Elegant Themes Divi Builder

If you have ever built a website using WordPress, you may be familiar with Divi Builder, one of the most successful tools for web developers.

The software company has experienced such a good public reception that they recently added new features to the program, which attracts more people like you and me.

If you have been living under a rock and don’t know what this software is, you may like to take a look at this review to see everything that you missed, learn about functionalities, and make an informed opinion about this website tool.

Introducing Divi: Possibly the Best Theme Creator Ever Made

Let’s take a look at this application together: here is the Official Page Of Divi Builder By Elegant Themes. It will help you to orientate and see the features as we go through this review. Now, what is Divi Builder, and what makes it relevant for you?

An image of Elegant Themes Logo

Elegant Themes initially started working on a WordPress complement that would help today’s marketers to differentiate from the competition with unique designs. If you can impress your visitors with an incredible landing page, it is much easier to increase their engagement and conversion rates!

You may ask: What makes Elegant Themes different from any other design company? Divi Builder is the result of more than 85 team web design enthusiasts working together in Elegant Themes for more than 11 years. What could you expect from those types of standards?

Here is what you can expect: the best design website builder of 2020. Our opinion not only limits to functionality: Divi Builder is a tool where even the absolute beginner can be confused as a design expert.

Learning More About Divi Builder

Because of the growing popularity of this design tool, Elegant Themes has been working on updates since they got started with this project in 2011. Today, Divi presents different formats that you can choose to personalize your experience.

  • The default option: When getting started with Divi, the software includes the Divi theme selection along and the Divi website tool. You will enjoy all the features of the program!
  • The tool option: Do you already have a website project? Do you have a premium theme to use instead? In that case, you have the option to exclusively download the web-building tool, conserving all your project assets.

Whether you choose the first alternative or the other one, you will be ready to build a unique website with this visual content editor!

This Elegant Themes plugin is available on WordPress and will give you more freedom to play with the element distribution. Feel free to install it on your website and test it as we continue our review!*-

Now that we know what Divi exactly is, we should take a look at the most highlighted features.

Divi Builder. Content Editor Features

What makes Divi a simple tool is what they like to call the WYSIWYG interface, What You See Is What You Get. Whoever registers on Divi will instantly understand how the drag-and-drop system works which allows designing entire web pages in less than a few hours.

Divi Builder Features

The Divi Builder includes all the content formats that you may need to use, not even mentioning that you can edit EVERYTHING that appears on the screen.

Of course, this drag-and-drop builder doesn’t include a Page Preview button due to the WYSIWYG feature. However, it does include an option to switch to the mobile format, which is now more than 80% of your visitors will enter your website.

Another building mode available is the Wireframe filter to see all your page elements as a whole, getting the big picture of your website.

If you would like to implement the advanced features of this program, don’t forget to take the tour at the Divi Demo Version!

Learn More About Divi With the Demo Version

If you are one of those designers who prefer to test the service before any consideration, you will enjoy the demo that Elegant Themes have prepared, which only takes one click to start!

In this complete Divi demo, the founder of Elegant Themes, Nick Roach, shows you a how-to guide to learn the ins and outs of the Divi Builder, from zero to hero. If you are like me, you may have more fun by skipping the tutorial and start messing around the editor.

In fact, I recommend you to play with the editor to get familiar with it and learn about its basic features.

Exploring the Divi Theme Library

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know visual design: all Divi customers have unrestricted access to a large collection of themes created by world-class artists. If you really want to create your personal website in record time, you can load any of these pre-made websites, saving dozens of hours in customization.

Now, the theme library is adapted to fit everybody’s needs. Divi Builder categorizes its themes by niches and offers multiple templates to build your landing page.

The Hidden Gem of Divi Content Editor

Did you think of Divi as a mere design application? Think again. The biggest pro that Elegant Themes created is not designing but website layouts.

An image of Divi Premade Website Layouts

The Divi layout packs offer customized website templates to align with your career and have the right function: freelancing, online stores, software companies, agency businesses, and especially local businesses.

These content modules allow us to get the bare bones of our website and make it look professional. Now, all that we would have to do is connecting our website with our other applications: online product pages, email-sequences, reports from analytics, advertising tools, social media extensions, and whatnot.

Yes, Divi offers pre-made templates for each one of these formats. Web design has never been simpler for digital entrepreneurs!

Divi Builder A/B, the Tool You Were Waiting for

As a digital entrepreneur, I understand how critical it is for online businesses to test different things and iterate quickly. You cannot constantly expect your first draft to be a winner, but you can always try again, make some changes, and upgrade your website.

An image of Divi A/B Testing Tool

Here is where the A/B tool gets interesting. Business owners have the necessity to optimize their pages to increase their efficiency, whether that means getting more traffic in auxiliary platforms or making more revenue.

The A/B allows us to save different versions of our pages with the intention of studying visitor behavior and increase our brand awareness. You can compare the performance of two website versions and use whichever presents the most convenient results.

This feature will be extremely useful for those beginners who will want to test different things at once, applying changes almost instantly.

The Pros and Cons of Divi Builder

Even though Divi Builder offers impressive advantages, we cannot deny the fact that everybody has different priorities in web building. In a nutshell, here is what you should review to see if Divi is for you.


  • Superior Customer Support. On the other hand, Divi will bring their target customers a unique experience, changing the way they work on website design. The current program is outstanding, and Divi has had to work harder on customer support to be able to manage the insane amount of new customers joining every single day.
  • Best Tool For Web Design. If most of the pages on the Internet use WordPress for their edition, you can be sure that the majority of them used Divi Builder at some point. If Divi Builder wasn’t around, digital marketers would not have the conversion boost and productivity that we enjoy today.


  • Confusing For Beginners. On the one hand, Divi Builder is not for everybody. It is true that there are many default options and features to use with WordPress, but it can be overwhelming for the most simple digital marketers. You may agree that most people will never use all the potential that Divi has to offer.
  • Expensive. Likewise, these people who work on simpler projects may not see the value of this product. Divi works fabulously, but you have to make enough use of it to make it worth the cost. Not everybody is willing to invest over $90 per year, even if we are talking about the best tool in the world.

Final Thoughts on Divi Builder

There are not enough words to explain the quality of this website development program. The usage of this tool is relative to your project scale and requirements, but you can always use Divi Builder for free to compare with other alternatives or test their designing environment.

If you want to learn more about Divi Builder, you have two risk-free options: the demo version and the free trial. If you are convinced that this program is for you, you can learn more about their plans on the Official Website