The Top 5 Facebook Advertising Training Courses

Facebook is the largest social media website on the planet. With over 2 billion unique users, Facebook provides a network that allows people of all kinds to access thousands, if not millions of different people from all over the world.

As a business owner, this vast network of people gives both the large and small business owner a unique opportunity to expose their products and brands to millions of potential customers.

As such, this unique, digital networking platform is something that every aspiring entrepreneur should take advantage of. Facebook has also recognized the commercial power that their platform provides, and as a response to this, Facebook Ads was created so that both Facebook and business entities can benefit from their network's consumer base.

However, like all marketing platforms, in order for you to prosper with Facebook's marketing potential, you need the right knowledge and strategies in order to maximize your profits. Without this, you are liable to waste precious time, money, and energy on things that aren't aiding in your entrepreneurial success.

In order to ensure your success with Facebook Ads, experts in the online marketing field have designed courses teaching you all of the necessary strategies, techniques, guidelines, and infrastructural necessities required for your success.

Today, we are going to share with you 5 of the top Facebook Ads courses available today. Each of these courses is unique, catering to different experience levels and goals. We will outline their strengths and weaknesses, and arm you with the knowledge you need to choose the best course for you!

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass By Kevin David

Kevin David once again launches a new Ninja Masterclass centered around mastering FaceBook Ads. Like his other Masterclass programs, Kevin emphasizes various key aspects that are essential in an elite training course. He focuses on:

  • Extensive Content-Training Library.
  • Daily Updated Content.
  • Private, Daily Access To Kevin and Other Elite Marketers In Masterclass Private Facebook Group.
  • Beneficial To Both New and Veteran Facebook Marketers.
  • Elite Bonuses.
Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass By Kevin David

Extensive Content Library

This course is impressively stacked with a massive library of over 40-hours-worth of video training. Spread across 100 videos, these lessons are organized in 6, in-depth training modules that are specifically designed to give you the elite ability to dominate Facebook Ads marketing.

Module 1: Understanding Facebook Ads and What Works. Vocabulary You Need to Know. The POWER of the Ninja Pixel Strategy!

This module is designed to teach you how to create highly profitable ads through mastery of secret techniques using Pixel and Google-analytics, as well as a copy-and-paste Funnel-blueprint that Kevin David used to generate $1.5 million in sales in just 4 months.

He also covers how to generate lead magnets that draw highly-targeted customers eager to buy your products.

Module 2: How to Go From Complete Beginner to Facebook Ad Ninja. The ONLY Campaign Types YOU NEED!

This module digs into maximizing the efficiency of your ad campaigns. You learn how to create the perfect spending budget for your ads, learning how to terminate ineffective ads and how to maximally scale profitable ads.

You learn how to generate effective ads quickly and easily, and how to generate social proofing of your ads in order to create cheaper conversions. You also learn how to target your perfect customer base, and how to boost credibility to generate trust in these customers. Learn how to spot necessities for change and how to create those changes so that you stay on top on your game!

Module 3: How to Create Your Ultra Targeted Audiences that Will Skyrocket Your Business (The Secret to Becoming a Master Advertiser!)

This module goes further in-depth on creating the most targeted ads. The focus here emphasizes learning how to take advantage of Facebook's Consumer Data to generate ads that only find the most interested buyers. It teaches you how to differentiate between buying audiences and non-buying audiences, and goes in-depth on conversion ads.

Module 4: How to Create Ad Copy and Creative That CONVERT LIKE CRAZY. Become a Copywriting and Ad Image EXPERT Quicker Than You Thought Possible!

This module focuses on all the aspects necessary to become an elite ad designer. You learn psychological tactics and ad copywriting skills that are designed to create maximum conversions.

This module also arms you with knowledge and tools on graphic design teaching you how to builds expert Facebook Ad graphics in minutes with no prior experience. In addition, you learn how to find very effective and talented graphic artists who will design your graphics for very affordable prices.

Module 5: How to Make a TON of Money WITHOUT Needing Your Own Product. Create Your Own Ad Agency Even Without ANY Experience!

After mastering the other 4 modules, you have the skills to create and manage highly-effective ads for businesses an any field of your choosing. You are effectively your own living, breathing ad agency, and this modules guides on how to profit from you newfound marketing mastery!

You learn how to market for brick-and-mortar businesses, learning how to connect the offline world with the online world. You learn how to create sales funnels that eliminate technical gaps, saving you and your customers from confusion and frustration.

Kevin provides his very own sales script that he uses to generate a powerful clientele base, all who are eager to work with you. You also learn how to generate results for your clients before they even work with you, adding credibility and value to your stock!

Module 6: The One Thing That Will Make or Break Your Facebook Ad Profitability. How Properly Re-targeting Can Immediately Change Your Entire Business!

This module focuses on retargeting, and emphasizes it's importance in creating higher conversions and create a larger audience. You learn how to convert interested parties into buying customers through data analytics and retargeting methods.

You learn how to find audiences with similar interests to your customers, and the secrets to leveraging international audiences for maximum profits.

Daily Updated Content & Facebook Private Training Group

This course comes with a Private Facebook group where all the course students can congregate and share their latest successes, techniques, discoveries, and questions. Kevin himself is constantly in attendance with the groups, and offers one-on-one guidance for all his students questions.

On top of this, Kevin offers constantly updated information on the latest features, guidelines, and procedures that he discovers on Facebook. When it comes to Facebook marketing, strategies and techniques can become obsolete rather quickly.

Therefore, in order to provide content that is relevant and optimal, Kevin makes sure to update his content on a daily basis. This way, you can stay on top of your marketing game and always excel with Facebook's advertising power.

Beginner and Veteran-Friendly & For All Business Styles

This course is designed to be helpful to beginners, unsuccessful marketers, and veteran marketers who are already successful. He teaches people how to start from scratch, but also provides extremely beneficial optimizing strategies that can give veterans the edge.

If you are already familiar with Facebook marketing, but have been unsuccessful, this course provides solutions to many, if not all the obstacles and knowledge barriers you might be facing with you Facebook Ads efforts.

In addition, due to being so beginner-friendly, people from any kind of entrepreneurial or business arena can benefit from this course. Whether you sell your own products and services, or sell affiliate products for others, you will learn the skills you need to generate massive sales for your business.

Elite Bonuses

On top of all these features, The Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass offers 3 incredible bonuses within the course package. The bonuses include:

  • How to Run FREE Facebook Ad Campaigns Using the Trip Wire Technique.
  • The Instagram Blueprint - How to Sky Rocket Your Organic IG Sales.
  • Messenger Explosion - How to Use Messenger Bots to Exponentiate Your Current Business.
  • 4th Hidden Bonus: he Facebook Ninja Trio Blackbox!.


  • Live Private Training Group.
  • Extensive Training Library With 40 Hours of Updated Content.
  • Beginner-Friendly.
  • Great Bonuses.


  • Expensive - $997

Facebook Advertising Training Course by eMarketeers

eMarketeers has an extensive history of guiding businesses and corporate entities into competent skills and protocols that will enhance their digital presence. Founded in 2016, e-Marketeers has trained over 10,000 businesses to acquire the in-house digital skills necessary for optimal digital performance at the commercial level.

Facebook Advertising Training Course by eMarketeers

eMarketeers' Facebook Advertising Training Course is a course designed to teach the complete layout of Facebook Ads' marketing platform, and how to maximize your potential on the world's largest social network.

In this course, you will go over the following topics:

  • Understand Facebook Advertising for Brands.
  • The Main Facebook Ad Types.
  • Facebook Premium Ads.
  • Choosing Relevant Targeting and Audience Options.
  • Building Facebook Advertising Content.
  • Advertising Costs, Options and Management Tools.
  • Hints and Tips for Better Ads.

Understand Facebook Advertising for Brands

  • Setting campaign goals.
  • Learning what works in Facebook and what doesn't.
  • Differences between Google and Facebook ads.

The Main Facebook Ad Types

  • Learn the different ad types and what they are designed to do.
  • Detailed overview of the 5 main ad types: page like. event response, page-post-engagement, click to website and offer claim.
  • Learn about ad targeting.

Facebook Premium Ads

  • What are they, and how to buy them.

Choosing Relevant Targeting and Audience Options

  • Learn how to build custom audiences.
  • Learn how to target based on demographic, interests and behaviors.
  • Learn what special events are, and how to use them effectively.

Building Facebook Advertising Content

  • Learn about size and wording limitations and guidelines.
  • Learn about graphics implementation with images.
  • Learn about the grid in-depth.
  • Learn about the difference between high-performing ad content and ineffective ad content.

Advertising Costs, Options and Management Tools

  • Learn when to use CPC, CPM, and CPA ads, and the pros and cons of each.
  • Learn what you need to look for in your managing and measuring efforts, and how to utilize tools to optimize ad performance.

Hints and Tips for Better Ads

  • Learn ad content options and what type of content are most effective.
  • Learn to test ads.
  • Learn how to implement shoutouts and hashtags to optimize ad exposure.

The primary course is live workshop from 9:30 am to 5 pm, available for 4 dates throughout the year of 2019. These courses are all set in St. Pancras, London, but eMarketeers offers the option to facilitate this training in-house. Whether or not this available internationally is not directly stated by eMarketeers.

The course also emphasizes that it is designed for people with entry-level experience with Facebook ads who are looking to optimize their efforts. Therefore, a complete beginner may be somewhat confused if they were attending or receiving this course.


  • In-house options.
  • Proven Track Record.
  • Taught By Annmarie Hanlon , a digital, content, and marketing specialist with over 20 years of experience.


  • Lack of International Programs.

Facebook Ads for E-Commerce: The Complete Guide By Adam Reed

Facebook Ads for E-Commerce is a course developed by Adam Reed through the Udemy Platform. Adam has been a successful E-Commerce merchant for 7 years, and yet only started when he was 15. His feats include:

  • Generating £8000 in sales in 8 weeks on eBay with no inventory.
  • Generating 6-figures in gross sales in 4 weeks... with just 1 Shopify store.

Reed attributes the large part of his business success to the strategies and marketing protocols he uses on Facebook Ads. Reed shares with you all of his knowledge on how to go from no marketing experience to Facebook Ads expert in this course!

Facebook Ads for E-Commerce The Complete Guide By Adam Reed

Reed's course provides over 10 hours of video training content spread into 154 lectures. The lectures are divided into the following sections:

  • Introduction to the Course - 5 lectures.
  • Further Information on Facebook Ads - 4 lectures.
  • Get Ready to run Facebook Ads - 4 lectures.
  • Facebook Ads Structure: The 3 Building Blacks of a Facebook Advert - 3 lectures.
  • The Facebook Ads Campaign Level in Detail - 11 lectures.
  • The e-Commerce Debate: Engagement or Conversion - 2 lectures.
  • Ad Set Level In Detail - 13 lectures.
  • Watch Me Live: Favorite Ads for Shopify and E-Commerce - 10 lectures.
  • 10 Basic Tips to Better Advertising - 2 lectures.
  • The Easy Target: Using Facebook Audience Insights Tool - 4 lectures.
  • The Complete Masterclass to Creating Amazing Facebook and Instagram Ads - 13 lectures.
  • The Secret Service: Spying on Competitors Ad Campaigna - 4 lectures.
  • Facebook Pixel For Shopify and e-Commerce - 4 lectures.
  • Building Custom audiences - 7 lectures.
  • Building Lookalike Audiences - 8 lectures.
  • Using Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences - 5 lectures.
  • Measuring and Analyzing your Facebook Advertising - 8 lectures.
  • Advanced Reporting - 4 lectures.
  • Some Insider Tips on Targeting Changes for Cheaper CPCs -6 lectures.
  • Introdocution to Split Testing: A LIVE Case Study - 6 lectures.
  • Scaling Facebook Ads - 3 lectures.
  • How I usually Run and Manage My Own E-Commerce Campaigns - 1 lecture.
  • Course Summary - 3 lectures.
  • Live Case Study #1 - 8 lectures.
  • Live Case Study #2 - 8 lectures.
  • Live Case Study #3 - 1 lecture.
  • Bonus Material - 8 lectures.

Included in the Bonus Material is access to Adam's 2 Best-selling Udemy courses, "Shopify Dropshipping Course" and "Shopify Google Analytics Course". The course is extremely affordable, making it perfect for the beginner entrepreneur who want to experience genuine, top-notch Facebook Ads training.


  • Extremely Low Price: $10.99.
  • Loads of instruction in the main course.
  • 2 Bonus Courses Included.


  • No Private Facebook Group.

The Complete Facebook Sales Funnel Blueprint By Diego Davila

Diego Davila presents The Complete Facebook Sales Funnel Blueprint, a comprehensive course designed to teach you how to master the use of Sales Funnels to skyrocket the success of your Facebook Ads.

This course is designed to not only give you the knowledge and steps to profit substantially with Facebook sales funnels, but also ensures that you have practically applied this knowledge through scheduled assignments.

The Complete Facebook Sales Funnel Blueprint By Diego Davila

These assignments are 12 in total, and ensure that you have mastered the 12 hours of training videos that cover the following:

  • Basics of Sales Funnels: What they are, and why you need them.
  • Targeting audiences and Lead-Magnet generation to create etreme demand to buy your products.
  • Optimized Email sequencing to establish trust with customers that makes them want more from you.
  • Lead Page generation and learning how to create highly professional landing pages within your Facebook Page. Customers and clients don't even have to leave your page to give you their name and email.
  • Use of Pixel and Retargeting in Ads (This is one of the most POWERFUL marketing tools with Facebook Ads).
  • Professional website design.
  • Bonus "7 Secrets that will boost your Facebook Organic Reach" that can bee applied to your Facebook Business Page.

This 12 hour course is spread across 108 videos which are divided into 20 sections, and the 12 assignments that you complete ensure that you not only know how to implement your training, but that you already have done so by the time you finish the course. It's Davila's way of making sure you leave the course already succeeding.


  • Very Affordable: $10.99.
  • Assignments designed to ensure you are implementing the training.
  • Beginner Friendly.
  • Bonus Course.
  • Free Lead Magnet Set Up.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.


  • No Live Training.

Build Great Ads & Audiences By Suppoman

Suppoman's Build Great Ads & Audiences course is unlike other courses when it comes to teaching Facebook Ads. Most courses offer large libraries of video training that go over advanced topics that can be somewhat time intensive.

However, many entrepreneurs are too busy to truthfully learn all these finer points. They simply need Facebook Ads that are effective and generate results, and you are someone who needs to learn how to build effective Facebook Ads quickly and simply, then this course is for you.

Build Great Ads & Audiences By Suppoman

This course is designed to take people who have very little or no advertising experience and have them running effective Facebook ads in less than 1 hour. This course covers these important skills:

  • Building audiences that are eager to purchase your products.
  • Generating highly-targeted likes for less than you competitors.
  • How to pick the best posts to generate viral attention.
  • Step-by-step guide to 10-minute Facebook Ads.
  • The essentials on Facebook Ads Manager and how to measure your results.


  • Very Affordable: $10.99.
  • Quick Instruction; Focused on Essentials.
  • Beginner Friendly.


  • Very short content library.
  • No live support.

What About Costs? Does Cheap = Low-Quality Training?

As you can see from the above list, there are a variety of prices ranges for the courses. The last 3 courses are all hosted on the same training platform, and as such all these courses cost the same.

However, in comparison to the more expensive classes, they don't appear to be lacking substantially higher amounts of training than their competitors. While Kevin David's Masterclass does offer 40 hours of video content, the eMarketeer course only offers 7 hours.

2 of 3 Udemy courses provide over 10 hours of video instruction. In terms of training content, the cheaper courses are comparable to the more expensive courses. However, the more expensive Masterclass and eMarketeer courses do provide live personal training that is not in the cheaper courses.

Despite this, many might still consider the Udemy courses more worthwhile if they truly don't feel the need for live training support. Also, the Udemy courses do offer 30-Day Money Back guarantees, so a person can return them if they do not feel the course was worth it for them.

It's our recommendation that, for the complete beginner, starting with Adam Reed's Facebook Ads for E-Commerce may be the best place to start if you want a low-risk introduction to Facebook Ads. Also, if you find that this instruction is all that you need, then you can rest assured that it will be the best $11 you ever spent.

However, for those who feel that live support is necessary for them, then Kevin David's Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass is probably the best option. The course may be the most expensive course here, but it also clearly provides the largest amount of service.

Kevin has the only course that is regularly updated in real-time that students have access to forever. The rest of the courses do not have that capacity, and updates would have to be purchased as new courses. He's also available daily on the Facebook Private training group, answering questions personally.

Considering that Kevin would normally charge people thousands of dollars for just one hour of consultation, his course is rather inexpensive.

Whatever the case is for you, it's important that you are aware of the options you have to skyrocket you marketing success with Facebook. Each of these course provides the necessary tools you need to do change the landscape of your commercial success forever.

Final Verdict

Now that you have had a chance to see what each has to offer, there are some questions you might want to consider when assessing the best course for you.