Top SEO Courses

In this modern, digital world, with all of us having an access to a mobile phone, tablet, or computer, businesses can only propel forward with the power of SEO or search engine optimization. We have to remember that this has the capability to build our brand and boost up our rankings so that consumers will be familiar with our products and services.

However, not all start ups have the funds to employ an SEO marketing specialist. If you’re feeling reluctant in handing over your hard earned money to a training consultant, read this guide because it outlines affordable and often free SEO training courses and websites to help boost your search engine optimization knowledge to the next level, which will also increase your company sales and traffic.

SEMrush Academy

This academy was set up by the tool SEMrush, which is fairly popular with online marketers working on SEO and paid advertising. This course is free to take, but before you take the plunge, take note that the course is set up with many different levels, so it will take a commitment of time and some bit of effort to understand the technical jargon and the examples provided.

Best SEO Courses - Semrush SEO

The structure and content of the basic course are all comprehensive. Each main part has different sub topics which are supported by examples. For each main category, there is usually a 3 to 6 minute in depth video provided to explain the topic. But with many topics covered for the whole search engine optimization course, lumping all the videos together would take several hours.

Each of the videos come with a transcript, so if you do not understand it, you can re-read it. After each video, they give suggestions of titles for further reading and skills enhancement. There are also practice questions so you can check if you understood whatever it is that you learned so far.


  • They offer a certificate after you complete all the levels of the program and after you pass all the comprehensive exams.
  • They have a lot of links that offer more information, so you can learn from others and not just the academy.
  • The course’s structure is very easy to follow and is not confusing at all.


  • The videos were a little bit boring with mostly just one person sitting in the middle of the screen and doing all the talking. It would have been better if the videos were a little bit more interactive.
  • They only provide a lot of course theory but not a lot of hands on examples which would have been the better way to learn.

Yoast SEO Training

Yoast is actually an SEO plugin that is utilized for WordPress, which is a blogging platform. This is most likely installed on millions of blogs around the world because the basic plug in is free. There is a premium service, too, that offers added benefits, including customer support which is not available for the basic freebie.

Best SEO Courses - Yoast Courses

This company’s extensive expertise in search engine optimizationis evident in the capability of their plugin. It is known for boosting the many sites managed with the WordPress tool. If you want a deeper learning, this the basic training offers sufficient knowledge for you to seen any improvement.

This kind of training from Yoast is actually perfect for beginners and best part is that the basic training, like the plug in, is free. However, the more extensive courses range from forty dollars to almost seven hundred dollars. This is quite an depth course that covers many varied topics that center on search engine optimization making it a good choice for building up your knowledge.


  • The initial guide is absolutely free, so there’s simply no excuse for you not to brush up on your skills.
  • Even the basic guide covers extensive topics from keyword search, technical SEO, content and copy writing, and conversion optimization of users.
  • Keep in mind that the basic free program is the beginning of the journey as there is more to learn after taking the basic course.


  • People that already have a background in search engine optimization will find this sorely lacking.

SEO Training Course By Moz

When you see the word Moz, you think of this popular blog, and you are immediately reminded by a top name in the industry. It is not surprising why their online guide has been read more than three million times because it combines their many years of experience into one easy to understand book. The best part is, this guide is free online on their site, where you can download a pdf.

Best SEO Courses - Moz Courses

The guide comes in ten easy to read chapters that provide a in-depth guide about the world of search engine optimization. It starts with the topic How Search Engines Operate, which moves onto the final topic called Measuring and Tracking Success. In easy to understand language, readers will not have a difficult time understanding the principles.

This training course is perfect for beginners as it gives invaluable advice on why search engine marketing should be a priority for your business. On top of that, the advice you will read is updated and is readily actionable. This is a great tool for anyone who wants to brush up on the SEO industry.


  • This guide teaches readers how to build links with ease and without being penalized.
  • It discusses in depth about the common myths and misconceptions.
  • Even if you have some experience, this guide will still help sharpen your skills.


  • With the massive amount of downloads and views, you shall be sharing the same trips and tricks with many businesses jut like you. How then can you set yourself apart, if you are using the same advice from one company.

HubSpot Free SEO Crash Course

This free crash course is there to help you optimize your web content so that you can take advantage of higher search engine rankings. Hubspot is a reputable site that has a lot of followers that take their advice on many things that pertain to marketing. This tutorial will help explain the science behind the different search engines available in the market to date, so you can understand what needs to be done for your business.

Best SEO Courses - HubSpot SEO

In this tutorial, you will learn how to do on and of page optimization and how to build links, which will help you build a strong foundation in SEO. No experience is necessary to avail of this program. Whatever you learn can be utilized for domestic and international audiences. This course also provides substantial info-graphic to make it easier for you to learn.


  • This helps you find a strategy for your business to help you boost sales and company engagement.
  • This free course provides a case study on how their company, the Hubspot, utilizes blogging and search engine optimization to consistently rank as number one.
  • They are generous with tips and tricks to help boost your business.


  • You won’t receive any certifications after the program.

Udemy SEO Course

Udemy is an awesome learning platform that allows people to learn across the miles regarding just about anything on its online site. This platform’s main thrust is to learn anything from anywhere on your own schedule, which they all actually live up to with their course. Taking their course means you improve your depth of understanding of search engine optimization because they brush up on many topics like local, SEO for photographers, and how to outsource efficiently.

Best SEO Courses - Udemy SEO

On top of that, this course gives you a structured path that guides your studies, so you can complete your program easily. Peter Kent, the world renowned marketing expert and the course author, teaches you how to optimize your web page, how to boost search engine optimization with the concept of data mark up, how to know which keywords to use, local searching, and so much more.


  • This program comes with a thirty day money back guarantee if you find yourself unsatisfied or unchallenged by the course offerings.
  • You get a certificate upon completion of the entire program.
  • There is a lifetime access to all the course material via the site, which can be accessed by ios or android so you can use it anytime you want.


  • This is only free for about a week during the trial period, then you already have to pay to enjoy more of the class.

Wrap Up

As you can see, there are many reliable and trusted options available on line. The top five mentioned here in this article are just at the tip of the iceberg. There are many other reputable sites that offer a crash course on SEO, so you can go from a digital marketing zero to a marketing hero.

It is always good to expand your knowledge, but with search engine optimization what matters is experience. You may be seeking a certification to help boost your credibility, but you have to invest in a good place where you can learn something and commit to actually finding the time and making the effort to get things done.

Can you learn SEO by Yourself?

The most common misconception that people think is that SEO is the same as advertising, but it is really not. One thing similar between the two is you need to allot time and money to get it done. Hiring a specialist can be really expensive, so some people just want to learn the practice of search engine optimization to save on the cost.

This can actually be learned via self-study with all the tools and free classes available online at everyone’s disposal. Of course it would be faster to learn with an expert, but if there is no one available, then doing it alone while guided by your online course is the next best thing. Here are the ten things you must do if you want to learn SEO by your lonesome​​​​:

Be Able to Master Keyword Research

SEO is all about the keyword or keywords. Keyword research offer insight of the most common words and phrases that your customers use to find your brand, your products, and/ or your services. Thus, it is vital for you to find out and understand key word themes that are pertinent to your business.

Study and Understand Your Own Competitors

You have to study your competition’s movements online and check to see what works for them, so you can imitate or make those moves significantly better. Doing this will also show their weaknesses, and learning from the mistakes they have committed is a way for you to grow.

Plan your Site Well

With an understanding of the popular keywords associated to your site, this will help you utilize your site well, so you can crafts targeted posts and use them to your advantage.

Do the Crucial Steps to Optimize Your Site

Your site must always be ready to evolve based on your growing clientele. For instance, Google noted that most searches come form smart phones. Make sure your mobile site is attractive, responsive, and informative to keep your users hooked on you.

Craft Content Regularly

Be consistent in publishing content that has the keywords in place. Content needs to be varied from print, pics, inforgraphics, and audio-video.

Make Public Relations a Priority

Good PR is a key tool if you want to keep people on your site and side. Link authority is also a major key, but purchasing of links is forbidden by search engines. This is where reaching out and PR help because they will be your voice in making sure your users spread the word about your company.

Build your Network on Social Media

This enables you to connect with your customers and prospective clients. Here in these platforms, you can release your content. You can use hashtags with your keywords to help direct your audience. Hopefully, if they find your content worthy enough, they’ll give it a like, a comment, or even a share which will really help to make you more visible.

Figure Out Google Analytics

You need to understand the importance of data analysis because these data is tracking our performance and telling you how well your campaigns are doing.

Make Time to Read an SEO Blog

Knowledge is power so keep on reading and learning from the experts. One nice thing about blogs is they are updated with the market trends, so if you monitor them religiously, you will never lag behind.

When in Doubt, Ask

Don’t be afraid to ask questions in communities found on the web. There are many people out there who are more than willing to help you get out of your slump.

How Do I Become a SEO Specialist?

Becoming an SEO specialist does not happen overnight. It takes years of experience in dealing with the different quirks of a dynamic industry. Sometimes, it even includes learning from your own painful and embarrassing mistakes. You also need the right certifications to be able to be considered a respected specialist.

Becoming a true specialist means you need to have an understanding of how search engines work and its basic marketing concepts. You also need to underscore the true meaning of the word search engine optimization, and then find the right training program. As an aspiring professional specialist, you have to stay abreast of changes, choose the right tools, and follow the lead of experts, who have been in the industry far longer than you. After, you have to keep on practicing and pushing forth in spite of the many trials that you will surely face in your career.

How Can I Learn SEO Fast?

If time is a constraint and you need to brush up on SEO ASAP, then learning from a professional is the best solution. Self-study will take a lot of time, and there shall be technical jargon that you do not understand. You’ll need to do further research to help you understand. If you pay someone, you’ll have someone to ask and he will give an immediate feedback. Doing a paid course is also another way for you to learn search engine optimization quickly.

What Is the Best SEO Course?

There are many courses available on line from free sites to paid sites and with varying levels of difficulty from beginner, intermediate, advance, and technical courses. They also vary in structure and what materials they tackle within the course. You are the only one who can determine what is the best for you to learn because you know your own needs and you know best what materials can address those needs. You really have to do your research in order to find out which program would be best to give your precious time to.

How Do I Start a Career in SEO?

Starting a career in SEO means you have to be passionate about this field. If it doesn’t excite you, then you won’t last very long in this cutthroat industry that is forever evolving. As the saying goes, if you love what you do, then you never have to work a day in your life. A career in search engine optimization is rewarding, especially if you become a high paying consultant that helps businesses increase their profitability and client base. It is a great feeling to be a critical tool in someone’s success because their success is yours too.