Top Landing Page Builders

Landing page builders are important when a company decides to build its landing pages. The proliferation of landing pages in the 21st century is a testament to how companies are becoming more serious when it comes to their marketing campaigns. They wanted to dominate the industry, and they think that the best way on how they can pull it off is to create a landing page that would generate more conversions.

Companies are hiring individuals who can create a great landing page that would entice the visitors to sign-up. However, smaller businesses that do not have the budget for hiring an expert landing page builder have another option – using the landing page builders that can be found all over the internet. Companies should be cautious on which landing page builders they need to choose, because there are a lot, and some could not meet their expectations.

The Five Best Landing Page Builders in 2019

#1: Leadpages

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Leadpages is a great tool to be used by those who wanted to generate instant leads. Internet marketers are recommending this platform because it is easy to use and it has a lot of useful tools. Leadp​​ages offers its users a $19 per month monthly contract, or a cheaper $15 per month annual contract. Nine out of ten users are satisfied with Leadpages.


  • Great customer service support
  • Easy to understand user interface
  • Plenty of templates to choose from
  • Enables the users to build pages easily


  • Some people are having issues with the design of the platform because it makes it harder for them to search for some tools

#2: Instapage

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Most lead page creators in the past rely on different software programs to create the landing page that their clients wanted. It requires them to spend a lot of time and energy manipulating these software programs to search for the best design that they can create. However, when the creators found out about Instapage, it quickly grew on them and they liked it so much.

One of the best features offered by Instapage would be the ability for the users to drag and drop different elements that would save them time and energy. Without the need to design the page on a photo-editing software and coding each element individually, creators are saving hours. Many people who have used this landing page builder are recommending it to everyone because using it is very convenient and time-saving.

This landing page builder received a high rating compared to its competitors. Many people give a positive opinion about the product, and they are saying that it is arguably one of the best landing page builders on the internet today. It can be used starting with contracts that are only $19 per month. People who are interested in taking up a career focusing on the creation of landing pages should consider Instapage as a reliable tool for their jobs.


  • One of the advantages of using Instapage would be the convenience of creating landing pages. Users are given an option to perform a drag and drop operation to complete their website. This makes it easier to create pages, and this feature is advisable for those who wanted to save a lot of time.
  • The interface is easy to understand, and even first time users would know how to control the platform
  • There are a lot of templates available for selection
  • The platform only charges $19 per month, which is a fairly competitive price


  • The support team for Instapage received a lot of negative reviews from the users, especially those who are using lower packages because it is unreliable
  • The analytics report needs further improvement

#3: Clickfunnels

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Clickfunnels is considered by many as the easiest to use landing page builder. However, some of its users are complaining about its expensive monthly cost. A regular monthly contract with Clickfunnels would cost landing page creators $97 per month. The company provides new users with a fourteen-day trial, and after the trial expires, it is up to them whether to purchase the product or not. Another thing pointed out by the users would be the closed source system that limits their creative potential. Many users are saying that when a landing page builder enforces a closed source system, the customization options are becoming more limited. They are requesting the company to change its stance regarding the closed source system because it does not promote creativity.

Despite the disadvantages stated by the users of the program, many still rely on Clickfunnels to help their business grow exponentially. The more landing pages companies create, the higher the chances for them to find new people who can increase their conversion rates.


  • Many users pointed out that Clickfunnels use an all-in-one system, which makes it an ideal landing page builder because it simplifies all of the processes
  • The website offers sales funnel flows
  • Tracking the data using Clickfunnels is easier because of the tools offered by the company


  • Using the landing page builder from Clickfunnels will limit the creativity of an individual because of its closed source nature
  • The monthly pricing of their services is higher than other competitors in the industry
  • Clickfunnels does not support any blog functionality, making it less desirable

#4: Unbounce

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Unbounce provides an option for landing page creators to create a beautiful website. Unbounce has numerous tools that can be used by creators that will help them design their page. The beautiful landing page created from Unbounce will increase the conversion rate of a website. Through the years, more people are shifting to Unbounce because of its ability to convert more visitors into customers, and websites that rely on this platform are reporting that it keeps on generating more traffic which is good for the website. Unbounce is making sure that the website created from their tools will turn any visitors into an instant convert.

Unbounce has a positive rating among its users. Most people who have used the product are saying that they would recommend it to someone they know. The product charges its users monthly, at a rate of $79 to $399, depending on the package.


  • Unbounce has a great design, and users love the way it displays the tools and options on the screen
  • Users are given an option to drag the elements and drop it on the platform
  • The customer service team is helpful, and they provide tips on how to use the tools for those who are still struggling on creating a landing page on Unbounce


  • Sometimes, the images used in creating a landing page do not scale properly
  • There are a lot of features within the platform, and first-time users might feel confused especially when they are looking for a particular tool
  • With a $79 to $399 monthly payment, many users see Unbounce as one of the most expensive platforms on the market

#5: GetResponse

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GetResponse offers a way for creators to build a landing page that will surely appeal to the page visitors. Users who have been using this platform are stating that one of the strengths of the company is their reliable customer services team. When users are experiencing issues with the platform, the customer service team is just a call away, and they will provide all of the assistance to the customers who are calling in because of numerous issues. The customer service team is knowledgeable about the issue, and they will provide ways on how to solve the problem. Another plus for the company is their establishment of a live chat department, making it easier for users to connect to the corporate headquarters.

Anyone can purchase a GetResponse contract for as low as $15 per month. It enables users to send unlimited messages and expands their subscribers to more than 1,000 individuals for the cheapest package. Three out of four users are satisfied with GetResponse, and more people are pointing out that they would recommend it to someone they know.


  • GetResponse is cheap, and it can be purchased for as low as $15 per month. Many users pointed out that this gives their money great value, and they can perform a lot of tasks while only paying for a low price
  • There are many templates to choose from, promoting creativity among the users
  • The analytics offered by GetResponse is remarkable, and users are given a chance to view where they need to improve using the summarized reports
  • It has a great interface design
  • It has a user-friendly interface, and the software program is easy to use. Even non-experienced individuals would never have a hard time figuring out how to use the platform
  • Sending emails does not require a lot of effort


  • Some users are pointing out that the user interfaces for GetResponse is a bit cluttered, making it difficult for them to locate some tools. These users recommend a transformation of the user interface to make it look simpler.
  • Complicated drag and drop feature

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a landing page builder?

A landing page builder is an application or a website that helps companies build a landing page. It is a paid service that offers different tools that can help a company generate a helpful landing page for their company. These landing page builders can assist a company with their growth, and it would be beneficial for those who wanted to generate more conversion. There are tons of landing page builders scattered all over the internet, and it is up to the company owner which company they would like to choose. Most landing page builders offer free trial services so companies can try out how it works before they decide to buy it. A successful company utilizes a landing page builder that has a lot of options. It is also important for companies to consider which options are available to them. This would become an edge for companies who wanted a higher conversion rate.

Is landing page the same as a homepage?

A landing page is different from a homepage because it is a specialized page which aims to generate more conversion rate. A homepage has all of the information about a website, and it regularly creates content. A landing page, on the other hand, focuses on the one goal – to convert the visitors and generate a high conversion rate for the company.

Many companies that use landing page builders sometimes commit a mistake whenever they are building one. Companies focusing on the aesthetics of their webpage can lead to the creation of a bad landing page. Those who make it simpler and present their primary goal end up having a good landing page.

A good landing page can be described as a page which focuses on a single goal. They wanted the visitors to focus on the call to action, and not be distracted with the aesthetics of the website. A bad landing page, regardless if it looks professional and pleasing to the eye – has a lot of distractions, and it can result in the visitors experiencing decision paralysis. It means that the visitors are starting to feel confused about the decisions that they need to make, and it would affect a website heavily especially when people decide not to take any action at all.

However, it does not mean that all landing pages look bland and boring. You can still create a beautiful landing page without all of the distractions. Focus on your goal, and use the best landing page builder that you can find.

How can I make my landing page attractive?

The best thing to do when trying to create an attractive landing page is to hire someone who can professionally do it. When companies hire professionals, they will make sure that the landing page looks great, while at the same time, preserving its purpose of providing the visitors with a single call to action. This is a great thing for company owners who wanted more people to visit their pages. Through the years, experts have pointed out that more landing pages are becoming more attractive while keeping the goal of adding a single call to action. It prompts more people to visit the site, while at the same time generating more conversions for the company.

What should a good landing page have?

A good landing page has fewer distractions plastered all over the website. Distraction could mean blogs, videos, photos, social media links, and other activities that are not related to the call to action. Many companies are becoming mistaken about how a landing page should be built – they are putting a lot of content which results to further distraction. If they will be working with a professional who works with landing pages, companies will find out that the best thing to do regarding these pages is to minimize the content or reduce the link to one which will engage the visitors into signing up and providing their basic information.

The more landing page you create, the higher the chances for people to engage on your page and it will drastically increase the conversion rate for your company. Many companies that have additional budget for the creation of landing pages are hiring people to create these websites. They are happy knowing that their efforts are paying off, and people are developing an interest to transact with them because of the existence of these landing pages.


Landing page builders are essential to companies that wanted to receive a high conversion rate. The top five landing page builders on this list share one thing in common – it is easy to use while at the same time generates more conversions. Clickfunnels, Instapage, Unbounce, GetResponse, and Leadpages share the same goal of providing their clients with success, and they are optimistic with how the public sees their services as highly effective for the growth of their online businesses. Personally, what I recommend the most would be Unbounce – the website for this landing page builder has great graphics to it, plus, it is easy to use. It also provides the users with a free trial and a chatbot that would readily help those who have no clue about what they should do on the website. This can help potential landing page builders who do not know how they can start their page, and it can elevate their knowledge because of the tutorials offered to those who wanted to learn.

However, it does not mean that the other four landing page builders are bad – they are equally good, and have their pros and cons. If you wanted to learn more about landing page builders, you can visit their respective pages and see for yourself how it works. You can directly click the links included in this article to redirect you to the home pages of these websites, and start playing with the tools to help you get more familiar on how these websites work. The landing page builders that are listed here offer the same free trial feature, and you can use it to learn about the services that they offer. If you cannot find the best tutorial about creating a landing page on the website, you can also consult other sources of information like YouTube where video tutorials are readily available. It can turn you into an expert overnight, and there are a lot of advantages for those who knew a lot about landing page builders.

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