Kevin David Review

So you're looking to get some information about this Kevin David character right?

You see this guy's face EVERYWHERE.

It's like he's following you around the darn internet (actually, he is).

I have experience with ALL of Kevin's courses and I've been following him since the beginning, so I'll give you BOTH the good and bad on him. I'm not just going to tell you how great he is and then recommend you buy his products so I make a commission (that's what all those reviews do by the way).

Actually, I recommend buying NOTHING on this page and only recommend and reference his free training.

The reason I do this is because his free training is actually really good and you can learn a lot from it. And because his teaching style may not be for everyone, so you can get a feel for him first.

So lets talk about this dude that has been following you around the

Who is Kevin David?

Kevin David started his journey into eCommerce in 2017, starting THATLifestyleNinja. In less than 12 months, David generated $2.1 million in sales on Amazon FBA. Since then, David has gone on to launch multiple 6, 7, and 8-figure storefronts through his careful eCommerce dealings.

Kevin David - Traffic Tsunami

His success has featured him in the likes of Forbes, Inc and Entrepreneur magazines, and using the THATLifestyleNinja brand, Kevin David has launched several courses designed to teach both beginners and veteran merchants how to create highly-profitable eCommerce ventures.

With great deal of commercial and public exposure that Kevin has generated, there are a lot of polarizing opinions about him. In this review, we are going to go over Kevin's beginnings, his courses, his credibility, and some final perspectives based on my experience with his work and online business.

From Corporate 9-5 to eCommerce Giant

I've been involved and interested in internet business since 2002. At the age of 14, my older brother's obsession with entrepreneurship and the dream of financial freedom turned its sights to the internet. It was an obsession that I could get with; I never liked the idea of working for something that I didn't control.

From Corporate 9-5 to eCommerce Giant - Traffic Tsunami

Even at a time where Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube didn't exist, entrepreneurs of all kinds were frantic to find ways to exploit the commercial potential of the internet. Even in those times, the internet was flooded with programs and network marketing ventures promising wealth, fortune and financial freedom.

Every program started with the same tag line:

I was a broke, 21-year-old loser with no money. Then, with the push of a button, I went from local-zero buying my mom a brand new Porsche for her birthday!!

Even after all this time, many online business ventures use the same type of marketing tactics to advertise their business. What's even more startling is that, to this day, people still flock to these programs hoping that this new program will finally be "The One."

With this in mind, it is somewhat refreshing to know that Kevin David's doesn't follow that model. Kevin David was not a "broke loser" when he began his first eCommerce ventures. In fact, according to his bio, he held a prestigious, corporate accounting position that most would consider a "dream job".

Business Plan - Traffic Tsunami

However, Kevin was not satisfied with his line of work. First, Kevin always had an itch for entrepreneurship. Ever since he was 14, Kevin would find ways to create his own financial streams of income, selling anything from trading cards to candy bars.

Secondly, despite earning over $80,000 a year at this job, he spent nearly 80 hours a week working this position. He was left feeling that he lost the freedom to use his time the way he wanted.

The combination of his life-long entrepreneurial goals and his desire to live life on his own terms pushed Kevin to explore the internet for opportunities to create stable streams of income. This search led him to Amazon FBA.

There is a LOT of Amazon FBA training on the web, and before looking into purchasing any of them I HIGHLY suggest checking out Kevin's free training:

Just A Few Of The Testimonials From This Course:

The free training above exposes more than 99% of the paid courses out there and you can do it all risk free.

12 months after stumbling upon and launching his first product on Amazon FBA, David generated an impressive $2.1 million in sales. From there, he would go on to dominate with Shopify's online storefronts and launched THATLifestyleNinja.

If you want to know how he did it, the free Shopify training will explain everything:

Just A Few Of The Testimonials From This Course:

Through THATLifestyleNinja, Kevin launched 4 distinct entrepreneurial courses that he calls his Ninja Masterclasses. Each Ninja Masterclass covers a distinct, online entrepreneurial pathway: Shopify, Amazon FBA, Facebook Ads and Digital Course Creation.

These courses have over 10,000 students from various walks of like who have sought Kevin out to learn how to apply his knowledge, tools and experience to create their own eCommerce fortunes.

Ninja Masterclasses

Despite covering 4 different fields of focus, David's Ninja Masterclasses all designed with a similar format and structure. Each Masterclass emphasizes the same key features, which are:

  • Large Video Training Libraries.
  • Private Facebook Groups.
  • Weekly, Live Webinars.
  • 1-on-1 Guidance From Kevin Himself.
  • Supplementary Bonuses.

Large Library of Video-Training

One key feature of David's lies in his video training. The courses usually contain libraries of over 100 training videos, all of which are organized into succinct training modules.

Private Facebook Groups, Live Webinars and Direct Access to Kevin

eCommerce, David often emphasizes the importance of updated knowledge and applying that knowledge immediately. He stresses that many things that work at one moment with eCommerce might become obsolete at a moment's notice.

As such, David has implemented several key components into his Ninja courses to neutralize this problem. First, every course has a specific Private Facebook Group that is exclusive to students of that particular Masterclass.

These private groups allow students to share their experiences, knowledge, successes and strategies with one another. Moreover, Kevin ensures that he is constantly active in the groups on a daily basis. In this way, both Kevin and other successful students can constantly provide updated information that keep students ahead of the curve.

Moreover, Kevin provides live, weekly webinars covering his latest discoveries, techniques and insights about optimum eCommerce protocol.


In addition to the above content, each Masterclass comes with supplementary bonuses that go along with the original course content. For example, the Facebook Ads Masterclass teaches how to master the use of Facebook Ads for any business venture. 

In the bonuses, there is a mini-course going over how to set up Shopify stores. This course is a pretty good supplement, because it give you a business that you can apply your ads expertise to.

If none of this interests you, you may want to check out the LC2S bonus.

On top of all this, the courses are designed to be beneficial to all experience levels. I can't say for sure if seasoned veteran would really need these courses, but I can see how certain modules might provide veterans in these fields with info they can use to optimize their business.

One of his most successful courses is his Facebook Ads training.

Many people don't know this, but he has legitimately made millions of dollars through running his ads. 

Although they are all good, this is my favorite of his courses. It took me from a complete beginner to an expert within a short period of time.

But as with all of his courses, I do NOT recommend you buy it right away. Checkout his free training first!

There's tons of great information in the free training alone and that may be enough for what you are looking for. You can also get a feel for Kevin's teaching style to see if it's a fit for you, without having to invest any money...

Just A Few Of The Testimonials From This Course:

Is Kevin Legit, or A Scam Artist: Dark Side Perspective [Part - 1]

Entrepreneurship has always been plagued with scam artists. Even in ancient human history, merchants and business moguls were always suspected of trying to "pull on over" on consumers and business associates alike.

However, our modern digital era has allowed these type of scams to flourish in ways that are far beyond what was previously possible. So it can be quite hard to trust an individual when they claim to offer a proverbial "golden ticket".

To be honest, sales specialist seem to constantly defer to some form of sensationalism in order to convince people that their products are important. Kevin David is no exception; his Masterclass advertisements are loaded with extravagant mansions, sports cars, beachfront scenery and testimonials from student successes.

But you have to understand one thing...Kevin uses that stuff because he knows what he is doing. That stuff sells, plain and simple.

So if there is anything bad that I can say about Kevin David, it's that he does use the mansions and sports cars to sell. And he also uses things like false scarcity to sell.

BUT...this stuff works. And he actually explains a lot of this stuff through concepts in his courses, where you can then decide if you want to use the same tactics or not to sell.

The major factor for me determining if someone is a scam is the quality of their courses.

And the quality of Kevin's courses are among the best in the industry.

I LOVE how he does "over the shoulder training" so that you can see exactly what he does. He SHOWS you step by step and holds your hand along the way.

As someone who struggles with learning, this teaching style has really helped me.

Is Kevin Legit, or A Scam Artist: Dark Side Perspective [Part - 2]

We can see that Kevin has some naysayers, pretty much anyone as popular as him will. However, most perspectives paint him in a positive light, which is what I agree with (someone who has actually taken his courses).

Moreover, we have to realize that while merchants can produce scams and misleading information so can angry consumers.

Kevin David Lecture - Traffic Tsunami

To start, despite some claims that Kevin David is inattentive to students, many people who attend his free seminars and have bought his course have a very opposite opinion. The repeated perspective is that he was very helpful for a number of questions that dealt directly with troubleshooting problems they were having with their eCommerce attempts.

This is an experience I can vouch for. I spoke with him in relation to his Facebook Ads course, and we spent at least 15 minutes talking about how to apply free techniques in social media to create consumer audiences. So I don't see how this type of help coincides with trying to scam people into buying more courses.

Now a lot of people have criticized him selling this information when much, if not all of it can be found somewhere online for free. Many people even feel that if he "needs" to sell a course for money, then he must not be as successful with eCommerce as he claims to be.

These ideas are understandable. However, these ideas demonstrate why it is actually very important to be well-trained in not just business protocol, but business perspective.

For example, one of the key components that David continuously stresses is proper marketing. He actually has an entire course on marketing with Facebook Ads, and in the course he teaches people how to create laser-targeted ads.

Well, I can tell you that he DEFINITELY knows how to create these type of ads. I first got introduced to his courses writing reviews about eCommerce courses. I only spent two days researching courses rather lightly, so it wasn't like my internet history was flooded with eCommerce pages.

Nevertheless, I found that 70 - 90 percent of all the Facebook ads and 100% of the YouTube ads that I saw were flooded with eCommerce courses. Moreover, 90% of those eCommerce courses are Kevin David Masterclasses.

If he really wasn't qualified, then why is he dominating ads when people start searching for eCommerce? In the face of real-life demonstration, it is very clear that Kevin David knows how to do everything he claims to teach.

And he is an ACTION TAKER.

Secondly, we have to recognize that successful eCommerce merchants like Kevin possess a number of marketable and high-commodity skills and assets that extend beyond eCommerce. Their skills in advertising, as well as their knowledge of eCommerce itself, are commercial assets that are in constant high-demand.

To ask these individuals to suspend the use of these commercial skills goes against the whole point of being an entrepreneur. Heck, in the Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass, David devotes an entire section on becoming your own Facebook Advertising Agency.

So it's quite hypocritical for people, especially people who want entrepreneurial training, to demand that a fellow entrepreneur suspend their right to capitalize of the commercial value of their knowledge.

Moreover, the honest truth is that people are just as skeptical of free information as they are of paid information. People also don't act on free information with the same urgency as they do with stuff they paid for.

To top things off, in my experience with David's work and marketing, I never see him make any real promises that his students will get rich. He actually repeatedly states that his highly successful students don't reflect typical results.

There are a number of honest, down-to-earth pieces of advice that Kevin offers to prospective students prior to them buying. He suggests that people have comfortable safety nets that allow them to remain stable while they build their eCommerce businesses. He even offers 14-Day money-back guarantees on all his courses.

I'm not saying that Kevin David is completely innocent of unethical marketing. I'm just saying that the negative arguments and claims against him don't really stand up against honest facts.

And since I have taken his courses, I KNOW that they work. And I KNOW they are super high quality.

My recommendation is to checkout his free training for whatever topic you are looking to learn about. They are ALL listed on this page.

That way you can get awesome FREE training, risk free, and you will be able to tell if Kevin's teaching style is the right fit for you or not!

I guarantee you Kevin's free training is better than most paid training courses that are out!

Final Thoughts

One key idea that Kevin David highlights is finding the right mentor. He often doesn't explicitly, or even indirectly say that he is the right mentor, but he feels that mentorship is invaluable for aspiring entrepreneurs.

He even shows this in his newest course "Digital Course Secrets", which shows entrepreneurs how to create their OWN course like he has many times (very successfully each time).

Featured Testimonial From This Course (New Course):

It may not be necessary for some, but most people are going to need guidance from people who are already successful in whatever field of interest you choose. Think about it; most of us even learned to walk because someone was guiding us along the way.

Kevin David offers pathways to get you that mentorship. It's somewhat expensive, but the truth of the matter is that starting eCommerce requires a certain level of monetary investment. A lot of aspiring entrepreneurs don't want to hear that, but it's honest.

What I DON'T Like About Kevin David:

  • He uses the flashy cars and mansion to sell which is kind of corny to me.
  • He highlights his most successful students too much, I wish he highlighted all the minor successes too.
  • He has a high price point if you decide to buy.

What I DO Like About Kevin David:

  • All of his courses are the highest of quality.
  • He does step by step over the shoulder training so you can see everything.
  • He is teaching what he actually does...he's not just talking the talk but walking the walk.
  • He has made tens of millions of dollars DOING everything he's teaching.
  • He offers FANTASTIC free training (all listed on this page).
  • He actually keeps his courses updated.
  • He has a LOT of successful students. This is HUGE because it shows his stuff works.

So with that said, although there are some things I don't like about Kevin, I understand them. I understand that he is just using what unfortunately actually works in marketing (flashy cars, false scarcity & highlighting successful students). And his high price point if justified...he has the best products on the market in my opinion.

Realize that Kevin, or any other mentor, can only show you what to do and how to do it. But when it comes to actually putting the what and how into action, that is something that only you have the power to do.

My biggest recommendation: CHECKOUT THE FREE TRAINING.

Way too many people jump right into buying...there is no reason to do this when you can get awesome free training up front (and the free training may be enough for you, depending what you're looking to do).

Then if you feel Kevin David's teaching style is a match for you, you can move forward!

All Of Kevin David's free training: