can come up with new social media updates for all of your accounts and keep up with what’s your users are interested in.

You can get a free version that has limited ability but allows you to follow trending content and you can upgrade for as low as $15 a month for the paid plans.

15. Crate

Crate is the next tool we are looking at and it involves having access to content curation ability. You start by identifying themes you’re interested in while setting up your account. You will be able to create a unique crate of content that you can then share with your followers and readers. It has easy shareable and reading features. The free version is limited unless you upgrade to the $15 or $19 per month Premium plans.

An added function that you may appreciate is that it will let you coordinate with Buffer which will allow you to create a share list to make it easier to share with others.

16. Drum Up

Drum Up is another social media tool that allows you to manage your media and the company says it reduces your management time by 90%. This app allows you to keep your content research in one place and share the content with all of your followers across platforms. You’ll find hashtag recommendations for Facebook and Twitter as well as lots of options to share on multimedia platforms and social media. There’s a free plan and the paid plan starts at a mere $15 per month.

17. Feedly

Feedly is another interesting curation tool that allows you to create simple free content for free. This is a great free application for finding new content and lets you connect and aggregate content from multiple sites and share on multiple platforms.

With the Feedly app, you can find content from various groups and figure out trends in what people want to read about. Then you can create your content around these topics. It is free if you choose to use 100 sources or less and you also get three feeds. If you want to increase the capabilities, you could upgrade for as low as $5.41 per month.

Feedly also has “boards” which are a bit similar to the Pinterest board format. You can follow sites and get updates according to the standards on the site.

18. Huzzaz

Huzzaz is a great video content curation tool for video producers or people who run media companies. If you put out a lot of video content or want to do so, you may like this content curation tool.

Video has proven to be one of the best forms of content for online business owners because it gets more engagement than using standard photos, text, or other types of digital media. This app allows you to save multiple different playlists and video content from various sources and you can upgrade to their full plan for $9 per month. One of the best features is that it allows for HD playback so the quality is always good.

19. InoReader

InoReader allows you to use quite a few features to curate or grab organized content from various sources on the web. You can even use the content to increase engagement and follow new content that is generated by users as well. You’ll be able to create an easy navigation so that others can follow your content and you can use as many sites as you want to include in your database.

The non-premium version of InoReader is a great place to start and paid plans start at only $1.25 for every 30 days. For the paid versions, you will get more functionality within your dashboard that allows you to do more things with your content.

This app has many different features that will help you curate new content and there are no limits to how many sites you can connect with.

20. My Curator

My Curator is a WordPress friendly content curation tool that allows you to use images with attribution to put out content that others will want to read about. You can add commentaries and publish content easily on this platform. You can get the WP basic plugin for free and upgrade for $15 per month for more functionality. For WordPress bloggers and content creators, this is ideal.

The premium plan allows you to get even more sources and topics starting at $15 per month.


Why is content curation important?

Readers have gotten more sophisticated in recent years. They also know how to use technology on their smartphones and computers to block much of the ad content that business owners put out.

The best strategy today is to connect with your customers and reader via information. When you offer valuable content that resonates with your target audience, you will be able to appeal to them in a more specific way and offer them something free in return for their time in reading our content.

The challenge is in finding new and fresh content that is relevant to your theme, industry, and business. Providing generic content will do nothing to captivate your target audience. You need to provide news-based and fact-based content that will help your readers solve a problem they have or help make their lives better in some way.

The content tools we have shared with you are some of the best content curation tools available today. We think they are great because of the way they narrow your audience and locate content that is important to your specific reader base.

By using some of these content tools to curate new content, you should be able to locate and organize fresh content that will improve your credibility and help you become a social influencer in your industry and niche area.

Google likes relevance so the way these tools focus on putting out content that is relevant to your audience should help you improve your results with Google search.

Check out these content curation tools when you can and think about how they can help you organize and curate your next content that you share with your audience. It just might be the edge you need to dominate in your content area.…

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