ConvertKit Review

Are you a professional blogger who wanted to organize how you send and receive emails from you subscribers? Look no further, because ConvertKit is here, and the platform is ready to help you out!

This is an emerging email marketing platform that is used extensively by professional bloggers. If you love to write your blogs, the platform can help you expanding your reach. You can build up a huge number of followers by using the platform, and many professional bloggers who have used it in the past are stating that it is easy to use and the results are spot on.

Some users refer to ConvertKit as the email marketing system for marketers. They state that the way they handle their email marketing approach is effective, and it really translates to more people visiting the website and doing different activities that promtes growth. If you are still unsure about ConvertKit, let me show you the basics on the platform and how it can help you succeed with your career in creating blogs:

What Are the Features That You Can Enjoy While Using ConvertKit?


Forms are vital when creating a blog page. If you wanted to build a huge following, it is important that you have the information about your subscribers. Using the forms feature of ConvertKit will enable your followers to give their basic information, and you can store it within the platform to track how many followers you are making.

ConvertKit Review - Form

Without the forms, it would be difficult to track down your readers, and you may not be able to build a huge following. Always remember to add forms in any website that you create so that you can have a detailed information about who your followers are.

Broadcast and Sequences

Once you managed to acquire a huge following, there are two features available within the platform that can help you communicate with your subscribers in a single click. Broadcast will enable you to send an announcement to all emails listed inside your ConvertKit account. Sequences, on the other hand, can show you the number of actions taken by a subscriber, giving you an idea on what interests them.

ConvertKit Review - Segments

When these two features are used in a smart way, it can produce results that are beneficial to your business. You need to learn how to use these features properly, and you can also seek the help from a professional blogger on how to use it more effectively.


ConvertKit users can set up an automation that would run the whole system. People who are doing multiple actions within the website can be tagged automatically. Dormant users can also be tagged. Everything that the system does is based on how it was programmed, but busy people who are maintaining their blogs can benefit from the automation because it gives them more free time.

ConvertKit Review - Automation

All of the subscribers are collected in one place, and it makes the sorting job more convenient. Professional bloggers can see all of the activities happening within their website in a single click. If you are using ConvertKit to organize your website, you will be thankful knowing that the system allows this feature because you don’t have to pay for dormant subscribers.

ConvertKit Review - Logo

What are the Reasons Why You Should Start Using ConverKit for your Website?

Subscriber Organization

ConverKit organizes the number of subscribers on your website. You can access this feature by clicking on the subscriber button, and you will be redirected to a page where you can see a lot of tags. You can also tag your subscribers based on the actions that they are doing within the website. Even the email history can be available to you if you wanted to see those entries. It will give you a heads up about the campaigns that are working, and the ones that are not.

ConvertKit Review - Subscriber

Simplified Freebie Delivery

To get the email address from a potential subscriber, some professional bloggers are giving away freebies. You can create a freebie within the platform, and then paste the code on your website so that your subscribers can fill out a form and receive the freebie in an instant. If you are still unsure where to find this feature, you can check settings and search for “incentive mail,” and then you can edit the template written on the incentive.

Setting up the Automated Panel

The automated panel is very organized. You can control the emails that you want to send to your subscribers, and you can also set up the time when they should be receiving the email. You can type as many email subscriptions as you wanted, and it will be sent to your contacts.

ConvertKit Review - Automation Rule

Sending an Email to the Right People

With the tagging system in place, users of ConvertKit can easily identify the people that should be receiving their emails. If you wanted all of your subscribers to receive the information that you wanted to announce, you can simply select the broadcast button and the message will be sent to everyone. Another advantage is that you can edit the filter and choose the tags that will be receiving your email.

It is important especially if you wanted to see which ones have signed up for a specific function within the platform, or those who wanted to see their updated subscriber count.

Changing the Rules of Automation

If you are using ConvertKit and you wanted to change the automation rules, you can simply click rules and start to set up different items that can trigger an event within the platform. This is taking organization to a different level, and it can help the professional bloggers to focus more on the content that they create.


You can easily check the statistics of your website by clicking an email on the left side of the screen. You can see information like the number of people who are subscribed on your website, and more detailed features about your website that can help you manage it more effectively.

Resending Emails to Your Subscribers

ConvertKit can resend an email to an address that did not open your initial mail. This is helpful especially if you wanted to reach more people. You can see the email addresses that did not check your announcement, and you can send it again so that they can be notified.

24/7 Live Chat Support

Most users of ConvertKit are commending the company’s customer support team because they are helpful and accommodating.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages?


  • Gives its users the ability to create simple landing pages. If you wanted to reach more subscribers without creating a website, you can count on this feature. The simple landing pages created from using ConvertKit is enough to drive more people to become your subscribers.
  • Has a tagging system that makes it easy to identify your subscribers based on the actions that they are performing within the website. If you are an organized person, the first thing that you wanted to do is to classify the information stored on the system. You can also modify the actions that should be taken on a specific subscriber by checking where they are tagged.
  • Many users are praising the company’s support system. If you are having issues with the platform, you can easily call their customer support team and they will be more than happy to help you out.


  • The price is unusually higher compared to its competitors. Many professional bloggers cannot pay for an expensive service that lets them reach their subscribers to a whole new level.
  • Has a poor design option, because there are only three available templates that can be used when using the platform. The options offered are also text-based, missing the opportunity to create a vibrant and colorful landing page.
  • Users are saying that the platform creates reports that lack in depth. The platform only displays information like the click-through rates, and the number of those who have unsubscribed. Users requested the company to update their reports system, and add more depth to it.


ConvertKit is a great tool for professional bloggers, and if you are working in the same industry, you should give the platform a try. There are things that need to be fixed, but it is only minimal when compared to the advantages of using the platform. Some of the benefits are the simple interface, the tagging system, and the helpful customer service.

This service can also help you if you wanted to start a blogging career. The company will provide you a platform where you can create a landing website that would help you gain more subscribers. The way they help its users reach more people is outstanding, and they are dedicating their time to produce amazing results.

Some professional bloggers might still dodge ConvertKit because of its higher price compared to its competitors, but you can be assured that every dollar spent on using this product will deliver great results for your blogging career.

ConvertKit Review - Logo

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