How To Get SEO Clients

If you are opening up your own SEO Agency, you need to have what it takes to steer clients in your direction. One of the most essential is understanding what strategies and techniques that have already been tried and proven in the SEO industry. More importantly, you need to design and implement your own unique formula that adds value to any organization that needs your services.

To build a strong marketing campaign that will drive clients to you, here are 6 How To Get SEO Clients recommendations that you need to know.

Pitching SEO Services

Listen Actively to Your Industry Experts

How To Get SEO Clients

As with any business venture that you want to start, one of the smartest moves is to listen to your industry experts. Because of the common challenges that businesses inherently face, you can eliminate some of these issues by listening to both their problems and solutions. In short, the information that they share about their business experiences with growing their SEO client base is usually invaluable to you and the strategies that you are proposing to use in your campaigns.

Typically, if the industry experts have already tried to broaden their target audience in the same manner that you are considering, you may not want to attempt the same if it has already failed. Or, you may want to consider a new modification or tweak to the same campaign to make it work. In either case, the suggestions and recommendations that you hear from industry experts can help you in building a successful SEO client marketing campaign without the unnecessary common struggles.

Single Out the Most Suitable SEO Keywords and Keyword Phrase to Optimize Your Own Site

If you are a successful company that knows your business, the services that you provide for others will also work for you. Therefore, as you seek to increase your customer base of SEO clients, you need to make sure that your own site is optimized and reflects the appropriate SEO keywords and phrases.

How To Get SEO Clients

With that being said, prior to starting your own search for clients, one of the first things that you need to do is to make an exhaustive list of relevant keywords. Here are some great recommendations that you should consider as you move forward in creating your own unique listing.

  • Choosing an SEO agency
  • Best SEO companies.
  • How to build quality links.
  • Recommend an SEO agency.
  • How much do SEO services cost.
  • How to build quality links.
  • How to get rid of bad backlinks.
  • Google manual penalty.

By optimizing your own site, your site will not only be visible in the top searches for prospective clients to see and click on but also prove the validity of your services. This is especially the case for those of clients whose primary goal is to be seen at the top of Google and other major search engines like Bing and Yahoo.

Brand Your SEO Company as Reliable and Trustworthy — Avoid the Hard Sell

How To Get SEO Clients

As you begin designing your strategy, you need to determine which tone your campaign is going to take. Since the tone can make a big difference in attracting or repelling prospective clients, it is best to avoid the hard sell tactics. Instead, the image that you present should reach out to clients that's really looking to trust your work and the services that you provide.

To build this kind of relationship, you should make sure that your campaign focuses on the following:

  • Customized advice from professionals.
  • Tips and guidance on what their SEO Campaigns should look like.
  • Video consultancies through face to face interactions.
  • Transformation tactics that concentrate on moving clients from taking advantage of your free advice to a paid account for services rendered.

Take Advantage of Online Social Media Networks Like Facebook and Forums

Just like you would use local events and business gatherings to drum up support and clients for your business, you can use the same or similar techniques and strategies with the use of online resources as well. For instance, most business owners and their representatives have found that they can easily connect with groups of like minds and objectives.

How To Get SEO Clients

Therefore, if you want to well with ease in networking online, you should join social media networks and forums that need the SEO services that you are providing.

Before you join, however, you need to know the protocol of these groups so that you do not violate their culture nor the sponsors of these groups. By paying close attention, you can seamlessly join in and offer value in numerous ways, while also offering your services to the business owners that need what you have.

Your primary objective is to also be seen as an authority on the topic in these settings so that your services are reputable and reliable in these social network settings.

Don't Forget to Narrow Down and Refine Your Target Audience

As you build your perfect marketing strategy to attract your clients, it is very important that you narrow down your prospects and refine it to a particular group or type of companies. For instance, if your business is offering services to small to midsize companies, you need to make sure that your target audiences reflect this profile before designing and launching your marketing campaign.

How To Get SEO Clients

On the other hand, if your company is looking to service Big Brands like Walmart and other national and international chains, you need a campaign that will easily connect to the services that they are offering. For instance, when you are creating your communications, you need to make sure that you are addressing your marketing promotions to top-level positions like Digital Marketing Directors and Marketing managers.

Contrariwise, if your communications are going to be addressed to the smaller enterprises, your promotions should be addressed to the CEO or the Founder of the organizations. Identifying your audience in advance can also help in creating the most effective ad campaigns.

Document Actions Clearly Before Launching Your Strategy

How To Get SEO Clients

When you begin to write your plan, it is important that you have every element and detail clearly outlined. By documenting the campaign that tells you how to create and implement each stage of growing your SEO client base, you and everyone else involved will know exactly what you are expecting to achieve. By using this type of documentation that explains how things should work, you will also have a chance to make changes and updates to improve your strategy as you go. This document should also include dates that detail the start-up of the campaign, miles stones and etc.


How to Get SEO Clients do not have to be a difficult task or responsibility for business owners who are looking to serve a significant group of SEO clients. Thankfully, there is a lot of valuable recommendations and tips online that can assist you with many different things that you can do.

Many of the most notable and effective consists of paying close attention to what SEO industry experts are saying, optimizing your own business site with the best suitable SEO keywords and keyword phrases, and documenting your plan well before getting started.

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