Sam Ovens Review

Have you ever sat in the parking lot an extra five minutes utterly dreading walking into your job? Have you ever cursed your alarm clock and declared that you were going to start your own business? Just like you, I too, and probably most people, have had those exact same feelings at some point.

When I first began my journey to entrepreneurship, there wasn't much information on how to be successful at business outside of what was taught inside the classroom. My plan was to take business classes at night while I completed my cosmetology courses during the day. The goal was to own a salon and eventually a nationwide chain.

And so, I continued my studies in such a manner until I completed the cosmetology courses. Once I began to work in the industry, I realized I was learning far more on the job than I had ever learned inside of the classroom. And the more trade shows I attended, and networking I did, I realized that my real education came from others in the industry rather than the classroom.

I find this realization to be the same for many successful entrepreneurs. One in particular whom I gravitated to when I began to search online for ways to grow my business was Sam Ovens.

Who is Sam Ovens?

Sam Ovens was one of the first of many entrepreneurs whose videos I watched that gave me an insight into business in general that my textbooks didn't cover. Experience is definitely the best teacher, and Sam Ovens had honed his experience and parlayed it into a multi-million dollar business.

Sam Ovens, founder of SnapInspect and is an entrepreneur from New Zealand with a pretty modest background. Growing up in a working-class family influenced his initial career path into the corporate sector. However, after spending a weekend at a wealthy entrepreneur's beach house, Sam's mindset was totally changed.

Sam Ovens - Traffic Tsunami

Sam Ovens, founder of SnapInspect and is an entrepreneur from New Zealand with a pretty modest background. Growing up in a working-class family influenced his initial career path into the corporate sector. However, after spending a weekend at a wealthy entrepreneur's beach house, Sam's mindset was totally changed.

After quitting his corporate job, Sam soon began his journey to entrepreneurship with failed ventures, such as PromoteYourself, a network for job seekers and ToTheDesk, a food delivery service for office workers. After the failure of these two businesses and accumulating thousands of dollars in debt, he began to make websites for companies as a means of earning some capital.

A Closer Look of Sam Ovens Review

Sam then started SnapInspect, an app to aid in the inspection of properties for property management companies, which became his first successful business. Unlike his first two failed attempts at entrepreneurship, SnapInspect not only was niche specific but also methodized according to Sam Ovens' Market Backwards theology.

Sam Ovens SnapInspect - Traffic Tsunami

Sam Ovens' Market Backwards approach to business is one of the things he teaches as part of his consultancy. Sam's consulting company, which would later become his brand, actually began as a digital marketing service which was a way of earning income to fund his company, SnapInspect.

The digital marketing consulting service, although meant to fund Sam's company SnapInspect, soon began to have a considerably higher revenue stream than SnapInspect and with much less overhead. With this, Sam sold SnapInspect and focused his money and efforts into growing his digital marketing consulting business.

Sam then took that consultancy service and created an online course that would essentially teach people how to create and scale a business quickly. This course, known as Consulting Accelerator, has allowed thousands of people to become successful consultants, many of whom have become millionaires because of it.

Sam Ovens Consulting -

What began as Sam Ovens Consulting, a small one-man show with just Sam, his cellphone and laptop in his parents' garage, has grown into a multi-million dollar company., formerly Sam Ovens Consulting, is one of the most popular e-learning platforms with offices in Dublin and New York, thousands of customers, and over 30 employees.

Sam Ovens - Entrepreneur

Since its start in 2012, has taught people how to start and scale their business with courses, such as Uplevel Consulting, Quantum Mastermind, and Consulting Accelerator 2.0. uses non-traditional teaching methods and provides a learning environment filled with real-world feedback, applications, and goals that are meant to aid in a successful business.

The training courses at are designed to help anyone start, grow and scale their business. These courses are completed online and while the length of time each course takes varies, you may complete them within a time frame that is comfortable for you.

Consulting Accelerator, the Flagship course of, teaches you how to start your business from scratch and acquire customers in as little as 42 days. The Consulting Accelerator training course is 6 weeks long and teaches you how to not only start a business but one that is profitable at that.

If you are interested in starting your own business and want to scale it to 6-figures, then the Consulting Accelerator course is for you. This training course requires no experience or even knowledge of business and comes complete with tools, training videos, Q&A calls as well as a community via Facebook.

Once you have established your business and acquired your customer base, you can now focus on growing your business. Uplevel Consulting, a 9-week course, teaches you how to scale your business using Hype Systemization while earning revenue of up to 7-figures.

Quantum Mastermind Course - Traffic Tsunami

And for the ambitious overachiever, there is the Quantum Mastermind course, where you will learn how to grow your business to 8-figures and be #1 in your niche. If you not only want to succeed in your market but also dominate it, then the Quantum Mastermind course is for you.

Because all of the courses offered by are based online, they can be completed at any time and can be taken as slow or fast as you like. The course starts when you enroll and can be accessed for an unlimited time. All of courses are equipped with tools, training videos, workbooks, community access, and live Q&A.

However, the Quantum Mastermind Course, the last leg of the program, offers 3-day long events exclusive to entrepreneurs making 7-8 figures. An event of this nature is great for networking as well as furthering your business education merely by chatting with other experienced entrepreneurs.

Although all of these courses are fee-based, each one currently comes with a free trial period which I think is awesome. This allows you to sort of get your feet wet and see if the courses live up to the hype and if it is actually worth your time and money.

My Observations on Courses (

As an entrepreneur, I am in a constant learning mode and always looking for information on how to better my business. Even if the course is the same, because it is given by a different person, I find that I always learn many new methods and ideas in regards to a particular topic. Sam Ovens happens to be one of the consultants whose ideologies I gravitated towards.

Along with the courses offered on, Sam Ovens also provides so much free content via YouTube which is actually where I discovered him. One of my favorite videos that actually changed my business life, was on the expert lie. This video helped me to get out of my own head and out of my own way, so to speak, and dive all in when it came to my manufacturing business.

In the video, Sam talks about how many people think they need to be experts with certain credentials in a field in order to make money. While at the same time, someone with all of the credentials, degrees, et cetera can end up not making money solely because they have all of that.

That YouTube video, among many by Sam Ovens, was what really helped me to look at my skill set in a totally different light and what essentially catapulted my business. I used Sam's Market Backwards approach in my business and from there my success was almost instant.

With the Market Backwards approach, I no longer assumed what the market wanted, but rather I let it tell me and thus I provided the need. This saved me so much time and money as I didn't have to guess what the market wanted, I knew. And because I knew what the market wanted, I was then able to determine my niche, customer base and from there provide the ultimate service.

While Sam Ovens has a number of insightful videos on YouTube, the online courses provide an in-depth overview of the step-by-step process for creating and scaling a business along with community feedback. I personally think that having access to an exclusive community of entrepreneurs who provide direct feedback is one of the major pluses of the training courses on

With the live Q&A, the Facebook community, the workbooks coupled with all of the tools, these courses are like having a full out classroom experience with on the job training at the same time. Consulting Accelerator provides the novice with the type of information that cannot be found inside of a traditional classroom.

These courses, unlike traditional education, are designed, taught and managed by entrepreneurs rather than professors. Instead of being textbook based, the education received from any one of these courses is real-world based and so is the course work. And by being a part of a community of entrepreneurs, you get to learn from their experiences and sort of pick their brain which is an additional form of training.

Final Thoughts

I personally think that these courses are money well spent as I am a huge proponent for investing in your self and your business. However, if you are leery about purchasing a course, then I would suggest you start with the free trial or even just by watching some of Sam Ovens' YouTube videos.

Whether you are an expert entrepreneur, a consultant wanting to scale your company or someone who is wanting to try their hand at entrepreneurship, Sam Ovens is one of the leading consultants to watch. He not only offers a variety of information, but he also does this free of charge via numerous YouTube videos as well as free trials for his online courses.

These courses, just like with anything else in life, are merely tools to help you achieve your goals. In order to reach the heights you set forth, you must do the work that is recommended if you want to see results.

In this day and age, it seems like everyone wants the maximum amount of results with little to no effort. That mindset is why many people are unsuccessful in business, fitness, relationships and other areas in life that require effort.

If you want a fit body, then you must eat right and exercise your muscles. A fit body will not come from watching fitness videos alone. The same is true whenever you enroll in one of these courses.

The course won't do the work for you, rather you must do the work that is recommended in the video in order to see significant results. Do the work, be consistent, and success shall surely follow.