Jeff Samis Review

In this article, we'll be reviewing Jeff Samis. He's one part of the Samis Duo, accompanied by his wife Jessica Samis. You might be asking, "Who are the Samis Duo? What do they specialize in, and why is this important for me to know?"

Jeff and Jessica Samis are a husband-and-wife team that specializes in two main categories: FaceBook Ads and online advertising. They are industry-renown specialists with creating highly-profitable FaceBook Ads, and using this skill to advertise for businesses on the web.

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Jeff and "Jess" and the creators of Profit League, an online training course that teaches people how to do what they do: master FaceBook Ads and offer that skill to businesses to help them generate leads. Their students take this knowledge and learn how to become their own independent advertising entities.

To be fair, there is not a lot of information that is available out there about Jeff's personal upbringing and career. Instead of going over his earlier career, we will focus on Jeff's track record as an online business coach and advertiser. Then we will outline what his courses offer, and what's necessary to work with Jeff and his "partner in crime" Jessica.

A Little About Me

Before we get into Jeff and his advertising coaching, I want to give a brief introduction into who I am. My name's Simon, a 27-year-old residing in Evanston, IL> I started my journey to self-made income in 2018 when I became a freelance writer. From there, I invested in opportunities and courses that I could use to become financially free.

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However, I don't consider myself a "professional" in any one skill, and I possess no real certifications in any career fields. I'm a pretty normal guy who wants to live a life that I enjoy. And if you're anything like me, you also realize that life is a lot easier when your money is right!

I was always interested in entrepreneurial opportunities, as I never liked the idea that I needed a job where my money was ultimately controlled by someone else. If I didn't follow their rules, no matter how stupid or how useless, then they had the right to cut my money off.

However, the honest truth was simple: I didn't have the money or discipline to be financially independent. I didn't have the cash to pay for proper training, and I didn't have the discipline to save the cash for that proper training.

It wasn't until I got fired from yet another dead-end job that I had to make a change. With nowhere to turn, I fired up an old writing account that I qualified for and starting writing. It took a little time, but within a a month, I was able to double my income with working 15 hours less than I would at those dead-end jobs.

There are a lot of coaching programs out there. You probably have seen several yourself, especially with FaceBook targeting entrepreneurs with ads for these courses. If you've been searching for independent-business training, then you probably already see how well-targeted these ads are.

I joined an eCommerce course that focused on creating Shopify wealth. I have to say, I completely believe that eCommerce can generate the wealth that allows entrepreneurs to live the life of luxury. However, I just didn't care for being a retailer, even if it was just online.

However, this eCommerce course included extensive training on FaceBook Ads, Instagram Traffic, YouTube traffic and Google traffic through first-page-ranked web content.

This was great training for learning to advertise Shopify, but this advertising skill had far greater possibilities.

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Fact is, as a prospective Shopify retailer, I needed traffic. But why did I need traffic? You know the answer, and so does anyone else who owns their own business. Traffic generates customers, and customers generate money.

Regardless if you are an independent entrepreneur or if you are a multi-billion dollar corporation, you need customers to have a profitable and wealthy business. In order to get these customers, you need effective marketing to to attract those customers to your products and services.

Every business wants and needs effective and targeted advertising. Moreover, the reach and scope of the internet through social media, Google, YouTube and other sources makes internet advertising a highly-desired service.

Even though I didn't care about eCommerce, I cared about the advertising training. This training allowed me to cultivate a skill that I could generate an independent business with, where I supplied the service directly to clients.

Jeff Samis & Profit League

You might be thinking, "That's a nice story buddy, but what does that have to do with Jeff Samis?" Well I'm glad you asked, because I first got introduced to Jeff's material from my younger brother Caleb.

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Caleb had a far more lucrative professional start than I did, being a freelance programmer 2 years before I started writing. He was also very enthusiastic about entrepreneur opportunities, but his friends were always dreamers rather than doers.

But he came home one day talking to me about online advertising. I found this quite funny, because I had been telling him that I was doing it and that he should work with me to get his own slice of the pie.

However, instead of taking me up on that offer, he told me that he just purchased s $4,000 course on FaceBook Ads training. I almost slapped myself brain-dead; I couldn't believer he paid that much money for a course on FaceBook Ads. My eCommerce course was less than a tenth of that price, and included 4 methods of advertising on top of FaceBook Ads.

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The course he talked about was Profit League, a course from Jeff and Jessica Samis that focused on teaching you to harness your skills as a FaceBook Ads specialist. Moreover, it helped you cultivate that skill to start and maintain highly-lucrative advertising contracts from various businesses who wanted premium-level FaceBook-Ads advertising.

I was quite disappointed at first, because I didn't think Caleb needed to get this training from Profit League. However, once I looked over the program and what it entailed, I felt that he spent his money well.

The first reason I changed my mind was due to how Jeff and Jessica taught. Yes, they had 20 pre-designed ad templates that you could use to generate your ads, but the most impressive thing to me was their live training.

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Jeff and Jess schedule two live, weekly training calls where they walk you through your goals and focus, and help you get to where you need to go using FaceBook Ads. This is far different than my training which was done primarily through video. This doesn't mean my training was weaker, but being coached live takes it to another level.

Secondly, Jeff and Jessica have a very positive reputation for their ad-copying skills, and this expertise is demonstrated quite well in this course. They are top-notch copywriting specialists, and they lend that expertise to their student quite generously.

Another thing I personally like is that they do not try to advertise their course as something that "everybody can do." They are very straightforward about what they do with the course, and don't spend a lot of time trying to convince you to be a student. They just inform you and allow you to decide if they are the best fit.


I can say that Jeff and Jessica are very attentive and effective instructors, and their course is worth the money. Is it the only effective learning method for this skill? No, and if money is an issue, it's best to look for courses that are closer to your price range.

However, if you have the money and want effective tutelage, then Jeff and Jess are pretty safe bets. You have to apply the work in order to get the most out of this course, but you aren't going to have to worry about being overpriced.