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Do you wonder why stores play good music? Do you consider why speakers at conferences always tell you a bunch of stories, make you laugh, and get you in the best mood before selling their products to you? Have you considered why after going to a concert there are tons of vendors waiting for outside to sell you t-shirts and memorabilia from your experience?

They use these tactics because when you are in a good mood, you will spend more money. The music at the stores keeps you in a happy mood so that you will buy more than what you planned to buy. Online marketing employs the same strategies. The most successful part of that strategy is relationship building. People buy from people and places that they like. The role of the online marketer is to get you to like and trust them because when you do, you will buy from them.

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Harlan Kilstein

Harlan Kilstein is an expert marketer because he knows how to get people to like and trust him and to buy what he is selling. He is the distinguished inventor of the Reverse SEO Method. His method has made over $100 million in sales over the past 20 years.

Harlan Kilstein is the creator of Magic Pages online marketing course. Dr. Kilstein uses his knowledge to teach others how to succeed in online marketing. He advises multimillion-dollar business owners on how to manage their online businesses, and he coaches new online marketers on how to get started building successful six, seven, up to nine-figure online businesses.

It is almost too incredible to believe that you can have a nine-figure income while wearing your pajamas and watching your children play at your feet. Harlan's Magic Pages will show you how you can achieve this amazing feat in a simple easy to apply method.

Harlan Kilstein is the master at creating the best marketing business and online courses and making them so simple and easy for the average person to follow. His courses are designed in a way that takes each topic and breaks it down into relatable terms for easy comprehension.

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Harlan knows that the key to success is for the student to understand the topic and what they are expected to gain from it. When he teaches you that web traffic is not relevant, he does so in a way that you understand the value of web traffic, and you come to realize there is a more effective way of generating sales.

The concept is simply that you don’t need to generate traffic of ten thousand people if less than ten of those people are going to buy from you. It makes more sense to have 100 people trafficked to your site and have eighty people buy from you. Sales are more valuable than clicks. Clicks are a great way to build your email list for the buy later crowd, but sales are what drive your bottom line.

Magic Pages teaches you how to build a loyal audience of actual buyers. It is more profitable to have loyal and trusting buyers than thousands of uninterested followers who never click the buy button. When you build an audience based on trust, you will not have a problem selling to them, getting repeat business from them, and also getting referral business. Word of mouth is and always will be the best advertising. Harlan teaches that you no longer have to stress about SEO; you don’t have to drive web traffic instead, build your audience.

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This product is filled with strategies that teach you how to build your audience. If you have spent wasted hours on driving traffic to your site or paying someone else to do it for you and your results were not profitable or consistent, then you need this course to show how to stop wasting your valuable time and money. The course offers vital tools to help you develop practices that bring success and eliminate those time and money wasters. The proceeding list provides some examples of the tools included in the course.

  • Stop forcing yourself or paying others to drive traffic to your site which produces very low conversions. Instead develop techniques to build loyal shoppers with an appetite for buying what you’re selling.
  • Develop a small loyal following then scale up. If you have what people want and they trust you, they will buy those things from you and recommend their friends and families do the same.
  • Loyal customers breed loyal customers. You will learn how to benefit from customer testimonials and use those positive reviews to gain repeat business and new customers.
  • Be a problem solver. Know your audience needs and meet them better than anyone else.
  • Start with minimal numbers. Don’t try to build six figures overnight. Take your time to learn what works, why it works, and how to replicate those techniques while eliminating ones that don’t work.
  • Start with minimal numbers. Don’t try to build six figures overnight. Take your time to learn what works, why it works, and how to replicate those techniques while eliminating ones that don’t work.
  • Be versatile. Choose a variety of in-demand products. Sell some high-ticket items and low-ticket items. This product will teach you how to find the best products in your niche. You will be able to market and sell to a broader audience when you have product versatility.
  • You will also learn how to build your email list. Just because people don’t buy right away doesn’t mean they won’t buy later. It will teach how to build your list and how to send the best series of emails to stay in those customers’ inboxes. You will learn the best times to market the sales emails and how to use value-based emails to drive sales.

The course is called a reverse method of SEO because it does the opposite of what all the other online marketers are telling you to do to succeed. It is a smart business strategy, and it works. You will meet with some challenges as you begin to implement the techniques, but you will also reap the benefits of this sales model. There are a few pros and cons to this style, so let’s discuss them.

The first pro is that the course is unique in its methods and has a proven track record of producing higher than six-figure incomes. The positive reviews for this program demonstrate how well it works. The next pro is that the program is simplistic and user-friendly. Harlan is known for his simplistic style and hilarious sense of humor.

He puts his audience at ease and shares some of the mistakes that he made while building his multimillion-dollar empire. It’s easy to get lost when a guy talks over your head about all his money and college degrees. Harlan talks to you like a regular person, and his stories make you feel like he has made the same mistakes in business as you have and managed to overcome them and still have success. His style of teaching makes you feel confident that Magic Pages is easy enough for anyone to understand.

The con is it doesn’t necessarily promote the value of creating multiple income streams. I believe you can apply the teachings to multiple business models, but Harlan is a one at a time, keep it simple guy. I agree that this is one of the best online business training courses out there. The course information is so valuable and so versatile that once you learn it, you can use it in so many ways to create a serious high-dollar online business.

Let me remind you that this course is teaching you how to create a million-dollar business all from the comfort of your home. This course is not teaching you how to get a job in marketing; rather it is teaching you how to build an audience of buyers who will trust you so much that they buy everything that you recommend. If you start an Amazon FBA, your customers will trust you and shop there. If you create an online course, your customers will purchase it. If you create both a drop shipping platform and a digital platform, your customers will buy from you when you use the techniques to build your brand loyalty.

The course is a worthwhile investment that you should purchase today if you are serious about online marketing success.

Dr. Harlan Kilstein is an educator with a Ph.D. in education. He did his post-graduate work at the illustrious Harvard Graduate School of Education. Although he is self-made, he is highly educated so you can trust that he knows how to help you build a highly profitable online business.

Harlan is also the creator of the DogingtonPost: The Internet’s Newspaper for Dogs. It reaches approximately 2.5 million people weekly. He is the creator of the Completely Keto website and the author of the Completely Keto Cookbook. He owns the Completely Keto website and manages the Facebook group of over 600,000 followers who regularly consume his mouth-watering Keto recipes.