Ted Mcgrath Review

There are a number of popular, modern coaches who specialize in training average people to be successful and highly-effective entrepreneurs. Chances are that you have already seen a number of YouTube videos or FaceBook Ads that display courses and teaching programs the feature the expertise of these well-known figures.

Let's face it, some of these coaches are far from legit. Even more so, many of these coaches are set of advertising wild expectations that entice impressionable, and often times desperate entrepreneurs who are looking for anything that can help them finally reach their goals of financial freedom.

However, I will be completely fair and admit that the landscape of entrepreneurial coaching is a lot more trustworthy than it ever has been. Why? Because the advances in communication and information technology have opened doorways that were never available before.

Social media has given people the ability to connect and reach thousands of people, both local and international, in a matter of minutes. This expansive, communication capacity gives people like you and I an unprecedented opportunity to become financially successful. As such, many coaches are able to legitimately offer courses that effectively capitalize on this opportunity because they did it themselves.

In this review, we are going to take a look at an entrepreneurial coach who has the reputation of helping hundreds of people develop profitable and wealthy businesses through seminars, webinars and live events: Ted McGrath.

A Little About Me

Who Am I

Before we go over Ted and his entrepreneurial courses, I want to take some time to introduce myself. My name is Paul, and I am 28-years-old. I've lived in Chicago my whole life, with a keen interest in entrepreneurship that goes all the way back to my early teenage years.

Even back in 2004, when MySpace was becoming the dominate social media platform and YouTube just started becoming popular, my older brother Fred and I were obsessed with internet marketing. There were so many high hopes, with guru after guru professing that he or she held the “secret” keys to financial success.

But Fred and I had two problems: we were broke and we didn't know where to start. If you are weary of scams nowadays, you should've seen the amount of snake-oil salesmen on the net in those days.

After several failed attempts, I gave up on internet marketing until late 2018. I lost my dead-end job, and I was already so broke that I had to find a solution quick. Now you might think, “Okay, this story again. Broke guy with no money somehow, miraculously makes millions with his ‘secret' system.”

Well, that didn't happen. However, I was a decent writer, and by this time there were a number of content mills that could legitimately replace my former income. In fact, my time writing papers for students in college helped me craft a skill that allowed me to produce written pieces in relatively short periods of time.

It took me crafting discipline that I didn't think I had, but I was able to not only replace my old income, but double it within two weeks. I lived a rather modest life, so I was also able to save money for other projects.

I started saving because I was discovering something: the internet had changed. The communication ability that we have today is so great, that we can literally access thousands of people simultaneously all with the push of a few buttons. Moreover, engines like Amazon also allowed people to legitimately craft businesses that were highly profitable.

How I Came Across Ted

There was a second advantage to being a freelance writer: I got to learn a lot about entrepreneurial opportunities.

Ted Mcgrath Review - Logo

There was a wealth of courses that were designed to help people succeed in affiliate marketing, eCommerce, digital course creation and internet advertising.

However, one program stuck out to me. It was called Superstar Speaker. a course designed to help you create a successful businesses through seminars, webinars and live events. Honestly speaking, the course doesn't even sound all that exciting. However, I joined to course because of the person behind it: Ted McGrath.

There are a few reasons why Ted stuck out to me. Ted's career extends into being a world-renown public speaker, best-selling author, and the primary architect behind 5 household brands. He's generated millions from coaching entrepreneurs, public speakers, coaches, and corporate executives.

However, none of those things stood out as much as his skill as a theater performer. Now, why on Earth was this so appealing? Well, as a theater performer, you have to be able to bring characters to life and tell their story. You have to be able to immerse people in the drama of your characters through your acting, to the point where people “believe” in your character.

Tai Lopez Review - Story

Actors are fully-immersed storytellers. This skill was important to me, because I lived in a family of storytellers.

People were always attracted to the way our family described and relayed information about life, and the insights that we gained in those experiences.

It was a pretty useful skill when you are a black, Jewish vegetarian growing up in the 90s. Even though I was different, and a lot of people wanted to pick on me, my storytelling skill generated amicable feelings in others.

That being said, when I was growing up, I started to realize a trend. Many people loved hearing my stories, and even referred to me with grandiose praise for my expressive abilities. However, while people loved hearing what I had to say, they rarely applied what I said in real life.

I knew how to attract people with my words, but I did not know how to inspire action with my words. My teachers, friends and family members would always tell me to get into inspirational speaking, but I figured, “What's the point? No one ever listens.”

However, when I saw Ted's background, something clicked in my head where I felt, “Hey, this might be the right guy to help me evolve my speaking. Moreover, if I can use this skill to become wealthy, then I can kill two birds with one stone!”

Ted's Entrepreneurial Courses

There is one aspect of Ted's training that is prevalent in all his courses: the instruction is live. I'm going to be honest: Ted's courses are not cheap. I picked up His Superstar Speaker training for $1997, but it is normally priced at $4000. His Message to Millions course is also $1997.

However, this is for a good reason. As a live training course, you are learning directly from Ted. These recorded, live classes are also archived for download within these courses, but as a live training course, you have to realize that even $10,000 for a course is a fair price for quality content.

Ted also demonstrates a very definitive commitment to your success in his programs. This commitment is demonstrated when it by his 100% Get Results, Client Happiness Guarantee. If you aren't satisfied with your purchase, you are eligible for a refund. However, there is a very advantageous catch, only in this case, the advantage is for you.

If you get into a McGrath program, you have to actually implement the training. As such, learning with him is like actually attending a real academic course. You have assignments you must complete, and you must prove that you have done them in order to be eligible for a refund.

If you are dissatisfied with the course, and have put in the work, then Ted and his team with offer extra support to ensure your success.

Ted Mcgrath Review - Products

If both efforts fail, then you can receive the refund. However, I feel that these preconditions for refund show just how dedicated he is to your success. Some people think it is a scam, but I can tell you that these preconditions are meant to drive you toward success.


I might sound bias, after all, he is a storyteller. However, his courses offer high-quality training in a social skill that everyone can benefit learning. Not only for business, but for personal relationships as well. It helps you connect with the people you care about most, and that skill allows you to convey those feelings in business as well.

If you are interested in learning how to harness these skills for enhanced, entrepreneurial success, then Ted McGrath is a great coach to look in to. It was one of the best decisions of my adult life.

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