Mentorbox Review

Since the dawn of mankind, human beings have searched for the secrets that allow them to live the life they want. When we see individuals who stand as examples of success and happiness, it's natural that we want to learn what qualities, habits and ideologies they live by that helped the achieve their success.

As such, it should not surprise you that many successful people attribute their prosperity to the mentorship they received from people who were successful before them. Like you, they searched for sources of guidance and knowledge that could help them unlock their potential. Once they found that guidance and applied it to their lives, they were able to live the life that they dreamed of.

At first thought, it might surprise you that many of these accomplished people wish to teach their secrets just as much you might desire to learn their secrets. However, when you look closer at human history, you will see manuals, guides and curriculum that was formulated by people who became proficient at or mastered a particular craft.

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As an entrepreneur, you may already be aware of what I am talking about. Not only do most entrepreneurs need mentorship to become successful, but the most successful entrepreneurs constantly emphasize the importance of consistent, daily learning to keep their minds sharp, focused and ready for continuous growth.

However, knowledge itself can only get you so far. We've all heard someone tells us that “knowledge equals power”, but that power can only be attained when you apply that knowledge in everyday life.

Today we'll be reviewing MentorBox is a unique learning program that is specifically designed with entrepreneurs in mind. We will go over it's origins, the features that it offers, its strengths and weaknesses, and discuss whether it is a worthwhile investment.

A Little About Me

Before we begin with MentorBox, I want to start by letting you know that I'm just a normal 31-year-old man. I don't consider myself an expert on anything, and I didn't even graduate from college.

Despite that, I have been actively invested in self-started business since I was 13. It was an obsession that I picked up from one of my oldest brothers, and I was completely enthralled by the potential to live and thrive by my own hand.

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However, it would take a long, long time before I acquired any ability to become a “self-made man”. I was academically gifted, but I honestly didn't care much for school. I didn't know why, but disinterest in modern education eventually led to failing out of the University of Illinois after only two years.

Even though I am glad that I left school, I didn't realize how heavily unprepared I was for becoming an independently successful individual. I had all the time in the world; my mother was allowing me to stay at home without paying a dime for rent, bills or even groceries.

I had all the time in the world, and yet each day would go by with the same outcome: nothing. Oh, I would spend day after day amassing knowledge on business, marketing, naturopathic health and spiritual development. I would join internet communities where I debated and asserted myself as an “advanced” source of knowledge.

But what do you think the result of all that was? Wealth? Better health? Rewarding and inspiring relationships? Happiness? Not even close.

Instead, I was broke, feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally miserable, and I didn't even want to bother with friends. To be completely frank with you, my life sucked.

Did I Ever Improve?

There were two big moments that caused me to flip the switch from failure to success. The first was when my mother moved out, leaving my younger brother and I to fend for ourselves. I hadn't had a job in over half a decade, and he had never worked a job period!

Secondly, I accidentally stumbled upon a yogic boydwork system called Sukshma Vyayama. I had been “attempting” various systems of exercise from yoga, qigong, and Western, focused-muscular-tension protocols. All of them had something I wanted, but felt like they were lacking in other areas.

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After nearly giving up, I stumbled upon Sukshma Vyamama. I was almost ready to completely ignore it, but I couldn't stop myself from recognizing how it satisfied all my requirements in a system of bodywork.

These two things showed me how much time I was wasting, and how little I valued discipline and willpower. I realized that, even though I had great ideas, I didn't really believe in myself. I didn't really believe I could have these things without extreme pain and sorrow.

My mother's departure forced me to start being very honest and critical about how I spent my time, energy and resources. I hated the idea of working a “job”, but this revealed how little self-generated discipline and willpower I had.

I took my job seriously enough to working 18 hour shifts, but I did not take my own ideas seriously enough to commit even 2 hours a day to working with them. I realized that if I gave my own ideas even half the respect I gave a job that I hated, I would possibly be much better off.

Sukshma showed me that I could improve, and that I could actually afford to believe in myself. First, practicing this exercise regimen was unlike anything I had practiced before. It was quite challenging, but I enjoyed learning how to improve and perform the exercises with greater skill and efficacy.

I found myself not only improving in the exercises more rapidly, but the beneficial results I received happened immediately. I had a load of digestive issues, and yet they became obsolete in a week. My strength, speed, reflexes, flexibility, balance and coordination all rapidly improved.

I saw that I could achieve remarkable, beneficial changes in a relatively short amount of time. This confidence eventually led me quit my job and begin writing full-time. Within two weeks, I was making 3 times the income I made at my old job, but my work schedule was twice as small.

What Does My Story Have to Do with Mentorbox?

I'm glad you managed to stay with me this long. I told you my story in order to show you two very important things. First, even though I was not putting my knowledge into application, I did spend a lot of time learning new things.

If I hadn't spent the mental effort to learn these things, and trying to figure out how I could apply them, then I would not have known how valuable Sukshma Vyamama could be. Honestly, practicing this yoga was far more beneficial than I could imagine. However, the knowledge I gained allowed me to notice its possible potential.

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Second, I wanted to show how hard it was to do things alone. I managed to finally get on a self-determined, liberated path, but I had to be pushed into extremely difficult situations in order to get those lessons. I had to learn the hard way why discipline, willpower and self-confidence were so necessary.

If I had access to mentorship that was effective, yet kind to my pockets, I would take it. I'm not unique; many of you would take the chance to utilize mentorship and guidance on how to applicably change your life.

However, self-development coaching can be rather expensive. Many times the coaching is 1-on-1, but to get these sessions can often cost several hundred dollars just for a few hours. Even more, you have to hope that the coach you work with is the right coach for you.

Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr seemed to recognize this dilemma as well. Lopez and Mehr are two, highly-successful entrepreneurs who understood the importance of self-development and continuous learning for entrepreneurial success.

When they came together, they embarked on a journey to provide a one-stop source for advanced, yet simple and practical education on applicable knowledge, skills, habits and mindsets that lead to prosperity in business, as well as with life in general.

It was also important that access to this information was affordable and provided the best way for individuals, regardless of time or location, to absorb and retain this valuable, life-enriching information. This journey culminated with the creation of MentorBox.

What Is MentorBox?

This is an educational platform where connects you with hundreds of different authors who want to share the secrets of their success. These authors range from best-sellers, to CEOs and other highly-successful business owners.

We have stressed the importance of taking knowledge and applying it to everyday life. Without action, knowledge can pile up to a degree where it becomes hard to put it all together. Without action, we can't truthfully verify how the things we learn play out in real life.

I can tell you that, to a certain degree, without action, knowledge can be a burden. When I attempted to start exercising, I spent so much time reading and mentally formulating plans that I couldn't decided what to do.

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Lopez and Mehr wanted to make sure that you not only effectively learned the most important, valuable lessons on various aspects of self-improvement, but that you were guided on how to put into action so that you can benefit immediately.

MentorBox: The Features

In order to achieve this educational goal, MentorBox has focused on a number of key factors. These factors consist of:

  • Life-changing material extracted from world-renown publications on self-development.
  • Direct instruction from the authors and producers of this life-changing content.
  • Multifaceted learning tools and instructional guides that allow for rapid learning and immediate application.

This program is not a simple audiobook network. The material selected on this learning platform comes from the most world-renown publications on personal success and self-improvement.

The list of material includes classic publications, like Napoleon Hill's “Think and Grow Rich”, as well as best-selling publications from leading authors, CEOs and entrepreneurs like Arianna Huffington, Daniel Coyle, Amy Cuddy and Ryan Holiday.

However, the material is only one part of this product's learning platform. In order to ensure that members not only retain, but learn how to apply the material in these books immediately. To achieve this, the program has a number of highly-specialized features:

Direct Instructions From the Authors Themselves

Many of you enjoy reading the inspiring and insightful stories that are present in many of these publications. However, many of you would much rather learn directly from the authors themselves. MentorBox now allows you to get that direct coaching right from the authors of these life-changing books.

Through video and audio instruction, you have the principles in these books taught directly to you by the authors who not only wrote the material, but have proven their expertise on these matters through the success they've generated. They are directly sharing their knowledge with you, so that the material they wrote can improve your life as well.

Learning Materials and Tools That Enhance Retention & Quickens The Learning Process

The learning platform is not about reading books. It's about learning from them, and the learning tools offered by the platform are designed to achieve this goal quickly.

Compiled with the leading learning scientist in the world, Barbara Oakley, MentorBox delivers the most important lessons in each publication and presents them in quick, easy-to-follow cheat sheets.

Combined with audio book nuggets, and memorization booklets, you have the tools you need to absorb information fast. If you wish to learn more slowly, you have complete video lessonsthat are delivered by the authors themselves.

Private Mastermind Group

This aspect is geared at social learning. The private group allows you to interact with members who are just like you, who are dedicated to their personal growth.

It ensures that you will be in the company of like-minded individuals, who can share their own unique experiences with many of the same materials that you are learning from as well.

In addition, the Mastermind group features live sessions with top authors, CEOs and entrepreneurs, many of whom are featured on MentorBox.

MentorBox – Pros & Cons

To be honest, I have a hard time finding much wrong with this program. In fact, this program could honestly charge thousands of dollars to people for this kind of service. I don't mean to sound like a cheap salesman, but mentoring… it can be ridiculously expensive.

One of the biggest advantages is the price. There are two types of subscriptions: the online and the physical subscription. We'll focus on the online subscription, as it affords you the most choice and is the cheaper service.

You can actually become a member for $7 a month. This information is constantly updated, so for as long as you are a member, you will have new material updated into the learning platform.

Another advantage is that you can learn at your own pace, rather it be quickly or slowly. You can go straight to the cheat sheets and 10-minute audio nuggets, absorbing only the most important details of the material. Or you can watch the videos in your spare time.

The Mastermind Group may be one of the biggest advantages to being a MentorBox student. Fact is, many people of the road to self-improvement feel isolated from the rest of normal society. Many of your friends, and maybe even your family members can react strangely to your efforts to change.

Having a social network where people are learning and applying the exact same material you are allows you to have a social connection that coincides with your self-improvement.

The only con I would point out is that the physical and online subscriptions are separate from one another. I actually agree with their decision to keep the subscriptions separate, but some may see it as a con.

The physical subscription is a great value, at only $149 a month. You get two, physical copy books each month, complete with accompanying video and audio lessons, cheat sheets, additional bonuses, free shipping, and a portable USB with all the work materials available in digital, on-the-go format.

To a degree, you do get some of the online perks with the portable USB content. However, the physical subscription is not chosen by the customer, but is selected by MentorBox. So you don't have the freedom of choice that online subscribers have.


MentorBox puts a lot of effort into bringing you world-class education from experts in various fields. Even more, they heavily emphasize that you can use it, which is often the missing ingredient that people like me had to figure out on their own.

For the low price of $7 a month, I can't help but recommend that you give it a shot. You have leading experts guiding you through the very skills, knowledge bases, and habits that they applied for their own success. You get to choose which lessons that apply to your life and you are given tools and laser-focused guidance on how to apply these lessons quickly.

I recommend you take a look into MentorBox, and maybe you can avoid taking the hard route like I did!

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