Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass Reviews

Facebook is not only the largest social media network on Earth, but is in fact the largest social network on Earth period! Facebook's ability to bridge people together regardless of distance, location, or even language allows individuals to connect in ways we never could before.

This massive ability to connect hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people together holds huge commercial advantages. Moreover, this huge market potential is something that both large, corporate entities as well as independent entrepreneurs can take advantage of.

The heart of Facebook's marketing potential is in Facebook Ads, Facebook's advertising system. Successful use of Facebook Ads marketing platform can allow a business owner or business conglomerate to generate massive profits with just a few, well-formulated ads.

However, like many advertising systems, Facebook Ads requires the right knowledge, methods, and strategies to rake in the big bucks. Without it, marketing with Facebook Ads is likely to be very time-consuming, very exhausting, and very expensive.

Kevin Fiend created the Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass to provide entrepreneurs and established businesses alike with the invaluable skills, techniques, and guidance necessary for Facebook Ads success.

A Little About Me

Before we get into this course, I want to ask you a few things. if you came to this review, you are probably interested in making your own independent income. Heck, let's just be honest here. You're probably looking for ways to get rich!

But let's be honest... if you were rich already, would you be reading this review right now? It's okay to admit it, and I can tell you that when I was trying to find a sustainable, profitable way to make money online, I thought it just wasn't gonna work out for me.

Kevin Fiend's

I've been into internet marketing since 2005 when I was 17. You're probably going to laugh, but I got into internet marketing through a booming online explosion of network marketing opportunities. In other words, I was hyped up on internet "pyramid schemes" (they often weren't true pyramid schemes, but that's a different topic).

Fact is, a lot of people were making money with this stuff. And they always told me, and several people like me, that it was super easy to make money and that I would make money instantly just by joining "their" system.

Well, fast-forward to 2014, and I was rich enough to be working a weekend job doing event set-ups for $12.75 an hour. Fact is, I had to realize that, until I could find the right training at a time where I could afford to get it, and until I was ready to apply it for my purposes, I wasn't likely to succeed.

I found that training when I first started writing for a content-gathering site. It was kind of "personal" training; I devoted myself to earning income without a boss telling me what to do.

This personal training did two things for me. First, it allowed me to work for myself at home, and in a couple years I invested some money I saved to purchase some courses on marketing with Facebook. Secondly, it helped me gain the discipline I needed to be patient enough to do things the right way.

I learned a lot with these courses, and it was enough that I could affiliate market full-time. I wasn't rich, but I worked for myself and I never worried about bills or having enough money to have fun with.

I also had enough money to eventually start taking advantage of Facebook Ads, and this led me to David Fiend's Facebook Ninja Masterclass. Even though it was somewhat expensive, I have to tell you that it's the best investment I have made in my adult life.

Who Is This Course For?

You might be wondering, "What's your life story got to do with me?" I shared that with you because, in a lot of cases, people come into online business with poor expectations. They believe that if the buy a course, this course will be the magic ticket to solve their problems for them!

If you are looking for something that will actually deliver on the "get-rich-quick" promises that a lot of other programs promise, then this is not for you. Fiend makes it very clear that this course is absolutely NOT a get-rich-quick course.

This course is for people are willing to not only invest their time and money into building a real infrastructure for financial success, but also for those who realize that they are only going to be as successful as their efforts entail.

He gives you the tools, the knowledge, and the techniques necessary to create consistent, highly-profitable Facebook Ads. You can even expect to achieve faster-than-normal success with your Ads, and could possibly "get rich" in a relatively short amount of time.

The training is extensive, with 100, step-by-step videos going over the basic and fine details of for creating optimal Facebook Ads. With over 40 hours of content, Fiend even consistently updates the content for the course so that it is always fresh and relevant for the present-day.

However, you will only benefit from this course if you are willing to use it as intended: to help yourself. This is for those who are:

  • Willing to learn and take responsibility for your financial future.
  • Who is ready to apply relevant, tested, and in-depth techniques, strategies, and methods to create high-converting ads.
  • Who will use what you learn to optimize your ads based on your niche.

I don't want to sound harsh, but it's important that you realize that this course will not do the work for you. This course, however, does do a great job on teaching you what you need to know to do the work correctly! Let's take a look at the Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass is all about!

Facebook Ads Masterclass: It's Features

Facebook Ads Masterclass focuses on providing 3 critical components that Fiend feels are essential to your Facebook Ads success. These components consist of:

  • A Vast, 40+ Hour Library of Step-By-Step Training Videos (Over 100 in Total).
  • Live Weekly Webinars.
  • Private Facebook Group Featuring Daily Access To Fiend, World-Class Marketers, and Fellow Masterclass Students.

After spending a great deal of time looking into courses about Facebook Ads, I can assure you that the value of Fiend's course is tough to beat. I can't be 100% certain, but I personally haven't seen a course that comes close to providing as many features Fiend's Masterclass.

Let's go over each one of these features a little bit closer.

Training Library: The Core Of The Course

The core of the course rests in the 100+ video library of training content that the Masterclass offers. These 100 videos are separated into 6 focused training modules:

  • Module 1: Understanding Facebook Ads & What Works. Vocabulary You Need to Know. The POWER of the Ninja Pixel Strategy!
  • Module 2: How to Go From Complete Beginner to Facebook™ Ad Ninja. The ONLY Campaign Types YOU NEED!
  • Module 3: How to Create Your Ultra Targeted Audiences that Will Skyrocket Your Business! The Secret to Becoming a Master Advertiser!
  • Module 4: How to Create Ad Copy + Creative That CONVERT LIKE CRAZY!! Become a Copywriting and Ad Image EXPERT Quicker Than You Thought Possible!
  • Module 5: How to Make a TON of Money WITHOUT Needing Your Own Product. Create Your Own Ad Agency Even Without ANY Experience!
  • Module 6: The One Thing That Will Make or Break Your Facebook™ Ad Profitability. How Properly Retargeting Can Immediately Change Your Entire Business!

Module 1 is meant to be an introduction to the course, but it really starts the course arming you with a lot of practical knowledge and techniques that can be instantly applied from the start. He targets the following issues:

  • His approach in this module really sets the tone for what Fiend's course is all about. Fact is, Facebook Ads can be extremely wasteful without knowing how to use it properly. So with his introduction he starts off strong by giving strategies and information that focus on efficiency, creating the most profit with the least expense.
  • The remaining modules continue to stress that focus of efficiency by highlighting key factors in successful Facebook Ads marketing.

Module 2 goes further into how to gain social credibility with your ads, creating trusting and highly-buyers. You also learn how to test you ads so that you can scale the best ones and abandon the useless ones.

Module 3 focuses further on fine-tuning targeting, so that ads are only exposes to people who want your products.

You learn how to build various types of audiences, and the advantages of different audiences. This module dives very deep into how you can capitalize on Facebook's massive analytics data that transforms your ads into highly-focused, perfectly targeted profit machines!

Module 4 Is all about ad design, going over critical copywriting components and graphic design details. You learn important psychological strategies to create perfectly magnetizing ad copy. You'll learn how to quickly set up well-designed ad graphics, and how to find highly-talented graphics artists who will do them for you for dirt cheap.

Module 5 is perhaps my favorite part of the course. This module talks about how you can use your Facebook Ads skills to become your own advertising agency. Fiend provides his own personal sales script that he used to attract a river of clients to advertising service.

He shows you how to produce results for clients before you even work for them, and how you can use this service to market for physical, offline companies. Again, this is my favorite part of the course, because you don't need a physical product to generate massive business success!

Module 6 covers the critical aspect of retargeting. This goes in-depth about how retargeting created multiple, 6-figure-profit days for Fiend, and how it can be used to turn people into customers that share similar traits to your existing customers. You also go over pixel hacking to exponentially boost campaign success, and how to leverage international audiences to drive in more customers.

This large library is capped off with 3 Bonus courses that supplement the main course content.

Live Weekly Webinars and Private Facebook Group

One key feature that Fiend includes in all of his Ninja Masterclass courses is access to a Private Facebook Group centered around the class content. The inclusion of this feature is really where Fiend's course stands out from other Facebook Ads courses.

Facebook Private Group

The Private Group really offers value that is pretty irreplaceable. For one, Fiend actively engages and communicates in the Private group on a daily basis. If you have a question, Fiend will often provide personal insight and guidance directly.

Moreover, the group is attended by active students and top-marketers who are constantly sharing their concerns, their updated techniques and discoveries, and their results as well. The ability to not only learn, but network with like-minded entrepreneurs hold financial opportunity in itself.

Lastly, the Private Group allows find to deliver updated content, techniques, and insight on how to optimize your Facebook Ads success. Facebook is a very dynamic platform, and as such this dynamism effects what works on Facebook and what doesn't.

This aspect of Facebook means that many marketing strategies can become quickly and suddenly outdated. Through the Facebook Group and weekly, live webinars, Fiend is able to update his content and training so that you always the most up-to-date info on the best methods for consistent marketing success.

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass: Is It Worth It?

Now that you've seen for yourself what the Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass is all about, you might be wondering if this course really provides all it claims to provide. Is it really worth it to you?

Well, to be fair, a lot of people will look at the price and automatically be turned off. The course is priced at a one-time payment of $997. That seems like a pretty steep price to pay for one online course.

Facebook ADS

However, to be honest, with the amount of value that Kevin provides in this course, one could argue that it's under-priced. To start, internet marketing classes have a history of being very expensive. In particular, marketing courses for Facebook Ads are often especially expensive.

Fiend's course has the largest library that I have seen, and includes 3 bonus courses. But in addition to this, you have the Private Group that allows you to communicate with him on a daily basis if need be.

This type of access is something that people pay tens of thousands of dollars to use for just a few hours. But you would have it for life as a Masterclass member.

Additionally, many courses are offered as-purchased, and any "updates" you get would be from purchasing a newer course. However, Fiend is updating the course perpetually, which means that the course continues to provide new content for as long as it exists.

I'm not trying to brag for this course, but I can't honestly say that the price is too expensive. For the value present, the course can be under-priced.

For me personally, I found the most valuable part of the course to be Module 5, which focuses on being your own advertising agency. Do not get me wrong, without the other modules, Module 5 is useless. You need those modules to actually learn how to be skilled with Facebook Ads.

However, I didn't make my major money with affiliate marketing, E-Commerce stores, or network marketing. I did use affiliate products to test my skills with Facebook Ads, and those tests were extremely profitable.

But Module 5 is where I wanted to focus my attention. In fact, my first client was actually my old job that I mentioned earlier. It was pretty easy to convince my former employers to hire me; they remembered how desperately broke I was when I worked for them.

When I showed them MY personal success with Facebook Ads, they were eager to set up an advertising contract that is generating a consistent, passive monthly income that is re-negotiated every 3 months based on performance.

E-Commerce Marketing

Since then, I have created 7 other contracts of a similar nature, the total of which amounts to over $35,000 a month. This is not too shabby considering that I DO NOT pay for these ads, but are managing my client's campaigns for them. I already have clients looking to re-negotiate now so that they can pay me MORE money for the results I'm generating.

I can say that I picked the material up pretty rapidly, but then again I was already familiar with a number of things Fiend brings up in the course. I had no idea how to implement the information, nor did I know how it fit together. But I was at least familiar with some of it.

However, I considered myself a beginner. Even though I was familiar with certain things, I wasn't completely unfamiliar with a greater majority of the information in the course. The course is designed to be beginner-friendly, and is designed to evolve you out of that beginner status as soon as possible.

I honestly have nothing but good things to say about the course, but I do emphasize that you enter the course with patience. If you are patient and understand that Facebook Ads requires money, time, effort, and proper application to create financial fortune, then I recommend you give this course a shot!

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