Market Hero Review

Today, we'll be taking a look at Market Hero. This product is a marketing tool that focuses on autoresponders for building email lists. It is made by Ale Becker, which some of you may have already heard of before.

We're going to take a look at who MarketHero is designed to help and then analyze the features and important aspects of this autoresponder tool. We'll assess the strengths and weaknesses of the the course, and then conclude whether or not Market Hero is the right choice for your entrepreneurial success.

A Little About Me

About Me - Traffic Tsunami

Before we get into MarketHero and what it's all about, I want to give you a brief introduction into who I am. My name is Max, and I'm a 32-year-old Chicago native. Like many of you, I come from a background where I was working crappy, dead-end jobs that didn't even pay basic bills.

When I got fired from my last job for sticking up for delivery drivers, I realized that I had to find another path if I wanted financial security. This led me to freelance writing, and eventually I was able to invest in a number of marketing courses that allowed me to become an online lead generator.

Who Is Market Hero for?

Even if you are a newbie, you are probably here because you spent some time trying to look for solid entrepreneurial training and tools to help you become financially successful. As such, you may have already seen some of Alex Becker's video ads on YouTube.

Market Hero Review - Market Hero

While I sometimes get bothered by the “free live” webinars that you sign up for with those videos, I do enjoy that Alex never tries to sensationalize his training as a guaranteed ticket to becoming a millionaire over night.

Instead, Alex does put a lot of time into dedicated, invested information and teaching on how to implement effective tools and strategies for business success. As such, this course is designed for anyone looking to grow their business through e-mail marketing, which includes:

  • Beginners.
  • Independent Entrepreneurs.
  • Large Corporations.

This training can be used for any number of business endeavors, including eCommerce and affiliate marketing. It can be even more important for people with their own products, which can be useful when you are talking about possibly generating leads for pre-established businesses.

But Aren't There Other Autoresponders out There?

You might be wondering why MarketHero is so important when there are a whole host of different autoresponder services out there. This is a great question to ask, and it helps you to find out how they stand out.

Market Hero Review - Automation

Market Hero is all about marketing. While autoresponders are meant to be marketing tools, their primary goal is just to make sure your emails got out there. But there isn't a lot that allows you to really analyze the value of your leads and how to optimize them for maximum results.

Instead, Becker focuses heavily on making sure that this program is about maximizing the marketing potential of your email campaigns. To do this, there are a number of tools that allow you to target and evaluate your leads.

One of these tools is the ability to tag your leads. By having this skill, you can evaluate what qualities your leads have, and by doing so you can customize what lists they are on for maximum results. In addition, it has a reporting structure that shows you the ROI of each lead.

These tools are massively helpful in helping you gain the most from your list. While these things can be done without software, it would be extremely tiresome for most people and prone to errors. With these evaluating tools built in, the figuring out process is extremely streamline.

Do I Need My Own List to Start?

While MarketHero has a number of beneficial autoresponder tools, these tools aren't really all that useful if you have no list. This is especially true for newbies who have very little experience with marketing at all.

Market Hero Review - 8x

Luckily, Becker includes the 8x Academy, which is training designed to teach you how to actually make money with Market Hero. This training focuses heavily on how to grow an email list, from scratch if necessary, and how to integrate that list into the MH platform for maximum results.

Again, I want to emphasize that Becker has put a lot of effort into making sure that you are successful with his products and training. It seems like common sense to include training with this tool, but many others would leave the responsibility of knowing how to use their responder to the entrepreneur who is buying it.

MarketHero: The Features

Like any other training or marketing tool, the effectiveness of Market Hero comes down to its features. As such, let's introduce you to the aspects of MH that really make it so useful as an email autoresponder marketing tool.

Market Hero Review - Layout

Lead Analysis

We already covered this aspect earlier, but this let's you evaluate the value of your leads and how the best fit into you email campaigns. This is a rare, if not completely exclusive quality to MarketHero That really makes this service stand out.

Integration With Other Internet Services

It integrates with a number of different internet services that you can use to streamline your marketing efforts. These include FaceBook, Shopify, ClickFunnels, and many others. If you have a service that is not commonly listed in Market Hero, they show you how to implement them with html code.

Autoresponder Workflow

Historically speaking, setting up email campaigns were often clumsy, time-consuming and work-intensive. However, MH allows you to manage your campaigns with a visual stream.

With this tool, you can manage how actions, delays and place lead in different lists tat are more suitable for them. It can look rather daunting at first, but MH's focus on ease allows you to easily perform these tasks with it's drag-and-drop feautre.

Email Delivery

This section is about campaign optimization, and is critically important for your success. There is a heavy focus on learning to avoiding spamming, and runs you through your SPF and DKIM necessities.

Database of Commonly Asked Questions

This reference tool is a place that can answer a lot of questions you might have about Market Hero. In addition, there is a 24/7 support chat available to help you at any time of the day.

Facebook Group

Being an entrepreneur can be surprisingly isolating for a lot of people. Many of your job-based friends and family can often ridicule or be unsympathetic toward your dreams, and that can be a huge deterrent to your continued success.

MH has a FB group designed for students to congregate and share their experiences. Now, to be fair, this is probably the least useful part of the course as the group is currently low on activity. However, this an also be an indication that people are able to use MarketHero with very little problems or stress.

8X Academy 2.0

As we mentioned before, 8X Academy 2.0 is the training aspect of this autoresponder package. It's an extensive course all by itself, but some of the training modules in this include:

  • Identifying your niche.
  • Choosing the right affiliate products for you.
  • Integrating ClickFunnels.
  • Creating Effective Videos.

There is a lot more covered in this training than what is highlighted here, but this section is especially important for beginners so that they can actually build their lists.


MH has three primary plans. The most basic plan is just $19 a month, and covers you for up to 1,000 subscribers. With the training you receive and the tools that MH provides, 1,000 subscribers is an amazing place to start with your financial endeavors.

The next plans come in at $49 and $99 per month, and support 3,000 and 7,500 subscribers respectively. All plans come with the full 8X Academy training, which means that at even at the cheapest plan, you have the training you need to profit greatly with MH

In addition to these features, it is available with a 14-Day Free Trial. This trial version is limited, and it does not come with the 8X Academy. However, it does give you a good way of seeing what is in store for you with MH, and if you have some experience with autoresponders, this trial should give you the chance to see if MH is right for you.

Pros & Cons


Very Affordable

The plans for this service are, in my opinion, very generously priced. They give you fully access to the program for $19 a month, which is a small investment even if it doesn't work for you.

This payment structure also works well with creating loyalty. If you do well and profit with the $19 plan, you are more than likely going to want to get the plans that cover more subscribers.

By making it available to people at a very generous introductory price, Becker insures that your success also benefits him. I totally get behind a win-win scenario like that.

Extensive Training & Tools

The MH tool itself is very powerful, and it takes some time to learn completely. In addition, the 8X training also requires time and consistent effort to capitalize with.

But both the 8X training and the training on how to use MH make sure that you know exactly what to do and waste very little time doing ineffective things.

8X Academy

As we said before, without knowing how to build your list, MH is worthless. This course is designed so that you can build the list that you will manage with MH, and s such gives you everything you need to use MH effectively.


Course Length

You might be thinking, “wasn't this a pro?” For me, it definitely is, but it can be a con for others if they are not prepared to take the time to learn this extensive material.

Market Hero Review - Market Hero


Now that you have gotten a chance to see what Market Hero is all about, is it worth your time and money? In my assessment, it definitely is worth your time if you want to have an extremely efficient tool that can optimize your marketing efforts through email autoresponse.

Moreover, you get the training so that you can build your list from scratch. This is excellent for beginners and anyone else who wants to use this tool effectively. It's also extremely low-risk, and even if you find it is not for you, you only risk $19. So if you want to profit from email marketing, you want to give MarketHero a closer look.

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