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Whether you have started building or upgrading your website, you may be wondering how to increase its performance, so you bring the best experience to your customers. There are many services you can use to keep your page optimized and secure for visitors.

Have you ever felt like not having the right tools for your website? Wouldn’t it be great to have a complete and reliable service while creating your online presence? Even though these companies are not easy to find, impressive services like HostGator make users want to spread the word.

After working on my website with HostGator for five years, I have discovered some insights that future users may find useful. My intention with this review is sharing the experience in detail, so you can make an accurate and informed decision based on your needs.

How Much Hostgator Has Changed Since 2002

Hostgator Review - History of Hostgator

They have gone through several phases of change, producing the biggest updates of its trajectory in the last decade. This hosting company boomed after 2009 and has spread to millions of users around the world since its partnership with WordPress.

A smart way to pick the best companies consists of looking at social proof. As for HostGator, customers have found their servers so functional that the company rated five stars at one point! The company remembers 2016 as the year of association with WordPress, receiving countless awards.

From my perspective, it is evident that they must provide an exceptionally high-performance service. Because of this, I believe this website can help you develop your page and, therefore, improve your online presence.

The First Impression

When entering the web page, we will see a wide variety of options to adapt to our necessities. The software implemented ranges from WordPress personal pages to business websites requiring higher performance.

For what I have seen in the plans available, HostGator can provide you a complete list of practical tools to build your website. When it comes to the development of business structures, these integrated solutions cover every possible need in a simple control panel.

They Teach You How to Start a Website

Aside from the periodical software improvements, HostGator has created a company blog sharing tutorials, tips, and tricks to create your website.

Even the most advanced creators can learn something new from the newsfeed, where the team has been creating daily content since May 2007.

Hostgator - Start a Website

They really want you to make the most out of their hosting service, and also create the best website ever. When having so much valuable content, how cannot you create a successful website?

  • Website Building: For those people who are beginners in the digital world, the hosting company shares a step-by-step guide to help you build pages as a professional. In this section, you will learn to create a functional page from absolute zero.
  • Q&A Section: Apart from the Frequent Asked Questions, HostGator makes a recap of the recent topics discussed and going over the requested information.
  • Expert Protection Tips: When getting started with a successful page, page speed and security require higher standards. They already include protection software, 99,9% up-time, and decent processing speed for average websites, but you can also follow their blog tips to improve these factors.

How to Know If Hostgator Is for You?

It all comes down to your website requirements. Some users have started seeing a decreasing performance with greater projects and large companies. If your plan requires having a large number of resources available, HostGator may not be the best option for you!

However, most users never experience these limitations. For beginners, the hosting service works fabulously and represents a head start for website development.

Hostgator - Tool

Entire online stores, well-known blogs, and service pages have built their businesses with this trusted host. What I recommend you to do is contacting the support team to inform about what works better for your online model.

What Are the Pros and Cons?

What criteria do you use to make the right choice? You may use these facts, which have been confirmed by millions of users with their experiences. As we go through these topics, make sure to ask: Is this valuable for my website?

Certain benefits might be unnecessary for your situation, and some inconveniences may not affect negatively your website. I’ve listed the points considered relevant during the hosting experience.

Hostgator - Maiin

The Most Notable Features for Web Building Newcomers

The Simplest Setup Ever

Within six minutes of registration, you may be ready to work on your new website. The team has structured the software in such a concise way that anybody can start using HostGator right away.

The same applies to the installation of complements for security, website edition, and SEO tools, among others.

Wide Plan Selection

The plans include the essential tools for web design at a reasonable price.At first, I used the Hatching Plan at $2,75 per month, which is a convenient offer to start testing the software. Without including complements, the best value provided by HostGator is the Business Plan, starting at $5,95.

Hostgator Review - Share

Multiple Shared Hosting Alternatives

The service provides VPS, cloud, shared hosting options as well as including web design applications and SEO tools, so you have all your tools organized in one place.

Highly Valued Programs Given For Free

Future users will appreciate the many freebies than the hosting server has to offer.

Apart from offering the Web Designer and famous open-source apps, you get $100 worth in Google AdWords to start sharing your project with the world (and getting your first visitors!).

45-Day Money-Back Guarantee

After working with millions of people, the members understand that they cannot please everybody. Perhaps your plan changes in the future and HostGator no longer is the best option for you. No worries! At least you have 45 days to verify your decision. In that time, you can test as much as you see convenient to see if the service matches your standards.

The Most Recommended Features for Expert Web Designers

Strong And Stable Up-Time

To prepare and meet the traffic demand, website creators require a stable connection with the hosting service. As they state, the company will refund every month of service in case their up-time gets lower than 99%. They have never failed its customer in this aspect, which is crucial in periods when the traffic volume is extremely high, such as Christmas. Will you be ready for the next boom?

Hostgator Review - Performance

cPanel Structure

The control panel included allows us to adapt the website and make changes quickly, upgrading the website with plugins and custom coding. With this virtual center, you will be able to track everything happening in your domain, receiving periodical updates from the hosting team.

Hostgator Review - Support

Constant Service Assistance

Did we mention the 24/7/365 customer service offered? For those who manage working businesses, it is vital for landing pages to receive 24h support in case of an emergency. By clicking at the Contact Us section, you will connect with the team of

In urgent scenarios, you can connect within 20 seconds using the live chat, but email and phone communication are also available. They have got your back!

The sum of these features defines them, a hosting leader providing reliable services since 2002.

What Is the Downside?

The immense value that the company provides makes a lot of people to want to be part of this movement. What happens when demand increases so quickly are that resources get limited unless the servers upgrade accordingly.

Because of this, many customers have started reporting performance issues when it comes to large websites. Today, the popularity of the company has limited the functionality of the service for bigger clients.

Final Thoughts. What should I do?

HostGator has served to increase the traffic of my website, and so it does helping millions of daily users. The effectiveness is quite relative to your own website objectives. Then, what type of people should use them?

People who are building a professional website for the first time will experience massive benefits from moving forward. There are so much content and resources that the HostGator offer is a no-brainer for new creators.

When having existing websites with lots of views, it is recommended to ask for an expert opinion before taking action. The current limitations of the program may not satisfy most profiles, and I would prefer comparing different hosting options.

Regardless of the taken decision, positive facts are clear. There is a reason why HostGator has been recognized internationally among entrepreneurs, collaborated with WordPress, and used by several active users.

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