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If you are looking to acquire a high quality web hosting service, Dreamhost might be one of the best choices for you. There are over a million website already being hosted by Dreamhost. It has earned an incredible customer reputation for its outstanding services, even though it has been challenged in recent years by rival service providers.

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The platform has been around for two and a half decades, and has served millions of sites since it launched. There are a lot of incentives for users to consider using them, including unlimited bandwidth options on some of their service plans. There are also some other nifty features that some customers may enjoy, all of which are priced within a reasonable range.

They have various hosting plans for websites, cloud storage, and dedicated servers. Some bundles include a free web domain for one year and support for blogging plugins like WordPress.

More detailed specifications and comparisons will be available in the next section of this post. An in-depth review of the entire Dreamhost platform will hopefully assist you in determining whether their services are right for you.

Dreamhost Review

There are so many different specifications that customers are looking for when browsing through potential web hosting providers. Speed, efficiency, simplicity, cost, and the overall hosting service are the most notable ways that customers actively judge individual providers like Dreamhost. The good news is that they have a very solid reputation with positive consistency across nearly every category that customers are looking for.

Dreamhost Review - UpTime Speed

One of the first aspects that many customers will likely be pleased with is the overall speed of the their web hosting services. They managed to earn speeds well inside of the top ten within the web hosting industry. They also managed to have an incredible record of up-time, also placing significantly higher than many of their industry rivals.

It is quite appealing that they offers customers the ability to purchase a plan for less than three dollars per month. Many of their bundle offers and hosting services also include bonus content like a free web domain for 365 days. Their basic web hosting plans include unlimited traffic and high quality plugins like WordPress.

Users can also purchase cloud hosting services and begin to host cloud servers in just a few minutes. The process of signing up and selecting a cloud service plan is simple and easier than ever before.

Dreamhost Review - Hardware Technology

Solid state drivers are an integral part of the back end. This technology helps the platform to provide outstanding loading times and performance to over a million different websites that are currently hosted within the platform.

In addition to the impressive hardware technology that the Dreamhost platform has invested in, there is also an incredible custom control panel that presents clients with the opportunity to completely access all of their hosting services and information in the click of a button. This panel is extremely popular among customers and continues to get updated with the latest plugins and updates.

The overall value of the platform may be difficult to understand until you take the time to review it directly against its competitors within the industry. When all of its features were averaged out against its competition, Dreamhost managed to place within the top ten. This proves that their platform is consistent at performing effectively for customers across a wide variety of categories, while still retaining a reasonable value that is not too expensive.

Dreamhost Review - Hosting

You might be wondering which type of customer would be most interested in their web hosting and alternate hosting solutions. The truth is that their platform can be used for just about any type of website, including custom domain solutions that might require custom plugins or scripts. The overall reputation for their platform is outstanding, which is why so many customers currently host their services through Dreamhost.

It is worth noting that they do not raise prices on their current customers. This means that the plan that you select for your hosting services will remain in tact until you choose to suspend your service. This is particularly useful for customers with long term goals or aspirations for their websites or servers. Additionally, users might want to take advantage of the added perks from some of the specialized plans provided by Dreamhost.

Pros of Dreamhost

  • Outstanding Up-Time (99.9%).
  • Exceptional Control Panel.
  • Free Domain for One Year.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Traffic Plans.
  • Top 10 Hosting Provider in the Industry.
  • Solid State Drive Technology (Faster Speeds).
  • Cloud Storage Hosting Available.

Cons of Dreamhost

  • Lower than Average Customer Support.
  • No cPanel (Custom Panel).
  • Paid Migrations.
  • WordPress Plugin Issues.
  • Glitchy Email Services.


Now that we have had an opportunity to take an in-depth look at some of the specifications and features that are provided by Dreamhost, it might be a good time to summarize the good and the bad and allow users to make a decision for themselves.

There is no doubt that they are one of the respected hosting platforms with a wide variety of cost effective plans and high quality feature sets. They certainly has proven that their platform can consistently provide a high level of performance.

The only real setback is the fact that their are some other service providers that do a little bit better job from an overall perspective. This hosting provider is great for newcomers to the industry that are looking for a simple and convenient provider to setup their first website. With that being said, there is no better opportunity than right now to head over to the Dreamhost platform, and to begin getting started with your plans to host your very on website!

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