Clickbank University Review

Today, we're going to be reviewing Clickbank University, a comprehensive course on how to utilize Clickbank's affiliate marketing network to generate online business success. This course includes extensive instruction on:

  • Building your own Clickbank products that affiliate marketers will sell for you.
  • How to profit immensely as an affiliate marketer selling Clickbank products.
  • How to become a highly proficient marketer utilizing social media.

You'll get a chance to see the primary features of the program and how it targets what you need to know in order to be profitable online. Finally, we'll determine whether or not Clickbank University is a worthwhile consideration for your online business success.

A Little About Me & Some Words of Advice

About Me - Traffic Tsunami

Before we get into the course and its features, I want to start be giving you a little info about myself. My name's Mason, and I'm a 27-year-old freelance writer and online marketer. I primarily write for fun (although not for FREE), and it's a skill that is constantly used for online advertising.

One thing that always bothers me about online marketing is that many people do anything to sell products. It really doesn't seem necessary to pull a lot of the unethical tricks that some "gurus" still use because the internet is full of tools where you can generate massive, paying audiences to your products.

You don't have to scam or bash other products. However, when you look for reviews on products like Clickbank University, you may often see people claiming that it is a scam. In addition, they will often claim that it is scam while they try to sel you their "superior" product.

Hopefully, you can already tell that this type of advertising is trashy and, more importantly, misinformative. I will start by saying that Clickbank University is not for everyone.

I personally don't like affiliate marketing myself. I couldn't consistently attempt to market products that I didn't use myself, and I wasn't going to pay for the product just to try and sell it.

However, for many others affiliate marketing is a great way to generate online business success. Moreover, there are many different approaches to being successful with affiliate marketing, and there are going to be different courses based on different methods.

This review is going to talk about how well Clickbank University delivers on the topic it is teaching: affiliate marketing. Whether or not this course is for you is going to be your decision, and whether or not it works for you is going to be based on effort you put into it.

If you put the effort into utilizing the skills that are taught in this program, you I would expect that you will be very successful. Not only that, but this course covers material that extends beyond just affiliate marketing, and also gives you the ability to profit from affiliate marketing in a variety of ways.

What Is Clickbank University?

It is an online marketing course that is all about the network it is named after: Clickbank. Clickbank is an online, affiliate marketing network where product creators are able to offer their products to affiliate marketers who want to sell them.

Clickbank University Review - Home

You can definitely say that this course is an online affiliate marketing course, but it is designed to give you the full list of business options that Clickbank provides. As such, it focuses on three main topics:

  • Vendors - This section is a 12-week course that outlines how to create products you are passionate about. You will be offering these products so that affiliates can sell them online.
  • Affiliates - This section is an 8-week course and is the reverse of Vendors. In this section, you gain thorough instruction on become a highly-skilled and proficient affiliate marketer.
  • Traffic - This section focuses specifically on the use of social media tools and influencers to attract massive, highly-targeted audiences to your products.

One of the great things about this course is that, while it stays true to its name as Clickbank's university, these skills can be utilized outside of this arena.

Learning the affiliate marketing skills in this course extends into many other affiliate marketing opportunities. The traffic section gives you the tools to not only market your own affiliate products, but to even become your own advertising agent for other businesses (This section is honestly my favorite of them all).

Course Section & Features

In order to understand the value of this course, you have to understand the features. This course is called a "University" for a reason, because the course material is extensive. Let's go over each section in detail so you can take a better look at what's in store for you in this legitimate online university.

Vendors - 12 Weeks

Week 1

How It Works: This section is an introduction that gives you a rundown of the course.

Week 2

Finding Your Perfect Product: This section is all about finding the right niche for you.

Week 3

Creating Your Avatar: This focuses on learning how to create a product that satisfies your customers' needs and wants and solves their problems.

Week 4

Creating Your Product: This goes into how to actually generate the right type of product. It goes over product formatting, as well the proven blueprint that successful Clickbank products use.

Week 5

Creating your Perfect Upsell: This section goes over upselling, which alows you to not only generate more profit, but give more value to customers. Upsells are desirable to affiliates because they can make even more profit themselves.

Week 6

Creating your Perfect Upsell: This section goes over upselling, which alows you to not only generate more profit, but give more value to customers. Upsells are desirable to affiliates because they can make even more profit themselves.

Week 7

The Easy Video Sales Letter: This section teaches you how to create your own video sales letters, saving you thousands on expensive video production.

Week 8

Finalizing your Product: This is basically "proofreading" your product, making sure any errors or defects are erased.

Week 9

Getting onto ClickBank: Your product is no good if you can't actually get it on Clickbank. This step-by-step guide shows you everything you need to know to get onto Clickbank's Marketplace.

Week 10

Attracting & Managing JV Relationships: This is all about creating lasting relationships with affiliates. This section blends well with section 2, which discusses affiliate marketing.

Week 11

Split Testing: This section highlights all you need to know about how to compare the effectiveness of you sales copy and marketing efforts.

Week 12

Scaling your Success: This goes into learning how to dynamically grow your business based on previous success.

In addition to this, there is a Bonus section highlighting how to sell high-ticket items on webinars. As I said before, this course is massive just with this section, and it goes out of its way to make sure you have all your bases covered.


Week 1

Affiliate Marketing on ClickBank.

Week 2

Understanding Affiliate Marketing.

Week 3

Finding Your Passion.

Week 4

The Ultimate Affiliate Funnel.

Week 5

Free, Free, Free: Always Over Deliver.

Week 6

Writing the Perfect Swipe.

Week 7

The Email Blueprint.

Week 8

Scaling and Expanding.

The first 3 weeks of this course are all about preparing yourself for success with affiliate marketing. lot of people get too overzealous with their desire to make money, and over look critical, foundation-building steps that are necessary for success.

These first weeks cover setting appropriate goals, in-depth instruction on what affiliate marketing is and how it specifically applies to Clickbank, and how to pick the products that fit your desires.

The next 5 weeks focus on all the different ways you faciliate your product to desired audiences. This includes funnel generation, the use of free content to convert your list into paying customers, in-depth email marketing strategies, and how to expand your business and create you own product. This is ll topped off with a bonus section on running affiliate promotions.


This is the smallest section of the course, but it is by no means lacking. This section focuses on two major social media platforms: Instagram and FaceBook Ads. Each course is 3 parts, and the beauty of it is the ease of these methods and how to apply them.

Social media tools like Instagram and FaceBook Ads have the capacity to generate extremely-targeted audiences to your products. With FaceBook Ads, you have data and analytics that allow you to put your products in front of eager paying customers. With Instagram, you work with influencers who advertising your products to audiences that want your products.

Additional Features

In addition to the course material, Clickbank University has both an online forum community and live Q&As. All Q&A sessions, which gives you access to previously recorded sessions as well as an you might miss yourself. The forum is a great place to learn what is working and to create possible partnerships with other course members!

Lastly, there is a section that focuses on tools that can be used to expedite and aid your learning and application process.

Pros and Cons

There are a lot of positive things to say about this product. To start, the course work is extensive and well-designed to teach you all you need for Clickbank success. I like that it focuses on Clickbank entirely, because many courses will only cover 1 of the 3 primary sections of this course.

In addition, this course provides you with skills that extend far beyond Clickbank. Like I mentioned earlier, I am not a huge fan of affiliate marketing or creating my own products. However, the traffic-generating skills that you learn in this course can be used to help you become lead generation specialist.

You can use this skill to help other businesses drive customers to their business. It's kind of like affiliate marketing, but is often a lot more hands-off and easier to manage. Even though I didn't want to really create my own products, the information in the vendor section covering ad copy and sales video was critical to becoming a proficient lead generation specialist.

The primary con is also one of the primary strengths: the course load. This course is vast, and for many people it might be intimidating. However, as I stated before, a lot of courses want you to believe in overnight success.

I will say this: overnight success in business is possible. However, if you are serious about your long-term business success, you have to be willing to spend the proper amount of time it takes to achieve that success.

5 months is not very long time, and even before that time, you are likely to see financial growth as you move along in this course. But if you are expecting to go from nothing to millions in 3 days, then this might not be the course for you.


As someone who benefited from this course on a number of levels, I can say that Clickbank University is a great choice for learning how to capitalize off of Clickbank's affiliate network. Even as someone who does not like affiliate marketing, I found the skills to be invaluable for business success overall.

They don't skim out on information, but that means that you are going to have to put in the time to learn the material and apply it correctly. However, this foundation will give you a firm foothold on how to generate immediate and long-term success with Clickbank.

So if you re looking for a great affiliate marketing course, or you are specifically trying to learn Clickbank, then Clickbank University is a solid consideration for your entrepreneurial training.