Review Of Knowem

Finding the right business name can often be difficult. While coming up with the name itself may be relatively easy, there can be a few things that you’ll need to do after this. You’ll need to consider the domain for your website, social media accounts, and much more.

These can all make things somewhat more complicated for many budding entrepreneurs. You might have already come up with the business’ name and bought the perfect domain for it. After this, however, you could find that there’s already a Facebook page with an identical name.


There might even be a Twitter profile, one on Instagram, and some accounts bearing the same name on almost all other social media platforms. This could pose quite a problem for many people. Naturally, much of this will be seen in marketing in the future, as you might have a much more diluted social media presence.

This is something that many of us have come across in the past. Much of this is because we might not think to check many social media sites when we’re figuring out a business name. Coupled with this is the fact that there can be an overwhelming number of platforms to check. This could mean that many of them might slip through the cracks.

However, this doesn’t mean that it has to be a problem for budding entrepreneurs in the future. In contrast, there are a few notable ways that have become well-used over the past few years that are designed to prevent this. One of the more popular recently has been KnowEm?

The service can offer quite a variety of benefits and features to take advantage of.

What Is KnowEm? & How Does It Work?

Put simply, KnowEm? is a service that allows you to look up social media usernames. This could be an essential aspect of many start-ups’ research phase, as it could come into play for branding and a variety of other areas. However, the service goes much farther than many people may believe, especially when compared to similar services.


When doing this search, KnowEm? checks up to 500 social media sites for your company’s name. These are spread across a wide range of categories, which should mean that you’ll be able to find a section that’s relevant to your business. Some of the more notable of these include:

  • Health;
  • Travel;
  • Music;
  • Tech;
  • Business, and much more.

This should mean that most business owners will be able to find a category that their company fits into. However, you might wonder what social media websites KnowEm? checks. In short, it looks through almost all of them, plus a few that you might not have thought of.

Some of the more notable of these include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as most others. Coupled with this, it searches through a variety of other popular business and video sites that you may be considering. These include Wikipedia, WordPress, YouTube, and much more.

As such, KnowEm? scans through all of the more popular websites and social media platforms that businesses will use. Alongside this should be a variety of other sites that, while not as popular, may be commonly used among certain demographics.


The service also looks through many domain extensions, which could prove to be beneficial. This includes .travel, .biz, .org, and much more. As such, KnowEm? offers quite a comprehensive list of all of the websites, social media platforms, and domain names that you’ll be able to register your business for.

This should mean that you’ll be able to shorten your brand research time considerably, which is a noticeable advantage for many new business owners.

To take advantage of the service, there’s relatively little information needed from you. In fact, the majority of it will simply need your company’s name before KnowEm? starts searching. Naturally, you’ll need to provide more information to have accounts registered on these platforms.

However, this is quite a quick and easy process for the majority of users. You’ll simply need to enter the information and submit it. After this, registration for all of the platforms and websites that you’ve selected should be done automatically.


Like many of its alternatives, KnowEm? offers a variety of packages to choose from. Depending on what your needs are, some may be better recommended than others. As such, it’s worth examining what each of these packages is. These are:

  • Free: The free KnowEm? package doesn’t even need an account to be used. With this option, you should be able to check to see what domain names are available for your company. If you choose to set up a free account, you’ll also be able to search a variety of social media platforms.
  • Personal Essential: The Personal Essential package signs you up for the top 25 social media platforms for your industry. This will include a company description, photos, a link to your domain and more. This package is available for $84.95.
  • Business Starter: The Business Starter package is available for $249 and signs your business up for over 100 social media sites. This will include everything that’s included in the Personal Essential package.
  • Corporate Starter: The $349 Corporate Starter package includes everything seen in Business Starter, but ramps it up to 150 social media platforms.
  • Corporate Complete: Available at $649, the Corporate Complete package at KnowEm? signs your business up for 300 social media sites and includes everything seen with each of the above packages.

While some budding entrepreneurs might think that these are relatively expensive, they shouldn’t be. In contrast, they could provide a significant amount of value over time. This will particularly be seen when it comes to your overall branding and social media marketing.

Coupled with this is what you’ll be getting with the packages, especially each of the social media platforms that your business will be signed up for.

KnowEm? Review

With all of the above in mind, many people will wonder whether KnowEm? actually works. There is quite a large range of benefits to the service, with many of them being self-evident. Not only is it an effective choice for many new business owners, but it’s much faster than many people may have thought.

A lot of this is tied to how customizable the search results can be. For example, if your business fits in the health category, then you’ll be able to filter out results from the travel section. This should mean that the search results will appear much faster than you might have believed they would.


This is driven by the fact that types of sites are grouped into categories. As such, you’ll be able to prevent KnowEm? from scanning these categories, which enhances the overall speed of the search. While this can depend on your overall search, it can be a benefit to most of us.

This efficiency is one of the largest advantages to KnowEm?, which is one of the core reasons why it’s grown in popularity in the past few years. Much of this can also be seen in how easy to use the platform is, with KnowEm? being designed to be as user-friendly as possible.

This should mean that that you’ll be able to quickly and easily input what you’re looking for before searching. As a result, the process should be much less time-consuming than you might expect. The time-saving aspect of the process is a notable advantage for most business owners, as time can be one of the more valuable commodities that they have.


Coupled with this is the wealth of platforms that it scans. This should mean that you’ll be able to scan each of the social media platforms you’re looking to take advantage of. This could be quite a promising benefit for many business owners. Alongside this, you’ll be able to quickly register an account for each of the websites you’re looking for.

The majority of this should be quick and easy to do, which should be an advantage to every business owner. You might think that this would be a relatively expensive process to go through. However, it’s much more affordable than you might think.

There are quite a large number of packages available, which should mean that you’ll find the right one for you. While there’s a free option available, this is relatively limited. Despite this, it could offer a variety of benefits for most of us. However, it’s recommended that you go for one of the paid options, as these can provide a significant amount of value.

There are a few drawbacks to KnowEm?, although these are somewhat few and far between. Perhaps the most significant of these is that it can deliver an error message for some sites. While this might happen relatively infrequently, it may occur more often than many people may be comfortable with.

Final Verdict

Overall, however, KnowEm? is a recommended option for new entrepreneurs who are starting their branding. While there are a variety of alternatives on offer, these often offer fewer benefits to users, which is why KnowEm? is one of the few that stands out from the crowd.

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