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When the board that runs my business voted to start selling our products in an online store, we had no idea of how to run a website. We had to learn from the professionals that came before us. That's how we found out which tools to use.

In order to run a successful online business in any industry, you will need to buy a domain name or URL. The domain name is essentially what consumers will type into their browsers to find your website. It's incredibly important to find the perfect domain name.

This review is about my personal experience in finding the perfect domain name for my company. My team decided to use Namecheap to purchase our domain, and we've been satisfied with our service. However, there are some things you should know.

Namecheap Review

Before you start working with this company, be sure to take a look at the pros and cons of my experience with Nameheap. The details of their services are outlined in this comprehensive article. I hope my experiences help you decide if they're right for you.

Namecheap Review

Inexpensive Registrar and Host

Are you having trouble getting funds together to start your online business? Allocating funds to put your ideas in place is an investment of time and money; many people aren't capable of taking such risks. However, there are ways to lower the startup costs.

When you start a business or move your business to sell its products online, you'll need to invest in a domain, hosting plan, website builder, website design, website content, banners, videos, and more. The list goes on, and the price might seem too high to handle.

Namecheap Review

My business was selling our products in a store. When we decided to put a website together, the costs of running it made us nervous. Namecheap is one of the best ways we discovered to save money on registering a domain.

The larger domain registrars want to charge a hefty fee for registering a domain with their sites, but Namecheap has options that won't cause you to have a panic attack. In addition to providing an inexpensive domain registration service, they provide hosting.

We didn't realize there are so many expenses that are part of running a website, such as buying hosting services. Initially, hosting services seemed like a huge investment, but Namecheap provides an affordable option that pairs with their domain service.

In addition to the affordable domain registration and website hosting, Namecheap offers plenty of other perks that excited my team. Their security features helped ease our concerns, and their hosting service works well with many of the popular website builders.

Overall, we've been happy with the service we've received from Namecheap. We only have had one issue with their service, but their customer care team helped us find a solution. Before we discuss that issue, let's look at the perks of working with Namecheap.

What We've Liked About Working With Namecheap

Pro #1: Lowering the Cost of Running an Online Business

Registering a domain doesn't get any cheaper than this. As their name suggests, this company is the budget registrar for website domain names. A penny saved is a penny earned, so every business benefits from registering their domain here.

Namecheap Review

After you register your domain with this company, you'll have the option to add on some of their other options. Registering a domain is less than $2 for each year. Although, there are some free options that you might want to explore.

If you really want to save money on starting your company, you can register your domain for free with Namecheap by using a domain that ends in .website, but this might make your customers click away from your site. Most people are willing to pay $2 for a domain.

Namecheap Review

If you are new to running a website, you've come to the right place to save money on starting your business. Namecheap offers hosting options that are less than $2 per month. In addition to having a domain, you need a host to store information for people to view.

Hosting options advertised by Namecheap offer business owners an incredible savings. For a valuable service that will perform as well as the leading brands, your website will be up and running without any stress.

Namecheap Review

In addition to hosting your site on a shared server for under $2 per month, you’ll receive a few other perks when you work with this company. We started out working with another host, but we weren't happy with our experience. We're happy we made the switch.

The other host we were working with offered a low introductory rate for hosting, but they raised the rate after the first month. We weren't locked into a contract with that host, so we started looking into ways to switch to other servers.

The problem we were encountering was that moving our site to another host was going to cost a lot of money. Most of the other hosts wanted to charge us to move our site to their servers. However, Namecheap doesn't charge for migration.

We were able to save money on hosting our website with this company, and we were able to save ourselves from paying a fee for migrating to their servers as well.

Pro #2: Integrating WordPress Website Builder

Our team spent a lot of time working with WordPress to develop our website. We have one team member who took a class to use their site builder. We even hired a third-party company to help us with the finer details of using their site builder.

We spent a lot of company resources getting our website running on WordPress by paying for a team member to take classes. The team member learned about WordPress' design features, and we set up a blog that was absolutely stunning.

We didn't want all of our hard work to go to waste when we switched over to a new hosting service. Luckily, Namecheap's platform is integrated with WordPress, so we experienced a smooth transition.

Pro #3: Caring for Customers With Quality Support

Our company was new to running an online business. We knew how to sell our products, but we didn't understand all of the technical jargon. We spent a lot of time getting accustomed to how to set up an online store that was easy for customers to use.

Namecheap Review

After the initial phases of setting up our website were completed, we were excited to open our doors to customers. We integrated search engine optimization tactics to pull in customers from around the world, and business started picking up for our online shop.

However, we weren't ready for the amount of traffic that was included with our hosting plan. We had no idea which plan to choose because we had never dealt with running an online business. I started getting frustrated when our site experienced problems loading.

Luckily, the customer support team at Namecheap was helpful in addressing this concern. They helped us pick the right hosting package that addressed our need for more bandwidth.

Our site has been experiencing faster loading times, and customers have been reporting better experiences with using our site. The customer care team is there to help you pick packages, and they will help you find the right tools to monitor your site's performance.

Con: Not Many Extra Features & Templates

If you are concerned about impressing visitors with a snazzy design, you might be worried about the lack of options when it comes to working with this company. However, there are still beautiful templates from which to choose.

They might not have as many customization choices as the leading brands, but Namecheap does offer enough options to allow you the ability to show how creative your team can be.

Remember that part of running a website is picking the right words to put on it. In addition to finding a pretty template, you need to generate the right copy, and you need to update your content regularly. Namecheap gives you the means to be successful.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully this review has helped you get an understanding of what Namecheap has to offer. You'll get a bargain for your money when you work with this company. Their domain registration services are the lowest you'll find on the market.

The hosting options with this company are incredibly affordable, and you don't have to pay anything to move your website to their servers. Their customer care is phenomenal in helping you decide which services will work well with your company's scale.

In addition, you'll find that operating a WordPress blog on Namecheap is simple. The only downside with this company is the lack of template options, but that gives incentive to put better content on your website.

When you're ready to start running your online business, give Namecheap a try. For a low investment, you will be in business.

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