Russell Brunson Review

When it comes to innovation in the world of marketing, one name is synonymous with procured advancement: Russell Brunson. The famed guru behind the ClickFunnels movement, Brunson has always had the knack for advancement. Brunson sparked funding for his ideals through learning at a very early age.

His endeavor into a world of business and marketing would shape the levels of influence he now owns. His story is one of a focus to a movement and the strive to do whatever it takes to succeed.

Below is a deeper look into the career and growth of Russell Brunson.

Early Years

Russell Brunson Review

Russell started to develop and perfect his research models at an early age. The 12-year-old would go to the mailbox each afternoon, gathering any advertisements he could find. What most would determine as junk mail, Russell saw an opportunity. He would take bits of information from each advertisement pitch and would formulate opinions and research from them.

This time researching print ads and taking his journey to the online platform would help to shape the entrepreneurship-driven Brunson into the light of development of products and services. This strive was carried with Brunson throughout his years in college.

By the time he had graduated, Brunson had already generated over $1.5 million in revenues. This large amount was gained from being a partner to anything he could find as relevant in the marketplace. From t-shirts to potato guns, Brunson developed a presence in all levels of the marketplace.

His years of studying many different advertisements created the hole he needed to breakthrough into any market format. By studying different areas of influence and different aspects of sales, he was best able to determine where his influence and sales numbers would flourish.

The total picture built with his childhood developments paid of tenfold.


Russell Brunson Review

One of Brunson's most prized contributions came with the development of ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is a business tool that is used to drive traffic, revenues, and brand development on many different levels of business. This production plan and sales driver is what business leaders would use to implement levels of increase. As an affiliate brand, ClickFunnels would gain their cut via subscription services and that idea of partnering with many different businesses.

The increase in traffic and marketing via set funnels allowed businesses to see a plan for the future. This plan was drawn out via separate systems that Brunson and his team of representatives spent many years analyzing. With their research, they were able to place marketing tunnels that could be plugged and played for businesses.

Russell Brunson Review

This fool proof system allowed businesses the ease of access to many different marketing formats. The research provided helped to take the business by the hand and guide them through the process. It is a simple system is terms of business increases, which is why many different companies and businesses chose to link their products and services with the ClickFunnels team.

The company has developed over $100 million in sales since inception, making it one of the most successful online marketing influences of the past decade.

Touring Professional

Russell is a big believer in self-developed concepts and ideas. He provides his level of influence for good, helping to create this mindset for individuals all over the globe. Many of his publications feature millions of views and followers. Subjecting to a personal level of care and contribution, Brunson is able to spread his gained wealth through words, his companies, and his literature.

Russell Brunson Review

Brunson is a very sought after public speaker, featuring tour dates in which he describes his rise to fame or hands out secrets to win in a modern world of business. His companies help to increase business traffic for all business sizes, leaving every entrepreneur on the inclusion list. His publications have been featured all across the globe.

He has written many different books describing his processing for each business venture he has taken on. HE brings his light-hearted behavior to each of these publications, infusing them with a sense of personality. As a family man, Russell enjoys the downtime he is afforded thanks to his production.

Russell Brunson Review

He also works with many different non-profits to help share his wealth and influence with global sources.

There is a lot of good built into the man who took all he was given for a chance to change the world for good.


Brunson can be seen on many different global touring dates, promoting the idea of a new business world. His sheer level of influence is something that he never takes for granted, believing it is something that was instilled with us all. He does his best to bring this potential out of others, encouraging at all corners of the globe.

This man is a tried and true example of the levels of payoff that can come from dedication to something you love to do.

His story is one of success and giving back and will go down as one of the most inspiring marketing titles to extend from this space of business.

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