Tony Robbins Reviews

Leading the life of motivational speaker and an influencer places great pressures on an individual. Tony Robbins is one of the most successful motivational speakers of our time. His path to success wasn't written by the acquisition of will or handed down through generations of performance, rather, his shortcomings became the tools he needed to foster success into his life. Growing up in California, Robbins was left with many trying times.

His parents divorced at an early age, leaving him to fend for his younger siblings. Robbins spent his early years as a tradesman to provide for his siblings. He would attend school and then return to his handyman work, picking up all sorts of odd jobs along the way.

At 17, Robbins left home in pursuit of the freedom of working on his own. He started to work as a janitor to fund the start of his life.

Shaping Up

Despite the challenges of growing up in a tough family, Robbins prevailed. He never let his levels of determination cease to the threat of failing. His personal drive is what helped him reach out to others in pursuit of something greater. Robbins never attended college and decided to pursue a goal in helping others succeed.

He teamed with Jim Rohn, a motivational speaker when he was 17-years-old. Rohn was also an author who was full of talent. Robbins spent his promotional periods taking from the words of Rohn, helping him determine that this was the career path that he wished to travel.

Tony Robbins Review

In 1983, Robbins partnered with John Grinder, a neurologist that had successfully created a start-up to a programming company. This fostered the learning path of Robbins, who would incorporate the teachings of both Rohn and Grinder into the development of his own program.

Robbins was a firm believer that achievement was something that could be brought out of any individual. It was as much mindset as it was hereditary inclination. Robbins began a path to self-teaching, setting goals and crushing them out of the park. He looked heavily into a path of mental development, taught himself how to walk on fire, and started to record his message for others to take from.

His recordings would be picked up by an infomercial hub in 1988 and the take-off would begin.

Fostering Success

With infomercial exposure in the rear-view, Robbins was able to get his audiotape production off the ground. Exposure via this small ad-block would bring the attention of millions. Tony would record audio tapes that were meant to inspire others through soothing words that would build to shouts for desperation.

Tony Robbins Review

His platform worked to develop people internally, inside looking outward. If one could harbor this mindset with themselves, they would be unstoppable in terms of what they could accomplish throughout their lives. Robbins began partnering with other motivational speakers and professional athletes and actors. These developments would be featured by these famed individuals, bringing a heavy consideration of wealth to Tony's namesake.

His program would go on to be listened to by over 100 million individuals in over 200 different media markets. This low-cost exposure set the terms for what Tony wanted to do with the rest of his life. He started his own Leadership Academy a few years after he got his name out there.

Tony Robbins Review

His academy was a teaching platform that gave people the tools they needed to effectively shape a positive tomorrow. His teachings would become the curriculum for millions of users to help birth the production of global leaders. His program inspired the development of all career angles, featuring governors, fitness professionals, and school teachers. His system was widely accepted by a large portion of the population.

There was really no backlash to his techniques, which helped him grow to unimaginable levels of popularity with the general public.

Life Today

After continuing his work as a motivational speaker, Robbins worked to spread his wealth to many different avenues. Taking part ownership in a professional sports franchise, developing a program that works with addicts in terms of intervention, and creating ownership in the world of eGaming are just a few of the continued business ventures that Robbins works with today.

His level of influence has reached many different figures of authority, citing Magic Johnson, Bill Clinton, and Wayne Gretzky as three of the hundreds of popular faces that Robbins has worked alongside. There isn't anything that Robbins has not tried to force his presence into.

Tony Robbins Review

He is widely accepted as a leader in many different facets of interest. His growing popularity continues to extend far beyond the reaches of possibility. He has received much praise and accolades continue to roll in for his individual achievements. He is found on many different influence list near the top of all major-marketed categories of interest.

Forbes and other business ranking systems have mentioned his name in multiple instances.


When it comes to accomplishing anything and everything, Tony Robbins is the name to think of. He has had so much influence in so many different settings that is is often to keep track of all his achievements.

The diversity in his work portfolio is one of the most fascinating pieces of information surrounding his influence. He continues to re-write the terms of possibility as his involvement continues to sky rocket.

Robbins will go down as one of the most important names mentioned within this generation.

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