Jared Goetz Review

When I first heard Jared Goetz’ story and came across his image of him standing in front of his expensive car, I honestly thought it was all lies constructed to manipulate naive people into giving him money.

I’ve seen so many claims online and in infomercials from people who preach about how you can “get rich quick,” and all you have to do is buy their expensive program or give them money. And of course, the overwhelming majority of the time, it is all lies and their programs don’t work.

So, when I learned that Jared Goetz was selling a e-commerce training program that he claimed could help you make money online, I was skeptical. Then, I actually took a close look at Jared and his program, and honestly, I was impressed.

My views about Jared and his program are my own. I am just an ordinary person who, like you, wanted to know what he and his program is about, so I ventured out to find out for myself. This Jared Goetz review will explain everything I’ve discovered about Jared and his program.

This review will break down Jared’s past and his current success, and it will also explore his eCom Hacks Academy program in full detail. Finally, this review will explain the difference between Jared’s drop surfing method and the typical drop shipping method.

If you want to learn all of those things and more, then just keep reading.

Who is Jared Goetz?

He is an entrepreneur who gained fame in the business world after having the second fastest growing store on Shopify in 2017. Since then, he has earned a multi-million dollar profit, and he currently runs five successful Shopify stores.

His success has lead him to be featured in well-respected media publications including Entrepreneur, Forbes, and CNBC.

Jared Goetz - Traffic Tsunami

What is eCom Hacks Academy?

eCom Hacks Academy is a program created by Jared Goetz that teaches users how to create successful Shopify stores and businesses by using Jared’s drop surfing method of e-commerce rather than the typical e-commerce method of drop shipping.

Drop Surfing vs Drop Shipping

Drop shipping and drop surfing are both forms of e-commerce that involve selling products from a third-party supplier at a higher price than you paid to buy them.

The products you sell are typically shipped from your third-party supplier, so you do not have to personally handle any shipping.

The difference between drop shipping and drop surfing is that drop shipping typically requires building a brand around the niche products you are selling.

Jared’s drop surfing method doesn’t require building a brand because you are only selling trending products while they are hot then moving on to other products once your original product cools down in popularity.

Drop Surfing Pros

  • The biggest pro of drop surfing is there is less risk because you know the product you are selling is popular and will likely be bought by numerous people if you market it well.
  • Another pro of drop surfing is that you don’t have to worry about building an entire brand centered around your product since you will only be selling it temporarily.
  • Drop surfing is also a good method because you don’t have to focus as much on getting targeted traffic to your product. Since the product you’re selling is very popular, you don’t need to try to market it to a selective group of people.
  • Very popular products are usually sought by nearly everyone, so as long as you get any traffic to your product or store, you can sell your product very well.

Drop Surfing Cons

  • Unfortunately, since drop surfing requires chasing trends, you’ll likely have to spend a lot of time staying on top of what is popular. This can limit the amount of time you’ll have to do other things.
  • Creating an e-commerce business by chasing trends rather than building a niche brand can also mean that you won’t have the option to sell your store like drop shippers can who have built an entire brand in a specific industry or niche market.

Now that you know what Jared’s method of drop surfing is as well as its pros and cons, we will now explore his eCom Hacks Academy program in detail.

eCom Hacks Academy in a Nutshell

eCom Hacks Academy has four modules. It costs $1,999, and it is recommended that you have at least $1,000 in additional income to cover start-up costs for your business.

Jared Goetz eCom Hacks - Traffic Tsunami

eCom Hacks Academy’s four modules are split between 46 lessons, and with the program, you’ll have direct access to the eCom Hacks community, Jared, and his dedicated team.

Module 1: Structure

The first module in the eCom Hacks Academy program provides a general overview on how drop shipping and his drop surfing method work.

Jared will demonstrate how to open up your first Shopify store, buy your domain name, set up your business phone number and email for customer support, create meta descriptions, ship your products, and set up payment methods.

This module has 10 lessons.

Module 2: Setting up Your Store to Convert

The second module in the eCom Hacks Academy program teaches you how to increase your conversion rates. This module also teaches you how to set up email sequences, add free shipping and upsell products to increase sales, and create a FAQs page.

This module will also teach you how to add a customer reviews section. This module in the eCom Hacks Academy program is one of the largest and has 16 lessons.

Module 3: Products

The third module in the eCom Hacks Academy program shows you how to identify the hottest products to promote and sell. This module will also teach you what features and signs to look for when eyeing for a good potential product.

This module also teaches you how to add products to your store, where to source products from, and to fulfill orders.

This module of the eCom Hacks Academy program is the shortest and has only 4 lessons.

Module 4: Advertising

The fourth module in the eCom Hacks Academy program explains how to set up a successful Facebook marketing and advertising campaign. This module covers how to drive traffic to your store, how to design ads, and how to set up your advertising budget.

More specifically, this module teaches you how to create your Facebook page, select a business manager and set up ad accounts, scale your store and advertising, and build your audience.

This module has 14 lessons and 2 bonus videos that feature Jake Tenenbaum.

Jake Tenenbaum is a senior client success manager who has multiple years of experience with marketing and advertising. He has worked in e-commerce advertising for multiple years and has worked closely with clients on Facebook and digital marketing strategies.

The eCom Hacks Academy Private Community

Members of the eCom Hacks Academy have immediate access to the private members-only Facebook group. Members in this group can discuss their plans and concerns and ask each other questions. Members can also share and pass on words of encouragement and advice.

The eCom Hacks Academy private Facebook groups regularly visited by Jared Goetz and his team, so you’ll have direct access to them for questions and support.

eCom Hacks Academy Pros and Cons

The eCom Hacks Academy program is proven to work by Jared Goetz’ own success in e-commerce. This program is cheaper than many alternatives, and Jared’s drop surfing method is more risk-free than the traditional drop shipping method.

Despite these pros and the many more listed throughout this review, eCom Hacks Academy does have a few negatives. The biggest drawback of eCom Hacks Academy is the fact that Jared doesn’t explain any other advertising methods besides Facebook marketing.

While Facebook is currently the biggest platform, Instagram, YouTube, and Google Ads are other advertising platforms that are big as well. Yet, advertising on these platforms aren’t mentioned or discussed at all.

Another drawback from the eCom Hacks Academy program is the fact that a lot of the information covered in the program can be learned for free online or at much cheaper prices elsewhere.

However, what sets eCom Hacks Academy apart from these cheaper alternatives is that you’ll have access to Jared Goetz. If Jared’s success is something you aspire to have, it only makes sense that you learn how to acquire it from him.

Final Verdict

Overall, the eCom Hacks Academy program is worth checking out. Though it costs quite a lot, what you could potentially earn from following this program is worth the price.

Jared’s success speaks to his ability to do the things he is teaching. The saying those who can’t, teach, does not apply to him. He didn’t make it into Forbes or CNBC by not knowing what he was doing.

The eCom Hacks Academy program has over 40 lessons that cover every aspect of creating a successful Shopify store. With the drop surfing method that is taught in the ecom Hacks Academy program, you do not have to worry about stocking up on inventory that you may not e able to sell.

This review explored in detail Jared Goetz and his eCom Hacks Academy program. We discussed his drop surfing method and how it differs from drop shipping. We also discussed his program’s modules and what their lessons cover.

Now that you know about Jared Goetz and his program, it’s up to you to decide whether eCom Hacks Academy is something you want to try. If it is, then don’t be afraid to take the leap and sign up to be a member today.

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