Keala Kanae Review

When you start a journey to become a successful, independent entrepreneur, there are many hurdles that you can come across. However, most of these hurdles originate from a very common source: a lack of proper training and entrepreneurial education.

As such, the huge demand for business-based coaching and guidance creates providers who can fill that demand. Yet, before the rise of the internet, you would need to fly to seminars and pay loads of money for one-day's worth of training that you might be able to take with you on a recorded video tape or DVD.

The modern age, however, allows anyone to find not one, but hundreds of different entrepreneurial courses simply by searching for one on Google. This offers a convenience that has never existed before, and the amount of training in these courses greatly exceeds what you receive at a seminar.

Keala Kanae Awol AF - Traffic Tsunami

However, there are some downsides. Scam artists have always populated the world of business education, professing groundbreaking knowledge in order to drive sales to their lackluster “courses”.

While entrepreneurs can find courses very quickly, fake gurus can produce and market poor courses at a much more rapid pace as well. The potential is so great that, in many entrepreneurs' minds, every course out there is a scam!

Nevertheless, the fact is that, despite the prevalence of scams, many courses and course providers are legitimate. The course providers provide honest content that is geared to help individuals like yourself become successful online entrepreneurs.

Today, we're going to review Keala Kanae, the founder of AWOL Academy. AWOL Academy is designed to help self-starting entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools to become financially successful in the modern, technological world.

About Me and Addressing Common Fallacies in the Online Entrepreneurial Community

Before we get into Kanae and his work, I want to start by saying that I am a normal person just like yourself. Granted I have been into internet marketing since I was 13, far before social media platforms like YouTube and FaceBook came to be.

In addition, I have spent a large amount of time in health-based internet communities, both on FaceBook as well as various independent forums on the subject. FaceBook houses thousands of these groups alone, and I have seen quite a few of them.

Keala Kanae - Traffic Tsunami

Regardless, I'm still just a normal guy. Despite being a normal guy, I wanted to point this out because, while I'm no professional expert on internet marketing or naturopathic health, I have observed two, distinct commonalities between the two fields:

  • Both fields have consumer bases that desire consultation from experts in the field.
  • The two groups of consumers have very similar ideologies in relation to the information they invest in.

These expectations, while reasonable on the surface, can frequently possess ignorant and entitled viewpoints that don't account for various critical facets of business consultation.

This is very important to recognize, because if you happen to possess one of these ideologies, it can greatly impede your ability to find the best quality training that fits your needs and desires.

Fallacy 1: If Keala Kanae Is so Successful at Online Business, Then Why Doesn't He Teach for Free?

One of the most popular fallacies that entrepreneurs have is that successful entrepreneurs should teach their information for free. The whole idea rests on the fact that these teachers are already wealthy and that they should “need” your money from a course.

To start, if we look at society as a whole, educational services are rarely free. Whether you are a 5th-grade math teacher or a collegiate professor, you are paid for the information and knowledge you teach.

It is very unreasonable to expect that an individual who teaches much-needed information to perform that job for free. However, a big distinction between Keala Kanae and school teachers is pricing. This brings us to our second fallacy.

Fallacy 2: If He's So Wealthy, Why Charge So Much Money? He Must Be Money-Hungry!

This fallacy is closely tied to the first one, and needs just as much clearing up. We demonstrated that teaching is something that people get paid for. However, when it comes to entrepreneurial teaching, it is usually quite a bit more expensive than academic tuition.

Aspiring entrepreneurs must recognize that there is a very big difference between institutional, academic education and education provided through private consultation or training. The difference lies in supply and demand.

Insitutional education has a fairly high population of education providers. Even though student populations often exceed provider population, the fact is that there are a relatively high amount of these teachers in relativity to their demand.

However, with entrepreneurial education, the provider population is quite low. This makes sense because the vast majority of wealth in the world is still held by an extreme minority in the human population.

To put it plainly, the supply-demand ratio for business educators, especially for those who teach independent business owners, favors a high-ticket cost for the service they provide. Because there's so few of them, there is a greater demand to acquire what they have

It is true that Keala Kanae's courses can become somewhat pricey, which would make them out-of-reach for a large portion aspiring entrepreneurs. However, this is not proof of being greedy, it is just proof of supply and demand.

Moreover, in our next-section, we will see how that Kanae fails to demonstrate greed by the way he constructed his online marketing course AWOL.

Keala Kanae's AWOL Course

To be fair, it's not very easy to find in-depth information about Kanae. Aside from a brief bio on his LinkedIn page, there isn't much I could find out about who he is. However, this shouldn't be an automatic indicator of a scam artist.

Keala Kanae Awol - Traffic Tsunami

To be honest, the scam artists might be the people who review him. When I first starting researching Keala, I found blog after blog that reviewed his AWOL Course. They describe it as an affiliate marketing course, and that is their first mistake.

The AWOL course can definitely apply to affiliate marketing, but the content of the course can be applied to ANY online marketing endeavor. Why? Because the course is designed to teach you optimal, internet-marketing skills.

This is very easy to spot by reviewing the actual course on the official product website. However, these reviewers will try to convince you that this course is for affiliate marketing, which is not correct.

Secondly, we mentioned earlier that the courses can becomes quite expensive. The courses are separated into 5 primary classes:

  • Pro Academy – $99.
  • Inbox Academy – $497.
  • Conversion Academy – $1,797.
  • Traffic Academy – $2,997.
  • Masters Academy – $5,497.

If you combine the price of all these courses, you would be putting in close to $11,000 for this course. However, it's important that you recognize two very important things.

Keala Kanae Pro-Academy - Traffic TsunamiKeala Kanae Inbox Academy - Traffic Tsunami

First, each course is a separate, successive course that builds off the previous coursework. He describes his Pro Academy Course as a “101” course, primarily because it is where everyone starts.

He structures the course like a school, meaning that each course is the “grade” above the previous course. As such, until you master the previous course, you cannot buy the succeeding course.

Second, I read many reviews who called these successive courses “upsells”. This claim, however, is terribly inaccurate, and demonstrates the somewhat high level of ignorance perpetuated in the online business communities.

Keala Kanae Conversion Academy - Traffic Tsunami

To give you a real example of an upsell, I'll share an experience I had marketing a particular affiliate product. I was working with products that taught and aided people with spiritual fulfillment. As such, I came across and “enlightenment” program.

The program was hilariously advertised, but I went through the purchase and checkout process to see what it was like. I was shocked to see that there were hidden, “higher level” courses that I didn't even know about.

The original product was called the “Standard” Enlightenment Package, but there was a “Premium” and “Super-Deluxe” Enlightenment courses as well. Each one had the original course content, but the Premium had added features the Standard lacked, and the Super-Deluxe had all the features of the other two, with added features that neither had.

As you can guess, the Super-Deluxe version was most expensive, with Premium and Standard following respectively. Now this might sound a bit funny, but the key here is recognizing that upsells are supposedly upgraded versions of a product. This upgrade is why it is sold at a higher price.

Keala Kanae Traffic Academy - Traffic TsunamiKeala Kanae Masters Academy - Traffic Tsunami

Kanae's courses are not upgrades. They are successive courses that teach a new set of material that you can only use if you mastered the previous course. The Masters Class is not an upgrade to Traffic Academy. It is a new course that is part of your next level of marketing curriculum.

In light of this, ask yourself a question: does Kanae really look money-hungry If he was, he would easily allow people to buy the most expensive courses without caring about whether his students were prepared for it. However, he makes especially sure that people only progress to the courses they are ready to move on to.

Conclusion: Is Kanae Trustworthy

I feel that his course structure alone speaks volume to his dedication to teach. He didn't have to build his course that way, but going that extra step does validate that his primary purpose is your marketing success.

Now, students of the AWOL Academy also have the option to promote the course as an affiliate. For some reason, certain people have a problem with that, but is you are a student of AWOL Academy, then it makes sense to apply your skills as an affiliate of this course.

One difficulty that many affiliates face comes from marketing products they have no experience with. Without that experience, they find it very difficult to write convincing copy for that product.

But if you are a student, you can much more readily create advertising media that is convincing, You can draw from your own life, and you can truthfully talk about the benefits of the course. Moreover, the course is a high-ticket item, so you make considerable profit being an affiliate.

Keala Kanae Awol-101 - Traffic Tsunami

Moreover, his introductory courses are actually rather inexpensive. While the later courses are all considerably over $1,000, his introductory Pro Academy is only $99.

With the course outline, Keala is putting you through a course that will allow you to make the money to not only purchase future courses, but to generate financial success to a point where, if you so choose, you wouldn't need advanced courses.

Overall, Keala Kanae and his AWOL course demonstrate a fine example of trustworthy education for your marketing and internet advertising needs. You can take a closer look at his official AWOL website at

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