Pro Rank Tracker Reviews

In this review, we are going to be going over Pro Rank Tracker. This is a SEO tool designed to give you advanced ranking data on every website that you own. By utilizing this information correctly, you can fully optimize your efforts with SEO and search engine marketing or SEM.

We're going to see an in-depth look at what ProRankTracker is and what it is used for. We will give you an outline of it's features and go over the different membership tiers that this tool offers. We'll assess the strengths and weaknesses of this tool, and give our overall impression if Pro Rank Tracker is right for you!

A Little About Me

About Me - Traffic Tsunami

Before we dive into this what ProRankTracker is all about, I want to give you a brief introduction to who I am. My name is Simon, and I'm 33-year-old from St. Louis. I've been my own boss since 2018, and I specialize in organic traffic and lead generation.

SEO is a very important if you want to optimize your exposure on Google. Even though FaceBook, YouTube, and Instagram all have access to hundreds of millions of users, Google still trumps them all.

However, many people overlook it, or opt for other traffic sources because the various aspects of SEO success can be extremely overwhelming. Not only do you have to create the optimized content for your website, but you have to find a way chart and analyze all the data for where you are ranked online.

In many cases, this task of data gathering and analysis is performed personally. This combination of time and effort becomes one of the #1 reasons why people give up, if not completely avoid investing time and effort into SEO efforts.

What is Pro Rank Tracker

As you can see, the task of data-gathering and analysis is a rather daunting task. However, if you can find a way to get this information automatically, where you can get accurate data about your website rankings and performance, then you could get to work on actually using this information effectively.

Pro Rank Tracker Review - Tracking

Pro Rank Tracker is designed to provide you with such a service. This tool uses a highly-effective algorithm that grants you the most up-to-date rankings the websites you manage

Regardless of your spot on the internet, this tracking service will tell you precisely where you are in the search engine rankings.

PRT is a cloud-based service, and therefore offers you a number of convenient benefits. As a cloud-based service, you can operate it from compatible mobile and wifi devices. In combination with this, give you the option to receive on-demand updates to your rankings.

As a result of this, you are no longer bound by location or time if you want to get the latest information about your website placement. Moreover, both beginners and advanced business entities can profit from this service, and PRT services over 40,000 different business entities of all different shapes and sizes.


One of the amazing things about Pro Rank Tracker is that it is a fairly simple and easy-to-operate service. As such, these features are also very straightforward and don't require much explanation for you to know what they are. These features include:

  • Daily e-mail reports.
  • Multiple file formats (PDF, XLSX, CSV).
  • Available in over 11 languages.
  • Keyword data and analytics.
  • Targeted ranking from a local, international, and global level.
  • Pure White Label Reporting.
  • Various report templates.
  • MyRank Mobile App.
  • Branded Subscriber Accounts.
  • Hosted Shared Accounts.
Pro Rank Tracker Review - Features

In addition to these features, PRT supports a number of different devices and operating systems, including:

  • Android
  • Apple iPhone/iPad
  • Windows
  • Mac

While the tool itself will give you all of your analytics in multiple different languages, the support network is English-based.


One of the amazing things about Pro Rank Tracker is that it is a fairly simple and easy-to-operate service. As such, these features are also very straightforward and don't require much explanation for you to know what they are. These features include:

  • Free Trial - This is a test-run trial that allows you track 2 URLS and 20 terms.
  • Basic - This plan covers unlimited URLS, 200 terms, daily, automatic updates and full SERPs. Price - $25
  • Starter - This plan has all the previous features in basic, but increases terms to 500. There are also 5 Site-Audit Sites and 100,000 Site Audit Pages included. Price - $49
  • Standard - This plan stands out from the previous three, with 1,000 terms and a host of additional features like update-on-demand, the MyRanks App, 2 Sub Accounts, and the site audit sites are doubled, with 250,000 Site-Audit Pages included. Price - $89
  • Advanced - This version is pretty much a double-load of all the features from the previous package. Price - $129
  • Business - This is the most fully-loaded package, and comes with everything in the previous package being augmented. 30 Site-Audit sites, 750,000 Site-Audit pages, 6 sub accounts, and an additional API access and dedicated account manager service are included. Price - $180

As we stated earlier, this pricing is very reasonable for what it offers. They are set up based on what a particular business entity might need. For example, if you are an independent, affiliate marketer, it would not be wise to purchase something as advanced as Business, which is designed for large corporations.

As such, the price you pay matches the demands you should have for your business. The more expensive the plan is, the more it fits a large-scale business entity. So you are not being persuaded to purchase a plan you don't need, only the one that fits your needs.

Pros & Cons


Simple & Easy 

This service not only simplifies the process of learning your rank, but it also is fairly easy to operate and work with. It saves you the time, and as a result effort and money, of having to navigate this information on your own.

Now you can not only focus on building your sites more, but you have the data necessary to optimize even further. Moreover, its easy-to-manage operation makes it very useful to the beginner as well as advanced business entity.

Works On Any Internet Device

This cloud-based service allows you to use it on any internet compatible device. Not only are you from manually figuring out the ranking data, but you no longer depend on your computer to find out your ranks.

Reasonable Pricing Based On Your Needs

The pricing structure is based on what particular type of business needs. As such, it does not try to offer unnecessary tools to smaller businesses, and offers plans that cater to their needs.

The more expensive plans are for larger operations that need a larger degree of tools to manage their need effectively. As such, you can't try to say that Pro Rank Tracker is trying to just make a money grab. You pay for what you need only.

Free Trial 

While the free trial is fairly limited, it does give you enough access to at least try the basic functions of the tool. This trial is a good way to see if Pro Rank Tracker is right for you, so it definitely gets a spot on the pro side.


Not A Complete SEO Package

While this isn't a true negative, it is important to recognize that Pro Rank Tracker is only one tool you will need for your SEO success. It does it's job very well, but ranking data is only one piece of the puzzle.

Final Thoughts

Some of you may have given up on SEO, and figuring out the how to pinpoint your rank may be one of the primary reasons you gave up. Maybe you are just starting with you SEO endeavors and you really want to make sure you have the most advantage starting out.

Regardless of the situation, if you are looking to enhance the success of your SEO endeavors, then I suggest giving ProRankTracker a try. As a beginner, you can avoid the many hurdles that previous marketers before you faced, and gives you a real chance to be successful by eliminating a very time-consuming aspect of SEO.

Moreover, you can always test the tool with the free trial. With the fair pricing options, the risk is also rather small with Pro Rank Tracker. In all, I feel that deserves some serious consideration from anyone who wants to make the most out of their SEO marketing.