The Infamous Tai Lopez

There are many self-professed, self-help gurus that claim to hold the secrets of living a successful life. As some of you might know, very few of these individuals deliver on these promises. Even worse, many of them are proven scam-artists.

This shady side of self-development preys heavily on entrepreneurs. In addition, many of the self-help traps that entrepreneurs fall for are designed by fellow entrepreneurs. They see a large population of desperate people who are willing to pay money for a proverbial "magic pill".

However, even though there are plenty of deceitful characters in the self-help world, there are others who legitimately want to help people like you and I achieve high levels of personal fulfillment in the financial, social and personal health aspects of our lives.

This review is going to highlight someone who, at least in my experience, has demonstrated a trustworthy effort to provide powerful, self-development learning tools. His name is Tai Lopez, and while we will discuss some of his programs, I will focus on my experience with his MentorBox learning platform.

Who Am I?

Who Am I

Before we get into Tai, I want to share a little about myself. My name is George, and I'm a 31-year-old, independent freelance writer and entrepreneur. I still find it weird to call myself an entrepreneur, but to make a living as a freelance writer, you have to conduct your work and your service as a business.

Even though I've been fascinated by online business potential since the age of 13, I never found much success. I always felt like the information or resources to succeed online were out of reach, and that folks selling this much-needed info were out to take my money.

It's a really immature ideology, and since then I have learned to sympathize with people who provide consultation, coaching and mentorship in the fields where those kinds of services apply the most. It's not easy being a coach, and people demand a lot from their coaches.

I was a big health-nut, and I found myself being a celebrity on social media groups for my "expertise" with naturopathic healing and dieting. I prided myself on my ability to express these concepts in a down-to-Earth way, and I was doing it for free.

Well, my reward for this free work was a constant barrage of people asking me questions about their health. "Hey Georgie, I got these bumps on my testicles. Is it a parasite?!?!" I wasn't a qualified anything, and yet I was constantly assaulted with questions that I was not qualified to answer.

What's worse, when I did find situations where I felt responsible enough to comment, folks didn't listen. I would be fine with the tiring, hold-by-the-hand labor I was doing if people actually applied the advice. However, they not only demanded my time, energy and knowledge, but they didn't even bother to use it.

I remember thinking, "Are you kidding me? If folks won't listen, then they better at least pay me for this!" This was the first time I had ever thought this, even though I was always the "woke" person amongst my peers and family members. But I serious; there was no way I could continue to give that info out for free.

Why the Story?

I tell this story because, if you are here, you are likely looking for some guidance in your financial life. Yet, a lot of entrepreneurs, and online entrepreneurs especially, feel that they should be taught for free.

Tai Lopez Review - Story

It's a reasonable gripe. Most online entrepreneurs are not rich, and many of them are looking to the internet because they are dead broke. So when they see wealthy individuals charging hundreds of dollars for information they need, a lot of online entrepreneurs feel robbed.

However, being a life coach of any kind is tough work. It takes just as much faith and a lot of risk to spend valuable time, energy and tutelage on people who may not even put that effort to good use. For many coaches, we are talking about their life's work being shared with and taught to others.

Even though it might seem a bit inconvenient, we have to respect providers who share their valuable knowledge, at least if they are honest providers. I say this as well because, like many coaches, Tai Lopez is often criticized as a scam artist because he charges for his services.

My Experience with Tai Lopez and His Mentorbox Program

Tai Lopez rose to prominence in 2015 as a personal development expert. However, his beginnings had him apprentice as a farmhand, living in an Amish community, and even spending his young, adult life penniless and sleeping on a couch.

It wasn't until he saw a large insurance ad in the Yellow Pages that he made a bold and life-changing decision. He figured that company responsible for the ad must be rich, and decided to track down the company founder. He offered to work for the company free of charge, and the founder instantly took him up on the offer.

Tai Lopez Review - Tai Lopez

He earned the company big time profits by implementing Google AdWords. After running a nightclub and placing calculated investments in online dating, he went on to be become the CEO of an online, self-development company that he designed to teach people the secrets of happiness, health, and financial prosperity.

All of this sounds great, but to be completely frank, I didn't really care about his backstory. In fact, I didn't know a thing about Tai Lopez before I came across his joint project with Alex Mehr called MentorBox.

When it comes to self-help I was and still am, a more old-school guy. I'm also big on traditional sources, such as those principles that were derived from ancient, spiritual doctrine.

However, my younger brother Cliff was a different story. He was into spirituality, but if I found him inspired by a quote, it was more than likely from someone like Elon Musk. For me, it would be someone like Saraswati Satyananda.

I would try to relay critical ideas to him that I thought would be helpful. But he and I spoke a different language when it came to self-help, and I was clueless on possible recommendations.

Tai Lopez Review - Mentorbox

However, I got a writing gig that asked me to review MentorBox. I started to research the company, and after doing all the necessary writing and research, I was convinced that this was my brother's way to self-instilled learning and personal fulfillment.

How MentorBox Demonstrates Tai's Authenticity

Mentorbox Review - Image_1

MentorBox is an educational platform that focuses on not only providing customers the most influential and revolutionary publications, but specifically works to help you learn the material in these books and how to apply them directly to your life.

Lopez founded this company with Alex Mehr, another successful entrepreneur, and together they sought to provide top-notch instruction and top-notch learning tools. How did they do it? By implementing the following:

  • Direct Instruction Delivered By World-Renown Authors, CEOs and Entrepreneurs - Not only does MentorBox bring you publications from best-selling authors, CEOs, and entrepreneurs, but it goes a step farther by having these authors read and explain their material to you themselves. They give you expert insight into the material they wrote, and focus on teaching you how to apply the material in real life.
  • Quick-Learning Tools and Materials - In addition to direct instruction from the authors, this program makes sure that you can learn this material quickly. Cheat sheets extract the most important and necessary lessons in the books, and places them into 10, key-component ideas. These cheat sheets are accompanied by 10-minute audio nuggets that completely summarize the book and all it's key points and components.
  • FaceBook Mastermind Group - Embarking on the road to self-improvement can be somewhat isolating. As such, the private FaceBook group was included to give a place for students to gather with other, like-minded people. To add, the private group contains live discussions with many of the same expert figures that are featured in MentorBox.

I was impressed to see that such consideration was put forth to make this information as valuable as possible, and presented a new way of learning that I had not seen before. Moreover, MentorBox looked like a product that was made by someone who actually did care about their customers' success.

Moreover, the digital subscription was quite inexpensive. It only cost $59 for a yearly subscription, or $7 a month if you choose to pay by the month. Cliff really liked the idea, and he was perfectly glad to try out the learning program for himself.

So Is Tai Lopez Legit?

I can only say so much for a person that I don't know, but if I had to judge by the products I got my hands on, then I would definitely give Tai Lopez the "Scam-Free" seal of approval.

Tai Lopez Review - Course

I have heard about his 67 lessons program, which is a series of self-help videos that are a dollar each. Again this is a pretty inexpensive deal but a lot of people complain that it is a scam without even finishing the series. However, for people who took the time to actually view all of them, the videos are more than worth it.

Cliff loves the material, and I find that he and I have better conversations. For some reason, who understands my perspectives on things a lot better, even though I had been saying these things to him for the past decade. But he understands what I say now, and has a lot of fun finding news ways to improve his life.


So if you are interested checking out Tai Lopez, I whole heartedly recommend it. With MentorBox alone, I can tell that he not only cares about what he does, but he knows how to execute on the things he cares about. That's a great recipe for a good teacher, and you would do yourself a great service by checking out what Lopez can offer you.

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