Profit League Review

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 15 years, then you are well aware of what FaceBook is. If you are an entrepreneur, then it's almost impossible for you to avoid how important FaceBook can be to your financial success.

FaceBook is the largest social media platform there is, and with it's ever-growing reach, even traditional, brick-and-mortar businesses want to grab their proverbial piece of the FaceBook pie.

Any useful course on internet marketing is going to include some form of FaceBook training, helping you leverage FaceBook's massive audience to grow your customer base and following for your business. However, you can utilize your marketing skills to create your own, independent marketing business.

Today, we're going to outline a course that teaches you how to run FaceBook ads so that you can cultivate a customer base for other businesses. In other words, you are learning how to draw leads to other businesses.

Lead generation is one of the most requested services on the internet, and Jeff and Jessica Samis' Profit League course is here to show you how to a dominate provider of this hot-ticket service. We'll go over what the course offers, the strengths and weaknesses of the course, and whether it's a worth your consideration.

Who Am I?

Profit League Review - Who am I

Before we get into Profit League, I want to share a little information about my self. My name is Rick, and I'm a 31-year-old Chicago native. I've been interested in online entrepreneurship since I was 13, which was well before FaceBook, YouTube, or even Google reached the juggernaut status that they currently have.

I honestly failed to generate any real success online until I committed to freelance writing in 2018. Before I made this commitment, I had pretty much given up on internet marketing, as I felt the landscape reeked of sleazy and flashy salesmanship.

The sleazy salesman tactics still exist, but my freelance career exposed me to a lot of new avenues where people were able to market themselves and their products in a fairly honest manner.

What intrigued me the most, however, was the idea of marketing for others. Let's face it, I never really cared about advertising my own products. I didn't really like the idea of trying to sell "my vision" to thousands of other people. I always wanted to keep my passions exclusive to people that I knew and loved directly.

But helping others share their visions with large audiences? I could do that. Getting paid handsomely for that service? I could EASILY do that! And I felt that the potential behind Google, YouTube and FaceBook could help me finally achieve that entrepreneurial success that I was missing for the past decade and a half!

How I Came Across Profit League

Before we go any further, I want to be completely upfront: I never bought the Profit League course. By the time I heard of their course, I already got my hands on another course that was considerably closer to my price range than Profit League was.

Jeff Samis Review - Image_4

I won't highlight that course, primarily because I don't want to deter people from giving Profit League the attention it deserves with this review. To add, I will be writing about that course in the future, so we won't be spending time talking about it here.

Back to the topic of Profit League, I found out about this course through my younger brother, Samson. He knew that I was already studying various internet marketing courses, and wanted my opinion on a course he heard of. This course was Profit League.

To be honest, I thought Sam was kind of a goof for not studying with me, but I respected his decision to venture and find his own mentorship. Moreover, he had a decent amount of his own money to spend as an independent, freelance programmer. However he was getting clients primarily through word-of-mouth referrals, and want to broaden his marketing skills through social media.

Within the first two minutes of watching an FAQ video that Jeff and "Jess" created, I felt confident that they were the real deal. First, it wasn't a super, high-budget production with loads of fancy cars or green-screen special effects. They just answered questions from the comfort of a vacation resort.

You can find more of their videos on the Profit League website, so I won't waste time trying to hype you up about their back story. However, I wanted to show that their focus wasn't on trying to sell you with foolishness. Their focus is on providing quality advertising education, and that's what mentorship is all about.

What Is Profit League?

Profit League is a course and community that is focused on teaching you how to be highly-effective and profitable with FaceBook Ads. There are two components that you mainly work with in this course: ClickFunnels and FaceBook ads.

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For those of you who don't know what ClickFunnels is, it a is a service where people go to build sales funnels. Don't know what a sales funnel is? A Sales funnels refers to buying process that companies send their customers through.

You've seen this countless times already if you are an online entrepreneur. If you've ever looked at a lead-capture page, this is one of many examples of a sales funnel in action.

By utilizing ClickFunnels, you learn how to create simple and engaging sales funnels for small businesses. The second phase of this process involves you placing ads on FaceBook directed towards that funnel.

Jessica teaches you here advanced copywriting skills, and by implementing her techniques and strategies, you will learn how created highly-targeted and high-converting ads that draw customers to your client's services.

It's an extremely simple business model, yet it holds the potential to help you become a highly-attractive advertising specialist. In this course, you receive the following:

  • Live, weekly calls from Jeff and Jess where you get to ask questions and share your newest goals. You get two of these a week, so you personally engage with them on a regular basis.
  • Over 20 pre-written Facebook-ad campaigns that you get to tweak and adjust to your clients' needs.
  • Sales and email scripts that you use to attract clients.
  • Very in-depth assortment of ClickFunnels and FaceBook-Ads training.
  • Constantly updated content so that you can continue to thrive in FaceBook's ever-changing ad platform.
  • Community group just for students of the course.

They have you covered on most of the major components of becoming an independent, online-advertising specialist. However, there are some things you need to be aware of before you consider this training.

The Cost Is Pretty Steep!

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I admit that I liked Jeff and Jess's approach to using ClickFunnels and FaceBook Ads. However, there is one big catch to this program: it's pretty expensive. You can't find the price on their web page, but it's just $1 shy of $4000.

Yes, you heard me right. This course is $3,999, which is a pretty hefty price to pay for this course. Moreover, this is not accounting for the money that you have to use to test your ad expertise, as well as purchasing a $97 premium membership for ClickFunnels.

To be fair, entrepreneur coaching is expensive. Moreover, the more involved a coach or a group of coaches are in your learning process, the more expensive the service is. They are rather involved coaches, so I can understand why they charge so much money.

However, to be even more fair, the course isn't SO good that you can't find what they teach for considerably less. When Sammy decided to fork up that money for this course, I couldn't help but think, "Bro, you could've learned this from me!"

Granted, it didn't stop me from taking tidbits from the course myself. Jessica really is a pro at writing great ad copy, and you can see their effectiveness when you realize how prevalent the Samis' ads are on FaceBook.

Yet, with all the other courses out here with comparable content, but far cheaper, it seems a bit outrageous that the course is $3,999.

Strengths and Weaknesses


One thing I have to reiterate is that Jess and Jessica are pretty down-to-earth people. Even though they sometimes use flashy language, I found their entire presentation of their service to be honest, upfront and thorough.

If you see a great deal of videos for entrepreneurial opportunities, many of them made to excite your senses. Flashy cars, beachfront views from a lavish mansions, and loads of jewelry, fancy clothes and, of course, Stunner-Shades.

But they stray away from that overpriced, super-salesy approach to just deliver the goods on what the program is about. This carries over into the course content, and I enjoy that they focus more on the content they provide rather than flashing around money to prove that their course is better than others.

Jeff emphasizes that FaceBook is always changing, and that certain advertising techniques can become outdated in an instant. So they constantly update the content of their course so that you have the most up-to-date techniques that will keep your ads healthy and profitable.

To add, their is a private community group that the Samis' created for students of the course. This is an added learning tool, where you can converse with other in the course and learn what they did to achieve success.

The course has a lot of strengths, including the fact both Jeff and Jess clearly know what they are doing.


The biggest weakness, and it is a big one, is the cost. I'm not saying that the cost is unjustified, even if other courses do have the same content for cheaper. However, $4,000 is out of the price-range for most people.

I would've liked to see them charge a little less. Perhaps $2,000 would make more sense, as this is still somewhat possible for average people. However, with the advertising business, you are already going to be using money to test your ads.

You also need a ClickFunnels account, which is $97 per month. There are other tools that are necessary to create optimum ads, and these cost money as well. So with these costs, I feel like a $4,000 course isn't being too fair to the average, aspiring entrepreneur.

With a course this expensive, it also doesn't help that there is no money-back guarantee. This is an awfully expensive course, and it seems like once you're in it, there's no way to get a return on your money unless you succeed. That's not necessarily a "bad" thing, but it is a pretty hefty risk.


If this course was even half the cost, I'd probably recommend it to you right away. However, with a $4,000 price-tag, it's kind of hard to overlook that. If you have the money to spare like Samson, then I'd say go for it. You're getting expert training that is focused on teaching you these extremely valuable marketing skills.

However, if your education budget is more normal, then I suggest that you find a course that is affordable. They never claim that their course is for everyone, nor do they imply it is. But without a money-back guarantee, I would suggest that you are 100% sure you want them as your coaches before making the decision to join the course.