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Landing pages have become a critical stage of any company strategy. The first impression of the business can influence our brand awareness, changing the way our visitors interact with our brand.

Now, people don’t just land on our main website to look around. Visitors have a thousand other things to do and need to realize quickly whether our company is relevant and solves their problems.

In other words, we believe that product creation is the key to grow our companies. Similarly, today’s entrepreneurs require the most updated tools to present these selling propositions to the public, adapting quickly.

Isn’t it frustrating to spend so many resources on building landing pages? Most of the time, these websites don’t update as quickly as the market demands. Whether you want to test a few new features or add a new line of products, fast iteration used to be a big challenge for web designers.

Since this process has shown multiple concerning problems to digital entrepreneurs, some companies such as Unbounce have worked on making web development great again.

What Will We Testing in Unbounce?

Unbounce claims to be a software company that allows you to create fabulous landing pages quickly without the headaches of common design obstacles. Millions of Unbounce users perceive it as a fundamental tool to increase their sales conversions because of the complete functions offered.

When experimenting with Unbounce, we were looking to measure its performance according to the following factors.

  • Complexity: Is this software easy to use? One of our requirements was to edit our landing page with different tools without having to learn how to code.

What we found was a simple drag-and-drop system to test all our changes. This helped us to save hundreds of hours of coding, and our team managed to build most of the website functions within a few minutes.

Even better, everyone in our team was able to understand our work and make changes accordingly. This user-friendly interface saved us a lot of communication problems.

  • Customization: Maybe it is a bad habit, but I like to build landing pages as a perfectionist designer. It is frustrating when it takes ages to apply specific changes to your page. Sometimes, the software doesn’t even give you that option which leads us to spend time on coding and hiring professionals.

For me, it is important to include enough features in your web-design tool to create visually-appealing pages. These small details could ultimately reduce your visitor’s bounce-back rate, also increasing the overall conversions.

I am not talking about making the website more complex and content-heavy, but having the right tools to make changes with maximum accuracy.

Exploring the Unbounce Features

It is good to see how Unbounce designed its services considering all the needs of a digital marketer. Unbounce can provide you the right tools regardless of the website stage that you are implementing.

Landing Page Design

If you ever wanted to create your dream website without a lot of effort, Unbounce makes it possible for you, so you can focus on product creation. Imagine building a complete website with a few hours of work without requiring any investment.

An image of Landing Page Design

The software simplicity allows you to create websites without depending on a programmer. Who likes to take weeks for website design, delaying your business operations?

Pop-ups and Sticky Bars

Would you like to make more sales?

Who wouldn’t want that? Unbounce developers have also thought of adding pop-up features to give you more conversion opportunities whenever a new visitor lands on your website.

I would not recommend overusing pop-ups unless you have something really important to say. The intended function of pop-ups and sticky bars is to complement the experience of the visitor, not interrupting them.

Our team could make use of the customization options to make smart use of pop-ups. Unbounce gives you different tools to guide your visitors through your website without disrupting their experience.

  • Not-Disruptive Pop-ups: The minimum viable version of these overlay pages is to trigger pop-ups whenever our visitors click a certain button. Even though it is not a broadly used technique, Unbounce gives you that option.
  • Scroll-Triggered Popup: Our favorite feature about this software is to show our visitors related information as they go through our content.

In our case, we built a landing page for a digital marketing agency, and one of the articles written on this page was about how to increase visibility with SEO. When our reader finished reading the post, getting at the end of the page, a popup would appear with our lead magnet. Because we didn’t interrupt the visitor while he was browsing, our conversions increased 57%.

  • Exit-Intend PopUps: You can use Unbounce to give your visitors a more attractive offer if they are not convinced by your program. These prove to bring the biggest conversion increase. They were unexistent a few years ago, and more and more brands use these Popups these days.

As you see, Unbounce includes a satisfactory variety of tools to increase your conversions and make visitors stay for longer. Essentially, Unbounce reduces the bounce-back rate of your landing page!

Website Templates

When building the perfect website with Unbounce, there are no limitations. Remember that we don’t need a programmer to build the website? We don’t need a designer either!

An image of Website Templates

The Unbounce community offers many website templates to adapt to your niche and company requirements. These design templates are quite useful for certain types of business owners.Prototyping: Custom templates help you to give shape to the website quickly and create a platform to present your test product in record time.

Modeling: Sometimes, it is hard to come up with innovative designs when only starting from a white screen. Go to the template section an look for a few models for inspiration. You can choose one of the templates and keep designing from that concept..

Saving Time: In certain business models, web design may not be that important. If you give priority to other operations over web design, the Unbounce templates can provide you a minimum viable design, so you don’t have to spend much time on this phase

Unbounce Integrations

An image of Unbounce Integrations

Apart from the essential services offered, Unbounce includes a large list of complements to take your website customization to the next level. The program can easily communicate with the other tools that you may use, such as analytics, advertising, content strategy, and social media applications.

Lastly, Unbounce has the Custom Script code for those entrepreneurs who want unique website features. Even though this one does require coding skills, it is possible to replicate any interface from any other website on the Internet.

Unbounce: Pros and Cons

Because of the many features included in Unbounce, you may still have some difficulty to make an informed decision. Is this program for you? Let’s start by getting clear what Unbounce is not.


  • Navigation: Unbounce is a great software that includes many features, but this detail can make it harder for beginners to orientate. You will probably have to read a few tutorials and blog posts before you are ready to make the most out of Unbounce.
  • Image Scale: Because we are using a drag-and-drop system, your images may appear on a wrong scale on certain occasions. This effect is easier to notice when you add too many elements to your website, decreasing its loading speed.
  • Price: The Unbounce monthly subscription is not the cheapest option out there. The software is worth every penny because it actually increases conversions. As a professional web designer, you will fall in love with all the different functions available.

Unfortunately for beginners, it is not worth the cost when working on smaller projects. You will be paying for some features that you probably never need to use.

Now that we have considered the limitations, we will take a look at the pros.


  • Time Efficiency: Unbounce is expensive, but it works. If this program can save you weeks of web design, improve conversions, and make more sales, Unbounce is an absolute Yes. You will get a lot more value than the price you paid if you learn how to use it effectively.
  • Complete Software: If your focus is on practicality, Unbounce is the last web design tool that you will ever need. Of course, it is far from perfection, but the software is complete enough to make any user feel proud of it.
  • Diversity: The Unbounce interface is perfect for e-commerce entrepreneurs, email marketers, SaaS companies, digital marketing agencies, and advertisers.


We could keep talking about Unbounce all day long, but there is no better way to get conclusions other than trying it by yourself. It only takes two minutes to register in Unbounce and enjoy the software for free for the next 14 days. Check the official web page to learn more about custom plans.

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