Ecom Success Academy Review

While many, aspiring entrepreneurs are focused on the use of Amazon FBA, you might be aware that many eCommerce retailers are turning to Shopify. There are many reasons for this, from the various customization tools and design options to even having the capacity to hire a Virtual Assistant to handle a great deal of the labor for you.

However, like most entrepreneurial endeavors, you need to know what you are doing. Moreover, you have to realize that even if you are a successful Amazon retailer, Shopify works in a very different way. How do you market Shopify products? What designs are most attractive to customers? Does Shopify use it's own listings?

If you've never tried eCommerce before, then it's even more important that you get the right training. There is a reason why so many eCommerce-training courses are popping up: because eCommerce requires the right knowledge and protocols in order to be profitable.

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We're going to look over a course by Adrian Morrison, an online entrepreneur who specializes in social media marketing, media buying, search engine marketing pay-per-click advertising, and eCommerce.

His course, Ecom Success Academy, is geared to teach you how to combine Shopify with FaceBook Ads so that you can reach your goals of financial freedom. We will discuss what the course is about, the strengths and weaknesses and whether it is a worthwhile investment towards you financial success.

A Little About Me

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Before we get into Morrison's course, I'd like to introduce myself. My name's Derrick, a 29-year-old Chicago native. I started freelance writing last year, and since then I have been able to acquire several private clients for writing and for my advertising services.

To be honest, eCommerce really isn't that attractive to me. I saw my older brother Mark struggle with Amazon FBA in 2014, where he was was working an extra 35 hours a week on top of his job as a public high school teacher.

I could tell he lacked the proper mentorship, but I felt that this was a business where the competition would result in retailers needing to constantly revamp their stores to try to stay ahead. I wanted a business where fellow entrepreneurs could do their business without worrying their success interfering with mine.

Mark gave up on his eCommerce dreams when his new baby came along, and I simply ignored internet business until I came across training courses on lead generation. I felt that this business was perfect for me, primarily because businesses always need leads. Even with a ton of entrepreneurs specializing in the same, I felt it was a fair less competitive avenue than eCommerce.

I learned to specialize in organic lead generation through YouTube videos and first-page-ranked websites on Google. This was a free option, and it was pretty easy to apply when I got the hang of things. However, Mark was on a new eCommerce mission: dominating on Shopify.

He told me that he took the time to invest in a course that taught him how to set up Shopify storefronts and advertise them using FaceBook Ads. This all seemed like a rather hefty investment, but Mark was confident with his training course because it had so much material to offer. This course he chose to learn from is Adrian Morrison's Ecom Success Academy.

What Is Ecom Success Academy

As we have already stated, Ecom Success Academy focuses on building Shopify stores and using FaceBook Ads to target paying customers who want to buy what your stores supply. The course is divided into two sections: a 7-part, Shopify course and a 12-part, FaceBook Ads course.

The amount of material in Morrison's course is extremely extensive. To give you an outline of what the course offers, let's take a look at what's inside both sections of the course training.

7-Part Shopify Training

Getting Started

Shopify Setup – This part of the course demonstrates how to set up and build an actual store, including the store's name, the payment settings for the store as well as the shipping settings.

Dropshipping Essentials

This gives you a crash course in dropshipping, learning all the methods to perform it and how to do it in bulk.


This goes into process of actually placing your products on the stores, including key strategies like free products and variety to increase average product order.

Promotional Strategies

Goes further in-depth on utilizing freebie products and free shipping to attract customer conversion.

Sales Page

You learn how to set up your sales pages, focusing on when to use long sales copy and when to use short sales copy.

Building Your Brand Name

This outlines how you cement yourself as an independent brand. This section focuses on the dos and don'ts of customer service, the difference between specialized niche stores and superstores, and using social media influencers to gain higher online exposure.


Shopify contains an number of apps that can streamline your efficiency and increase automation. This includes apps that integrate FaceBook and automatic email marketing apps.

12-Part FaceBook Ad Course

Marketing Setup

Simple introduction to FaceBook Ads.

Fan Page

This critical component is the primary page that you advertise with.

FB Ad Types

Extensive layout of all the types of ads that FaceBook offfers.

FaceBook Ad Objectives

FaceBook As Targeting

Get an overview of FaceBook's massive ability to target ads towards the perfect audience.

Advanced Facebook Ad Targeting

This gets into critical components that you can use to maximize profit. You learn about essential keyword mining skills, the art of retargeting, and the advent of lookalike audiences.

FaceBook Audiences

Further in-depth information about finding and generating your perfect audience.

FaceBook Pixel

This is the main focal point of your tracking data. This is critical to learning which ads are profitable, why they are profitable, and how to maximize on this data.

Writing a FaceBook Ad

This is where you focus on your ad copying skills.

FaceBook Bidding Strategies

Ads: Kill or Scale?

This section of the course teaches you how to identify profitable ads and losing ads, and how to terminate or scale and ad based on this inforamation.

Advanced Split Testing

Strengths and Weaknesses


Loaded with Content

Adrian's course is jam-packed with content covering both Shopify and FaceBook Ads. The amount of detail that is put into each module is very extensive, and he didn't undercut on many essentials for the topics he covers.

Focus on Shopify

The focus on Shopify is, in my opinion, a pretty big advantage. While Amazon is quite a bit larger than Shopify is, retailers must adhere to the rules of Amazon and exist within Amazon's ecosystem. There aren't a lot of methods that you can use to create a big brand-name with you storefront because everything is designed by Amazon. You are a retailer within Amazon's marketplace.

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With Shopify, you can design a store that is unique to your style and your focus, which increases your ability to be a stand-out retailer. You can also choose to set up multiple storefronts that specialize in different products, and the integration of apps into the store allows for far greater automation potential.

FaceBook Ad Training Can Be Used In Other Ways

Knowing how to advertise on FaceBook is not only good for Shopify, but for any business model. You can contract your services to other companies, and use it to bank off other business opportunities as well.



The cost of this course is nearly $2,500, which is pretty expensive for most people.

Limited Content Range

While the training material is very extensive, it is rather limited when it comes to the choice of marketing avenues. It focuses solely on FaceBook, and for a that costs $2,495, he should've included more advertising options in social media like YouTube and Instagram.

Several courses include advertising training with Instagram, YouTube, and organic Google traffic, but cost considerably less than this course. Also, FaceBook is a rather volatile advertising medium, where things are constantly changing. It seems rather odd to focus solely on this when you want to ensure that your advertising is as stable and reliable as possible.


Morrison definitely shows that he worked hard on this course, and Mark seemed to excel with the course. He will be retiring before the beginning of the next school year, so his investment definitely worked out for him.

That being said, when it comes to your consideration of the course, this is a decision that is really up to you. The amount of courses available for eCommerce is so extensive, and you really have to be conscious of what you want.

FaceBook Ads require a decent amount of consistent attention to make sure they are regularly profitable. You also have to be keen on the changes that happen within FaceBook so that you aren't implementing outdated advertising techniques. What works on FaceBook today can easily tank the next.

If you get this course, I would also suggest that you take the time to find training on marketing through other avenues like Google or other social media platforms like Youtube and Instagram. These can be found relatively cheap, or you can find free information on Google.

This shouldn't be too hard to do, because it is easier to identify useful information once you have been trained well in similar advertising venues. However, in consideration of the pricing, you might want to explore other options before making a final decision on Morrison's Ecom Success Academy.

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