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There are now millions of websites on the world wide web. Of course, these sites need a web hosting company to remain active online. Like us, you may be wondering what is a good company to host with.

After all, you want someone that is trusted, experienced, and reliable. You will want someone that cannot only store your data sufficiently, you’ll also want a web hosting facility that can protect your data. On top of that, you’ll want this data to be easily accessed and downloaded by your clients.

And if you’re like us, you will encounter problems from time to time. That’s totally normal and should be an expected part of your business. However, if that were to happen, you will want a company who has exemplary customer service to help you address these problems in a timely, effective and efficient manner.

Five Star Reviews from Happy Clients

For today, since we are talking about web hosting there is no better company to review than Ultra Web Hosting. Actually, a lot of happy clients have left a 5 star review for this web hosting company. Now, that’s letting the company name really speak for itself!

Ultra Web Hosting Review

If you’re thinking of starting your own site, or you are already an established industry site but you’re looking to change your web hosting company, then you may want to consider Ultra Web Hosting because of all the exemplary reviews. You can check them out on their website and check out all their various plans like: the Free, Shared, WordPress, VPS and Dedicated, and Weebly.

Happy clients have given them stellar reviews for overall performance, reliability, server speed, customer support, site features, and cost/ value. Numerous testimonials have been written for Ultra Web Hosting, which has been dubbed as very professional. They have a live chat feature with helpful customer representatives that won’t leave you alone until you get to the root of the problem.

Furthermore, many satisfied and loyal clients who have been with them true the years say they are give value for money, great uptime, and they take time to establish a great relationship with their clients. With these kinds of stellar reviews, we won’t be surprised if you consider singing up with Ultra Web Hosting. Know let’s get down to the specifics.

Rich and Long Company History

Ultra Web Hosting Review

The Ultra Web Hosting was established in 2002. It may be easy to confuse them with the other side called UltraHosting. Please don’t for they are totally different and Ultra Web Hosting is in no way affiliated with them. They are a company based Seattle, Washington-based host, and they are most definitely not a “green” host.

To truly understand what Ultra Web Hosting is about, we will have to take a look at their main plan and its various features. Then we shall discuss the all important components like performance, uptime, and customer support.

Plans and Specific Features

Ultra Web Hosing has several features to address all our needs. If you’re a newbie, you’ll be happy to note that they have a free plan. This way, you don’t have to commit a lot of money as you get your feet wet in the industry.

Finally, once you’ve got the hang of it, you can now move on to their other plans that offer more features. Fret not because they aren’t that expensive and they do offer a lot of value for the very small investment you need to make. Let’s discuss each plan in detail below.

Ultra Web Hosting Review

The Free Plan

We love hosts that offers free plans. Who doesn’t love a freebie or a trial offer? This helps all of us get the feel of the service, features, and company culture.

Utra Web Hosting offers this free service with a lot of features. But since it is free, it does have certain limitations. After all, no one wants to work for free.

Here are the stuff that come with this free plan. It supports a single site and provides a limited 500 MB disk space. There’s a cap of a 10 GB monthly transfer and there is 1-click app installer. It comes with CloudFlare, 5 email accounts, cPanel, and a marketing package. There is also a free community support and an easy upgrade option.

Ultra Web Hosting Review

The Word Press Plan

Ultra Web Hosting offers plans for one of the most popular site builders, Word Press. You are free to manage this as you want as they are not managed WordPress plans. They cost around $12.95 a month, with a free one month trial offer.

This plan comes with several features like a free domain name. It can also support an unlimited number of sites and offer unlimited space and email accounts. There is a free site transfer. On top of that, there is CDN or Content Delivery Network, 1-Click WordPress installer, ULTRASpeed caching, and a Dedicated IP. You can do all this with a free setup feature.

Ultra Web Hosting Review

The Reseller Plan

Ultra Web Hosting offers one reseller plan that cost $16.95 per month if you get the three year term. Otherwise, it will cost you $24.95 per month. This plan comes 50 GB disck space, 2 TB bandwidth, and support unlimited sites.

In addition to that, it comes with a cPanel Web Host Manager, Vanity Nameservers, 1-Click App Installer, a Trendy Site Builder, and a Xcache Opcacher. Your plan will also give you a Nginx reverse proxy, a free billing software, CloudLinux and PHP, and free setup.

Ultra Web Hosting Review

The Weebly Plan

Weebly users have advantage because they are a partner of UltraWebhosting.com. Weebly is already a great site builder that is geared towards newbies, so everything is easy to use with their “drag and drop” format.

You can quickly design your site on Weebly with so many templates and you can get hosting for the rock bottom price of $2.95 per month for a 3-year contract term. It will cost you $5.95 per month if you choose to not lock-in for three years.

This plan comes with a free domain, which is a great value in itself. This also come with unlimited space and email, content delivery network support, ULTRASpeed caching, and free setup.

Ultra Web Hosting Review

The Shared Plans

This plan comes with several different features.

  • Ultra 1x Hosting: This costs $2.95 per month if you lock-in for a three year term and $5.95 for monthly billing. This plan supports online site builder and it comes with a free domain, SSD hard drive, cPanel, and unlimited space and email.
  • Ultra Unlimited: This costs $5.95 per month if you lock-in for a three year term and $7.95 for monthly billing. This supports an unlimited number of sites. It comes with a free domain, SSD hard drive, cPanel, and unlimited space and email.
  • Ultra Unlimited Pro: This costs $8.95 per month if you lock-in for a three year term and $12.95 for monthly billing. This supports an unlimited number of sites. It comes with a free domain, SSD hard drive, cPanel, and unlimited space and email. It also comes with added features and specs.
Ultra Web Hosting Review

The VPS and Dedicated Plans

They offer several types of plans for this. Take a look at them below:

  • Managed VPS Plan: This is $49.95 per month with 1 GB RAM, 25 GB disk space, cPanel, and supports unlimited sites. There is a setup fee of $49.95.
  • Ultra-Value Dedicate: This is $99.95 per month with 4 GB RAM, 1 TB of disk space, cPanel, and supports unlimited sites. There is a setup fee of $49.95.
  • Ultra-Xeon Dedicated: This is $222.95 per month with 16 GB RAM, 1 TB disk space, cPanel, and supports unlimited sites. There is a setup fee of $49.95.


You will be happy to note that Ultra Web Hosting uses SSD hard drives that are noted for being so much faster. This hardware comes to you for free at Ultra Web Hosting unlike in other hosts who charge a lot for this feature.

Ultra Web Hosting Review

Here is an example of their servers response stats from various popular locations: Los Angeles 1.32 ms Dallas 4.01 ms New York 2.61 ms Singapore 2.05 ms London 2.94 ms Amsterdam 1.69 ms San Francisco 2.8 ms You must take note that the average response time is is 2.49 milliseconds, which is really fast. Next, let’s take a look at the important elements that can make or break your site. Let’s examine their server loading time, first byte, start render, and speed index, which will all affect you. Loading Time First Byte Start Render Speed Index First View 4.572s 1.379s 2.497s 3711 Repeat View 2.200s 1.500s 0.916s 1736.

Uptime and Downtime

They offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee. In fact, one of their agents said that if your uptime is below this guarantee, they will give you one month of hosting for free. Many users have been happy to report that they abide by this policy.

Ultra Web Hosting Review

If you want to validate downtime, you can check it yourself at their website. You can also check and keep update of their server status by clicking on the “server status page.”

Customer Support

Ultra Web Hosting understand that they have remained successful because their clients are happy. Thus, they offer unparalleled customer service by providing support through live chat that answers in 30 seconds, ticket requests answered in less than two hours, telephone support at 1-877-850-7850, their Forum, and their FAQ Knowledgebase.

Pros and Cons of Ultra Web Hosting


  • They give you great value for money.
  • They offer unbeatable customer support.
  • They provide various plans to address all your needs.


  • It is important to note that Ultra Web Hosting does the “unlimited bandwidth” sale pitch, like all the other hosts like Hostgator, PowWeb, and Green Geeks. We are not a fan of this because sometimes, this unlimited is not really that because it is dependent on the plan you get.
  • It can be misleading and confusing because there are limits to their shared plans. For example, it can only accommodate 200,000 inodes, use 25% of the CPU or RAM (for 90+ seconds), and back ups are limited to only 5 GB of data.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Ultra Web Hosting is a great hosting site that will address all your needs. It is priced so much lower that other web hosting companies. In spite of the cheaper price tag, they do not lack in terms of features and customer service.

Their guarantee is unbeatable. With many happy clients that are supremely satisfied with their uptime and downtime, this proves that Ultra Web Hosting is indeed a tough competitor to beat. If you are a newbie, check them out for their free hosting offer, and if you are looking to change your host, then keep them on the horizon because they deliver their promise to give impeccable service.

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