Jordan Kilburn Review

As a millennial living in 2019, I sometimes find myself struggling with money. I’m often encouraged to stop going to brunch and eating avocado toast, as if those small meals are the answers to my financial woes. As many young professionals today know, it’s not that simple. So, I decided to look for an answer myself. That’s when I came across Jordan Kilburn, the creator of the Millionaire Millennial Academy.

Upon first glass, Jordan’s website seemed pretty bare - a few links to various courses he offers with not a lot of information. So, I went ahead and did some digging. His main teaching is on how to sell on Amazon. After reading some other reviews from experts in the Amazon selling business, I determined that he had good knowledge to impart. I took the plunge and signed up for the beginner 30-day program: “The Millionaire Mindset”.

When I was shopping on Jordan’s site, I was struck immediately by one thing - the prices of his programs. Considering his target is likely folks struggling with their finances, the other two courses offered were of a very high price (in my opinion). His “Amazon Millionaire Mentorship Program” costs $697 and his course on “Social Media Affiliate Marketing” costs a whopping $997. For individuals trying to make extra income by starting their own business, this seems very out of reach.

“The Millionaire Mindset”

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After those observations, I made the very easy decision to go with the beginner program for $57. This course was less of a step by step guide on Amazon marketing, and more of a lifestyle course in which Jordan teaches strategies to get into a successful mindset. For example, there are modules on setting goals, time management, public speaking, and even “being likable”.

A lot of these video classes imparted helpful knowledge, like how to set SMART Goals (an acronym). However, a lot of it also seemed to be common knowledge, while some of it also seemed to have come direct from Jordan’s personal experience. A lot of his knowledge is valuable, but also sort of challenging to make relevant to someone that is different from him (different background, experiences, credentials, etc.). What makes him likable may not make me likable in the same way.

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All in all, I was a little disappointed in this course. I thought I would at least learn some of the Amazon marketing tips I’d heard of on his website, but this program was much more focused on self-help and self-improvement. I understand why those things are valuable, but it’s hard to see how they directly relate to teaching Amazon marketing. Frankly, this program seemed like a way to make money from folks that were unwilling or unable to afford the other two, much more expensive programs while not divulging any real information.

“Amazon Millionaire Mentorship Program”

Up next was Jordan’s “Amazon Millionaire Mentorship Program”. Not willing to spend $697 on a program that I was unsure about, I decided to do some research. I learned that this program is actually very well done! Reading reviews from a few experienced Amazon sellers helped me learn that he seems to include valuable knowledge about this business in this set of videos.

Hopefully so, considering the price!

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It was noted in one review, the only thing that seems to be missing from this program is more updated information on marketing, after Amazon changed the process associated with incentivizing customer reviews. This can simply be chalked up to the policies at the time this program was created, but I think it’s important for users to know so they don’t learn incorrect information and embrace marketing strategies that don’t work. In a perfect world, I’d like to see this part of the program updated.

Having explored this part of Jordan’s program, I decided to learn all I could about the real focus of his business - how to become an Amazon millionaire. From learning what I could about Amazon selling and how people make a profit from it, I’ve decided that it’s very similar to the “how to make money fast while working from home” businesses of our generation. It’s not as easy as it seems, and can be difficult to turn a profit if you don’t know what you’re doing. As stated in one review, if you’re not ready to fully commit and work hard on this, it’s not for you.

I worry that people will try to take on an Amazon retail business, hoping to “get rich quick” - it doesn’t seem like that sort of business at all.


Overall, Jordan Kilburn sells helpful products. As a consumer, it’s on us to look into what we’re going to receive, beyond the advertisements on a website. Before purchasing a course like this, look into exactly what video modules are included and ensure you’ll be getting the information you need.

Before starting a business that’s seemingly a simple side hustle, read about the experiences of others in that business (like Jordan) and understand what goes into it. If you’re looking into becoming successful on Amazon, it looks like his programs are a great place to start.