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Are you sick of the excessive costs of standard web hosting services? Moreover, are you tired of slow web page loading speeds? After all, if you're paying for a service, you should expect it to handle consistently high traffic, e-commerce, and all the other complexities of web hosting you can't figure out on your own.

If this is you, no worries – I was in this position just a few months ago. After many hangups with flighty hosting services, I decided to undergo intensive research that would help me make the best decision possible. I wanted to balance cost efficacy with reliability, server uptime, and ability to handle high client traffic.

Fatcow Review

FatCow attempts to solve all these problems and more. Unlike other services, FatCow has proven itself dedicated to the satisfaction of both you and your site's visitors. Whether it's the oodles of bandwidth, or the huge array of site templates, there's a little something for everyone on FatCow.

Before we dive into the specifics of FatCow, it's important to discuss the major tenets of a good web hosting service. In order to ensure consistent access to your website, you should be able to separate the subpar performers from the high value, reliable web services.

Importance of Selecting a Good Web Hosting Service

Fatcow Review

To put it simply, a web hosting service allows you or your company to post a website to the internet. Through partnering with an internet provider, the service stores all of your files on a distributed computer server, including information about site viewers, transactions, and other metadata.

Web hosting services are meant to abstract the complex problem of ensuring a viewer's access to your resources. Even experienced developers can find setting up databases, server sockets, and HTTP responses completely intractable. That's where third-party web hosting companies come into the picture.

Before you select the first service that pops up on your search bar, you should research the specific features, add-ons, and benefits that come with a plan. The right plan should be cost effective while going above and beyond your needs.

Consider the Type of Website You're Building

Are you running a small e-commerce store or an art portfolio website? Alternatively, are you hosting pages for a large company that offers online services? If so, your needs will be completely different.

Larger businesses that receive high traffic may need dedicated servers, which help to manage a high volume of traffic and come with high reliability guarantees. However, these will typically be more pricey than the standard hosting service.

Small sites can typically get away with shared hosting services that give you limited access to server resources that other clients may eat up. As your site or business grows, it may become necessary to transition to more tailored services.

Look for High Server Reliability and Uptime

Uptime, uptime, uptime – if you've looked into hosting services for even five minutes, you've heard this term. Uptime simply refers to the time that a server is in operation, meaning that clients are constantly able to use the site without experiencing any crashes. Look for services that offer uptime better than 99 percent – often, premium accounts offer 99.999 percent constant access.

Consider Upgrades and Add-Ons

There are four major camps of web hosting services: VPS, dedicated, shared, and cloud-based.

Both dedicated and VPS hosting mean that you have full control of all the resources on a physical server. You'll never have to worry about other websites bogging down your site.

Nowadays, web hosting services offer scalable upgrades that allow you to grow your capabilities as your site grows in traffic. It's as simple as the click of a button to transition from shared to VPS or dedicated hosting – with no server downtime!

Other Must-Have Features

Fatcow Review

Good web hosting services are completely transparent about their server uptime, reliability, and user site statistics. Make sure that your provider has a robust file management system, configure with applications like WordPress, and ensure constant administrative access.

Additionally, your new system should make promises about the reliability of their servers. Atomic file management simply means that, as you make changes to your site, the company will preserve old iterations seamlessly without any data loss. The last thing you want is to scrap your entire site just because of a massive systemwide failure.

Subscription Periods, Refund, and Account Cancellation Policies

Ultimately, purchasing and renewing your account are the nitty-gritty of investing in a web hosting service. Keep on the look out for companies that boast generous refund and customer satisfaction guarantees – this is a good sign that the company is confident in their product.

Some malicious companies charge exorbitant cancellation fees or force you to buy a whole year worth of web hosting services. Most users prefer to make small monthly payments rather than jumping into a service they may not need in a few months time.

Along these lines, crashes and equipment will fail over time – it's just a fact of life. At any time, your site is vulnerable to attacks, viruses, and natural disasters that wipe out company servers.

The web hosting service should clearly state how regularly they back up files in order to avoid disastrous consequences. Through the joys of distributed cloud-based architecture, your hosting provider should ensure full site access even if your site database is wiped.

Don't be afraid to reach out to the company and ask: does the company provide full backups frequently? Can site backups be completed manually with administrative permissions? Do you have to backup files yourself?

FatCow Review

Fatcow Review

Since 1998, FatCow web hosting has provided excellent service to both individual freelancers and large businesses. Through offering reasonable prices with even better data protection guarantees, FatCow has made a big name for itself in the world of site hosting.

With free domain names, customized email, and 24/7 customer support, FatCow prides itself on providing reliable service for any size website. Whether you're running a large e-commerce scheme or single page, FatCow can manage pages for years to come.

Although their hardware isn't the most modern, it provides some of the best server uptime guarantees at the lowest possible monthly pricing. As your site grows, you can upgrade to unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and emails in order to ensure company success over time.

Many customers appreciate how transparent the FatCow company is. Customers who opt into the lowest possible introductory account get access to 24/7 monitoring, visitor statistics, free cloud storage, and fast transfer rates.

Fatcow Review

If you're building your site for the first time, FatCow provides easy to use site builders and endless options for customization. Even the least tech-oriented individuals are able to create a good looking web service that is reliable for high client traffic.

No worries, the service is friendly for web developers too. With full PHP support and unlimited MySQL databases, more experienced users are able to create fully-fledged sites.

In order to help a company succeed, FatCow offers marketing add-ons: customers can receive informational material, Google Ads credit, and facebook advertising credit. FatCow is best suited for small to midsize companies that are looking to expand their professional reach.

Fatcow Review

Not satisfied? No worries, the web hosting service offers a money back guarantee for the first thirty days after purchase. Every month, you'll have the option to cancel your account at any time with no excess hidden charges.

You should be aware that there are some drawbacks to FatCow web hosting as compared to other services. The biggest disadvantage is that FatCow has slightly lower uptime guarantees at only 99.62 percent for the last year. Although this will not cause a complication for the vast majority of customers, very large companies with high needs for constant uptime may rethink the decision to invest in FatCow.

Pros of FatCow

  • Unlimited transfer, bandwidth, and disk space use limits at a very low cost.
  • Generous Google Ads, Bing Search, and Facebook ad credits to help your business grow.
  • Multi platform support that includes daily server backups, multi-gigabyte connections, and backup generator systems to ensure consistent site access.

Cons of FatCow

  • Slightly lower server uptime than competitor services.

Verdict on FatCow

Overall, it's hard to find a service more trusted or cost-effective among customers than FatCow. With unlimited support for different programming interfaces and high quality customer service, it's likely you'll be very satisfied.

Fatcow Review

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