Clickfunnels Vs Kartra Comparison

Sales funnels and marketing tools can have a profound impact on the growth of your business. Finding a service that can help you create effective sales funnels is important. Both ClickFunnels and Kartra were developed to provide users like you the tools you'll need to create high-converting sales funnels to grow your business.

While ClickFunnels and Kartra can both aid in the creation of sales funnels and share some other common features, both of these services are not the same. We've taken the time to compare what each service has to offer for your company to help you make an informed decision about which one you'd like to try.

Overview of ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels offers businesses a platform designed to provide them with the tools they need to create highly effective sales funnels that will convert visitors into leads into buying customers. It was created to be relatively straightforward and enables anyone, regardless of experience level, to implement the tools to grow their business.

ClickFunnels includes numerous templates that include all the necessary components of an effective landing page, webpages, or sales funnel. You'll find that their interface is user-friendly and will be able to create the content you need with ease.

Overview of Kartra

Like ClickFunnels, Kartra was created to provide an all-in-one solution for businesses looking to create sales funnels, set up landing pages and websites, stay connected with their customers, increase their sales, and more. You can use Kartra's features to easily design and build sales funnels and webpages.

You'll also find numerous prebuilt templates to help you make sure your funnel includes all the necessary components. These prebuilt templates take the guesswork out of creating an effective funnel and can greatly simplify the process of doing so.

Building a Sales Funnel

ClickFunnels was one of the pioneers for giving users the ability to create high-conversion funnels. When you use ClickFunnels, you'll find that it is easy to organize and integrate all the different pieces of your sales funnel.

Regardless of the service or product offered by your company, you'll be able to create an effective sales funnel with ClickFunnels. They offer funnel templates for generating sales, increasing leads, and creating an event. Each funnel type has been tested and shown to deliver high rates of conversions to help you feel like you're making a sound decision.

ClickFunnels funnel editor will help you make changes and modifications to the template to fully meet the needs of your business. You can use the funnel editor to add or remove pages, add upsell pages, reorder the steps, and more.

Kartra also offers numerous sales funnel templates designed to simplify the funnel-creation process for you. You can use their drag-and-drop editor to modify the steps in your funnel and add or remove any content or pages you would like.

A difference between Kartra's funnel builder and ClickFunnels is the way you design your sales funnel. With ClickFunnels, you start from with the first step in the funnel and work your way through each step until you reach the end of the funnel. With Kartra, on the other hand, you start with the end in mind and work your way backwards through the steps you would want customers to go through to accomplish that end goal.

Designing Webpages

Both ClickFunnels and Kartra offer a variety of tools designed to make it easy for you to design highly converting webpages.

With ClickFunnels, you can create everything from landing pages to sales pages to membership sites and more. There are numerous available templates that you can choose from based on your specific needs and business type.

Each template is fully-customizable, so you'll be able to personalize it to fit your individual needs and goals. ClickFunnels offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor that will let you move content, text, images, and videos around the page. You don't need any HTML knowledge or a background in web design to be able to create attractive and highly effective pages.

Kartra also provides you with all the tools you'll need to create highly converting landing pages and webpages for your site. You'll find lots of attractive templates to choose from. Like ClickFunnels, you can use the drag-and-drop editor to customize each page you're designing to match your specific needs.

Email Marketing and Automation

Without an effective email marketing campaign, it will be nearly impossible for you to convert your leads into buying customers. ClickFunnels email marketing service, called Actionetics, can help you stay on top of your leads and send them relevant emails designed to increase your conversions rates.

Actionetics allows you to categorize your leads and customers into different email lists. You can group customers together based on different features, such as which products they are interested in, where they live, or which stage of your sales funnel they are in.

One of the best features offered by Actionetics is the ability to create action funnels. These are different funnels you can make to have a series of emails sent to leads and customers based on a particular action they completed.

For example, if a customer places an order for a certain product, you can set it to automatically assign them to an action funnel that will send tailored emails. The emails included in this action funnel would look very different from those included in an action funnel for a customer who visits your website for the first time and provides their email address.

Finally, Actionetics can also be used as a CRM tool by allowing you to create profiles for each of your leads. For each lead, you'll be able to view where they are located, when they joined your sales funnel, which stage in the funnel they are currently in, any purchases they have made, and other pertinent information.

Kartra's email marketing service is called Kartra Leads. Kartra Leads helps you keep your contacts and the email marketing messages you send them. All the information you'll want to view is organized on the dashboard, which will make it easy for you to analyze your leads.

You will be able to create tags for your users based on different actions they have completed, such as signing up for emails, making a purchase, or taking one of your online training courses. The dashboard will also prominently display when each customer joined your funnel and the value of any purchases they have made. You can also view the different email sequences they are part of, whether they have an open support ticket that needs to be addressed, whether they are opening the emails you send and clicking on links, and more.

Other Features Offered by ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels provides you with numerous third-party integrations designed to simplify your business. A few of the integrations they support includes PayPal, Stripe, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Salesforce, GetResponse, and aWeber.

With ClickFunnels, you can also easily conduct A/B split testing. Split testing allows you to compare two different landing page or webpage designs to see which is more effective in delivering conversions. You can use the testing features to run an unlimited number of split tests to compare different page layouts, headlines, offers, and more.

As a ClickFunnels subscriber, you'll also find a wide variety of training and support on the website. They offer courses designed to help you create sales funnel, ad campaigns, and so much more. These can be truly invaluable resources when you are looking to grow your business.

ClickFunnels offers two different plan options for users to choose from. The Basic Plan will allow one user to create up to 20 funnels and 100 pages, allows for connections to three different payment gateways, and lets you connect up to 3 different domains.

If you upgrade to the Platinum plan, up to 3 users can create an unlimited number of funnels and pages and you can connect to 9 different payment gateways and 9 domains. The Platinum plan also allows for you to create an unlimited number of follow-up funnels and provides you with priority chat support.

Other Features Offered by Kartra

There are other features offered by Kartra that you won't find with ClickFunnels. One of these features is an internal video hosting platform. You won't need to embed YouTube or Vimeo videos in your funnels, you'll be able to upload them directly to Kartra's video platform.

Kartra also has a built-in calendar app. You can use this feature to set your availability and let your customers book appointments.

Another feature offered by Kartra is Kartra BAM (behavioral Adaptive Marketing). You can use this feature to customize the offers, videos, color schemes, payment plans and more for each customer who visitors your sites, clicks on a link, or interacts with your sales funnel.

Kartra also offers Kartra Helpdesk. You can use this feature to allow customers to create helpdesk tickets. It also allows you to provide Livechat services to your website visitors.

Pros and Cons of ClickFunnels


  • There are numerous sales funnel templates to choose from depending on your purposes and needs.
  • You can edit each step in each sales funnel to match your needs.
  • The landing page and webpage templates are fully customizable.
  • You can create stunning pages without any prior HTML knowledge.
  • The email marketing tools through Actionetics will help you keep your leads organized.
  • You can create action funnels that will automatically send a series of emails based on the actions of one of your leads. 
  • They offer lots of third-party integrations and payment options to simplify your business.
  • You can conduct A/B split testing on your pages.
  • FunnelFix provides you with courses and training to help you grow your knowledge and skills.


  • The basic plan only allows you to create 20 funnels.
  • ClickFunnels does not support video hosting.

Pros and Cons of Kartra


  • The sales funnel editor includes drag-and-drop features to help you modify each funnel.
  • Your leads are organized and it is easy for you to view any important information about a specific lead on your dashboard.
  • For each lead, you can view information including what they have purchased, the different email sequences they are subscribed to, and whether they are reading the emails you are sending.
  • They offer an internal video hosting platform, so you don't need to use YouTube or other third-party platforms to embed your videos.
  • The built-in calendar app can be used to allow customers to schedule appointments.
  • Kartra BAM lets you customize the specific experience each visitor to your site receives.


  • Kartra plans can get pretty expensive as your business grows.
  • You will not have access to all the training and support available through ClickFunnels.

Our Final Verdict

ClickFunnels has been the industry leader in funnel creation for many years now. And, there is a reason for that. While Kartra also has a lot to offer, it just doesn't come with the same level of experience and knowledge that you'll receive from ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels offers proven solutions to help you create highly effective sales funnels that will give you the conversions you've been looking for. You can use their services to create beautiful and effective webpages, set up your online store and collect payments, and stay in contact with your customers through email marketing campaigns.

You won't know the true impact ClickFunnels will have on your business until you give it a try. Don't waste any more time; get started today!