How To Make Money From Google Without An Investment

Have you noticed how some people seem to know all the tricks for making money online? Would you like to earn some extra cash without needing to invest a ton first?

There are many different legitimate ways that you can earn money online that require no investment. However, there are also lots of scams out there, so you'll want to be sure to do your share of research before signing up with any site that promises it can make you rich quick.

To help simplify your search, we have compiled a list of nine ways you can earn money from home. All of the items on our list require no investment, so you should be able to sign up and get started right away if they strike your fancy.

Sign Up with Google AdSense

If you have a website, you can easily monetize it using Google AdSense. Signing up requires no investment, but can turn out to be quite lucrative for you. First, you will select the ad format and type that will work best on your site. These options include text only ads and text/image ads.

After you select the ad type you prefer, you will get to choose which part of your site you would like the ads to be displayed on. Once you've set up these options, advertisers will bid for ad space on your site.

Google takes care of billing the advertisers; you only have to sit back and wait to get paid. You'll need to have a certain amount built up in your account in order to be paid. The amount required varies based on different thresholds set by Google.

You can also use Google AdSense to make money on game sites and through video content. If you have created any web-based games, you can have ads integrated into your games to make some extra money. If you post any video content on your website of blog, you may also be able to earn additional money using Google AdSense. Videos can be integrated into your video or overlaid on your viewer.

Become an Affiliate Marketer with Amazon

Signing up for the Amazon Associates Program can turn out to be a very rewarding decision. You select different products that you want to share and promote to others, and when people purchase the products you promote, you'll receive a commission.

If you have an online blog or large social media following, you have the potential to earn a lot of money as an affiliate marketer. A unique link will be generated for each product you choose to promote. Whenever people click on your link and follow through with making a purchase, you'll get a cut. It's pretty easy to see how the income can quickly add up when more and more people click on your links.

Look for Other Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

In addition to Amazon's affiliate marketing program, there are many other affiliate programs out there that you can sign up for. These programs work in a very similar way to Amazon's program. You will generate a unique link to share with your friends, family, and website viewers. When people click on your link and make a purchase through the company, you will receive a commission from the sale.

When you start exploring different companies and websites, you'll find that many have an affiliate program. Affiliate programs also help drive more visitors to the websites of these companies, so you'll likely be able to find different options related to the type of website you run and the content you offer.

Signing up to be an affiliate with multiple companies can be rewarding. You can work the products or services offered by the different businesses into your blog posts or social media posts. The more you have to offer your website visitors, the more likely it will be they find something they need and make a purchase.

Apply to Be a Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant can be a very profitable job you can complete from the comfort of your own home. The tasks you'll complete will vary based on the specific position you take, but may include responding to email, researching projects, or moderating comments on social media.

If you're interested in becoming a virtual assistant, you can likely find some posting on different job boards. Be prepared to put your best foot forward and sell yourself. These positions are often highly competitive. Share your knowledge, expertise, and what you'll be able to contribute to the company.

Start a Blog

Starting a profitable blog will take a little time, but the investment of time can pay off big. A blog is your pathway to implement some of the other money-making tips we shared. When you run a blog, you can earn money by running advertisements on it. You can also use it to share articles with links to the various affiliate programs you have signed up for. If you have a skill or lesson of value to share with others, you may also consider using your blog to run online courses or webinars for your visitors.

Sell Articles as a Freelance Writer

If you have a passion for writing or consider yourself a decent writer, you can find many opportunities to make money online as a freelance writer. Depending on your skill and background, you may be able to seek out clients and offer your services directly to them. You could offer to perform just about any number of tasks, including creating content for their social media pages, writing content for websites, composing monthly customer newsletters, or anything else related to the specific needs of each person you prospect.

You may even be interested in creating and selling eBooks on the Kindle shop. Some authors have even found success with selling their services to others on Craigslist.

If you don't have much experience yet and can't get your foot in the door on your own, there are various websites designed to help content writers find tasks they can complete. Two of the more popular options are Textbroker and

Both of these sites include an application process where your writing will be rated and reviewed. Your rating will determine how much you can earn per word/article you write. After you are approved and accepted, you will be able to browse through different articles that are available and pick up ones that you are interested in working on.

Once you submit an article, the client has the option to approve it, request revisions, or reject it. As soon as an article is approved, the money will show up in your account. Both iWriter and Textbroker offer weekly payout options.

Perform Various Jobs as a Freelancer

You can do much more than just writing as a freelancer. There are many other websites available that can help you connect with businesses or individuals looking for the specific services you offer.

One great option to consider trying out is With this site, you can list just about any (legal) service that you're willing to perform for others and set the amount you're looking to get paid. They offer more than 120 different categories related to digital marketing, design, music, audio, video, animation, translation, writing, and more.

You can make your work more appealing to potential buyers by adding photos or videos to your gig descriptions. Fiverr also lets you add keywords when setting up your gigs so that they'll show up when people perform a search.

Upwork is another freelancing website that you may want to look into. On this site, clients post a variety of jobs and projects. Some may be one-off tasks, while others may be recurring projects that you'll be able to use to develop a steady stream of income.

After you get started with Upwork and complete your profile, they'll highlight jobs that are a good match for your skills and interests. When you see a listing that is appealing to you, you can apply for it. If the client decides to hire you, you can get started earning money right away. Part of the registration process involves creating a profile. You'll want to invest some time here, since this is one of the first things potential clients will see, and it can impact whether they decide to hire you.

You can also apply to work with PeoplePerHour. With this freelance site, you create a profile, offer your services, and set a price for the work you're willing to complete. Clients will post jobs they need done, and you can create a proposal to apply for the job. Clients prepay in to an escrow account on PeoplePerHour, so you can feel confident that you'll get paid if you complete the work you were given.

Become an Online Teacher or Tutor

There are lots of websites that offer virtual teaching or tutoring services for students. Some of these sites do require that you have a degree in education, but some do not have this requirement. You can earn as much as $20 to $30 an hour as an online teacher.

Some online teaching and tutoring options for you to look into include Education First, K12, Universal Class, Rosetta Stone, and Johns Hopkins University. There are also a variety of teaching sites that teach English to students in China and other countries overseas. These include VIPKid, Magic Ears, SayABC, DaDa, and QKids.

Make Money Through YouTube

You can also make money by uploading videos to YouTube. If you enable ads on your videos, you'll receive money each time one of your viewers clicks on an ad. Before you'll be able to enable ads, you will need to build an audience and reach the minimum benchmarks required for monetizing videos.

You can make videos about anything that you have some knowledge about. Consider making an exercise video or sharing some of your favorite recipes. You could also provide viewers with tips related to managing finances, online dating, clean eating, getting the best deal on a product, or any other number of things.

While there is no such thing as free money, there are tons of opportunities available to earn money online that do not require you to invest any of your own money. Everyone should be able to select an item or two from our list that will fit their skills, lifestyle, and needs. Which opportunity is your favorite? Pick one and get started today; soon you'll see the money come rolling in!